Kundalini Awakening & Yoga Retreat

Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

Jul 31 - Aug 4, 2022
Group size: 12 - 13
Kundalini Awakening & Yoga Retreat
Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

Jul 31 - Aug 4, 2022
Group size: 12 - 13

About this trip

Private Kundalini Awakening Process & Yoga Retreat with Justine Lemos, PhD near Nevada City at beautiful Harmony Ridge Retreat Lodge. All organic vegetarian Ayurvedic meals included. Shared bedrooms (2 or 3 people) with  private bathrooms. Daily yoga, meditation, puja, qi gong, chanting and more. 

Here is what past participants have to say about our retreats: 

"Justine’s retreats are an exceptional opportunity for renewal, expansion, and connection with self and community. Her vast knowledge and willingness to share in such a supportive, loving, and fun style really help us progress along our interesting journeys. The setting, accommodations, and food are a treat, planned specially for us to indulge and enjoy."


All organic, seasonal, local Ayurvedic cuisine. 

Sunday- Snack & Dinner

Monday- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Tuesday- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Wednesday- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Thursday- Breakfast


Continuing Education Units are available for yoga teachers. 

Kundalini Awakening Process

Tradition methods of cultivation, from above: vital energy cultivation and circulation (pranayama, kriya, tenaga dalam, neigong and waigong), internal alchemy (kan & li), 5 element practices (GoDai and WuXi), laya and raja yoga practices, practices of devotion (bhakti, piety) and elevated emotion, and non-dual contemplation, and more
KAP allows you to:

  • Awaken Kundalini smoothly and safely
  • Experience trans-personal, transcendent, and immanent consciousness, and the primordial nature of consciousness that comprises all of these…
  • Integrate the ascending, descending, and lateral experiences of kundalini in your body
  • Dilate the regions of consciousness in the body referred to in metaphysics as chakras or wheels, and interconnect their centers with the flow of Kundalini itself
  • Harmonize aspects of psychology linked to these body regions
  • Breath more efficiently, whether you are untrained or you are already an elite athlete or yogi
  • Acknowledge and release stuck negative emotions, while learning to spontaneously generate and perpetuate positive emotions that are conducive to kundalini's expression and movement
  • Activate and express aspects of your physiology, energy, and consciousness at will that normally occur in response to external stimuli.
  • Counterbalance excitatory and relaxation responses to create a third, dynamic state in which consciousness scintillates
  • Cultivate, perceive, and skillfully circulate the perceptions and sensations that metaphysics calls subtle energy (or breath energy, Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, Ruach, Ha, etc)

What’s included

  • Yoga Asana
  • Kundalini Awakening Proc
  • Healing Light Yoga
  • All meals (vegetarian)
  • Shared Room w/ Bathroom
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Binder of Materials & Re
  • Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Swimming Excursion

Available Packages

Summer Bliss Retreat

Your Organizer

Justine Lemos, PhD
Hi I’m Justine Lemos, PhD. I’m here to guide you into manifesting your most Radiant Self; nutrition, self-care, relationships, beauty, intuition and bliss. The toolkit for that transformation includes understanding your Ayurvedic blueprint (mind-body type), Vedic Astrology, meditation, mantra, mudra, yoga & more. I love to harness ancient wisdom-systems to make them applicable to our modern lives; igniting the special magic of a soul aligned with its true purpose. I'm an author, teacher, dancer, mother, speaker and founder of #notacult