Jul 20-Aug 15/2020 Yoga Teacher Training

Jul 20 - Aug 15, 2020
Group size: 2 - 8
Jul 20-Aug 15/2020 Yoga Teacher Training
Pulau Weh

Deposit: $500
Jul 20 - Aug 15, 2020
Group size: 2 - 8

About this trip

In this unique teacher training program, we aim high. We strive to become the fire starters of our quiet revolution, warriors of peace and the engaged citizens of this human tribe in order to be part of the solution, the light in this world.


May you practice courage and kindness

May you always trust your feelings

May you be the light in dark places, when all other lights go out

Yoga Immersion like no other

Our teacher training is unique in that we believe in social change and leadership. Whether you are the CEO of your family or the tribe leader amongst your friends, we believe in stepping up and be the light in the world.

Our 200HR Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive immersion designed to go deeper into your practice, share yogic teachings and for those who would like to complete our 200hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher training program to become a registered teacher.

Our program is offered over 2 modules. If you already have a 200HR YTT certificate, you can take either module. If you do not have a 200HR YTT, you must complete Module 1 before taking Module 2.

Why taking course with us

We believe in understanding and familiarizing self on physical, mental, emotional and societal levels so that we can be of benefit to the world around us. We believe that the real practice is off the mat in our family, friends, schools, work, traffic jams and good conversations over coffee, in other words, the real life. This is where our yoga practice counts, this is where we start our inspired living.


That’s why our program is divided into two parts: First half is to learn how to become a student of yoga, then the next half is to learn how to step up to the plate of a yoga teacher, to become a leader. We re-examine first what it means to be a conscious human, what it means to embody this practice in a way our body, mind and spirit is expressed and aligned with wholehearted living. The latter half uses the first half of our experiences as inspirations to share our love for this ancient practice, so as to become the instigator of human revolution.

Our training is NOT for EVERYONE. We consider self-inquiry as our top priority, transformation, inevitable, quest for happier, more peaceful and fulfilled life as joy.

Our Focus

Our immersion will give you a deeper understanding of:

• Your own personal practice and yoga asana poses

• Vinyasa yoga sequencing that looks deeply at individual Doshas, chakras and other individualities of practitioners

• Yogic philosophy, history and the Yoga Sutras

• Pranayama, meditation and basic anatomy

• The art of assisting and teaching methods

• Introduction to Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

• Basic knowledge of pre/post natal yoga


We are currently offering our trainings in 2 locations: our home base, Flying Elephant Yoga studio in Pulau Weh, Sumatra or Yoga Dunia Lembongan studio.


You must be at least 18 years of age and has a regular practice of at least 6 months. If you have had an “on-and-off” practice for a few years, it is not a problem. We’ve all been there. The most important thing is that you’ve had an experience of a steady practice. We believe that no one walks into a yoga teacher training program by accident. If you thought about it and you felt it in your heart, you should trust that feeling. If you are still not sure, ask us questions! It is the best way to find out for yourself whether you are ready or not.

Recommended Readings/Films


• the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali translated by Chip Hartranft (or

translation by your own language)

• Yoga for a Word Out of Balance by Michael Stone

• Embodied Posture: Your Unique Body and Yoga by Stacy


• Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Please be aware that the costs of books are on top of your

tuition. You will be provided with FEY Guidebook and other



• Star Wars series (pay attention to how they describe the Force)

• The Lord of the Rings trilogy

• Bikram documentary on Netflix

Typical Day **Subject to change**

7:30-9:30 Practice including meditation, asana, pranayama

9:30-10:30 Breakfast

10:30-13:00 Training

13:00-15:00 Lunch

15:00-18:00 Training

18:00-19:30 Practice

What’s included

  • Course Tuition
    With personalize attention from instructor
  • 200Hr TTC Manual
    Teacher Training Manual
  • Yoga mats & props
    For use during the class
  • Drinking Water
    Unlimited during the course
  • 20% off from our cafe
    Our very own cafe, Tipsy Toby will have snacks and drinks and you will have 20% off during the training
  • Your Flights
  • Accommodation
    Accommodation ranges from on-site dorm to private bungalows on our beach and the island. The best is to check it out on Flying Elephant Yoga website.
  • Food
    We do not include food in your investment as our beach and nearby villages have many fresh dishes available and we would like you to support local businesses.

Available options

Paman's bungalow 15 sec walk from studio5 left
Pele's Place 15 min by scooter 4 left


A day in a YTT
Sample Day **subject to change

6:00-8:00am Sadhana (personal practice- The instruction will be given in the beginning of the training

8:00-10:00am Meditation, pranayama and asana practice

10:00-10:30am Break

10:30-12:00pm Theory/Discussion/Practice teaching

12:00-2:30pm Lunch Break

2:30-5:30pm Theory.Discussion/Practice Teaching

5:30-6:00pm Break

6:00-7:15pm Teaching time

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Flying Elephant Yoga
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