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Agrate Brianza, Province of Monza and Brianza, Italy

Shaine Marier
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Kid Tour Activities
Agrate Brianza, Province of Monza and Brianza, Italy

Shaine Marier
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About this trip

Airplanes are the safest way to travel around the world. So, people choose them instead of trains or cars. Yet, when you're travelling with a kid, it can get a bit harder to prepare for your journey. But with these simple tips your flight will get as easy as using this sports betting site.

Where to Sit

If you did not specify a seat when you booked your flight, try to visit the airline's website as soon as possible after opening online check-in. Most of the time this happens 24 hours in advance.

Yet, the seats situated near the emergency exits have more legroom than the others. The most comfortable seats in economy class are in the first row. There is plenty of room and you can stretch your legs. It will be especially useful for mothers with infants. 

The Best Time to Fly

It depends on the child. If your infant falls asleep easily in unfamiliar surroundings, take a night flight. Your baby will sleep through the flight and you don't have to entertain, reassure, and feed him. If your child is too active at night, take a daytime flight. He will play and have fun, and when he is tired, go to bed by himself.

Doctors and airlines do not recommend flying long distances with babies, especially those under one year old. The maximum flight time that a baby can endure is 2.5-3.5 hours.

If you have a connecting flight or your flight is suddenly delayed, try to find other parents with children. The children get to know each other and find something to entertain themselves. You should only see to it that everything is in order.

What to Do If Your Child's Ears Are Clogged

You can let your baby suck on a breast or bottle. Give an older child a lollipop. Another way is to play fish. Open and close your mouth like a fish does. This also relieves pressure in the ears.

What to Do If Your Baby Gets Sick

Children under a year rarely get motion sickness when traveling because of the special structure of the vestibular apparatus. Older children are deprived of this magical property. If your child feels nauseous, give him a slice of lemon, water or take medication before the flight. 

How to Entertain Your Child

Movies on the tablet or phone, coloring books with pens and pencils, favorite toys are usually enough. There are exceptions and caprices. So, just in case it is better to tire a child before takeoff. The day before the trip, spend very active time outdoors. Then, most likely, on the flight, the child will go to sleep.

You can just choose a cartoon or game the airplane offers. There you may watch the map, climbing to a higher altitude, the temperature outside the cabin and other flight data. This is interesting even for adults.

It is also possible to entertain your child by looking out of the window or chatting with other children. Yet, during turbulence, everyone will have to sit strapped in the seat.

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