King Penguin & Stromatolites

Tierra del Fuego, Timaukel, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena, Chile

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 2 - 8
King Penguin & Stromatolites
Tierra del Fuego, Timaukel, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena, Chile

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 2 - 8

About this trip

This Full Day consists of two fundamental stops within  to the excursion which are: KING PENGUIN RESERVE and LAGUNA DE LOS CISNES – STROMATOLITES LAGOON. The importance of each of these places speaks for itself from the naturalistic, historical and scientific point of view. Giving our excursion an added value by learning in depth and not only telling the history that already exists in books, but also going a little further, recounting local anecdotes as well as more personal stories that have identifies us and gives us a connotation of greater interest in being local, children and/or grandchildren of Fuegian immigrants from lived stories

What’s included

  • Transport
  • Local guide
    English / Spanish speaking
  • Entrence Fee
    $8000 clp
  • Lunch box
  • Ferry or plane ticket
  • Travel Insurance

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Trip Price
Deposit: $27


Full Day
Discover mystic Tierra del Fuego

This full day in Tierra del Fuego begins from excursion which will take us on a journey back in time (3.8 billion years ago), to the most primitive beginnings of life on Earth. Laguna de los Cisnes – Natural monument which harbors bacterial life that creates exotic structures known as Stromatolites.  From Porvenir we continue our journey along side the coast of Tierra del Fuego (Bahía Inutil). During the entire excursion it is possible to enjoy the wild life and especially the icon of this great island – Guanaco. We will reach estancia Onaisín, an old estancia of pioneers where we will visit the British cemetery to then continue by car for just a couple of kilometres more up to the King Penguin Natural Reserve where we will spend little more than an hour observing and admiring the beauty of this sub Antarctic bird. After this wonderful moment, we return to the city of Porvenir. Depends on day and option of tour we drop off our tourists at hotels or Bahia Chilota (ferry terminal) for ferry back to the city of Punta Arenas.

Note: the order and time for visiting the attractions within this full day could change according to the order set out in the schedule, due to the ferry crossing and / or contingencies of the island.

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