Kyrgyzstan -

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Richard Lawrence
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Jul 5 - 14, 2019
Group size: 6 - 25
Kyrgyzstan -
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Richard Lawrence
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Jul 5 - 14, 2019
Group size: 6 - 25

About this trip

Kyrgyzstan is quite simply one of the most beautiful countries on earth, the mountains that stretch majestically across its length and breadth are lush, high and wild, dissected by sweeping steppe lands, primal forests and turquoise lakes. And far in the distance, scratching the belly of the endless sky, is an ever-changing vista of lofty snow-capped peaks that, up until a decade ago, were strictly off-limits.

Home to glaciers, deserts, alpine meadows and several 7000 metre plus mountains, the country

rises up from the fertile slopes of the Ferghana Valley to the heights of Mount Pobeda (7,437 m) on

the Chinese-Kyrgyzstan border. Scattered with over 2,000 lakes, a third of this breathtaking country is permanently covered in snow. But despite this natural bounty, it is the people themselves who bring this astonishing landscape to life.

What to expect

Put on your hiking boots to explore the highest mountains outside of the Himalayas. Saddle up with yurt dwelling shepherds and adventure past craggy peaks and alpine lakes in true nomad style. 

This trip is designed to explore what we love about Kyrgyzstan most, active outdoor adventure, stunning nature and genuine cultural experiences. Stopping at points on the ancient silk road we will also get a look into the way life used to be and some of the sites still remaining.

As always, in the spirit of TravelSoul we look after each other and encourage our participants to get involved, contribute to good social vibes and share your skills and talents. We believe that who you travel with is just as important as where you go!

This is an active trip so you will need a good level of fitness, be prepared for long days of hiking and horse riding (no prior experience necessary). Like any real adventure, be prepared to forego some luxuries, stay in a real yurt or jump into a hot spring instead of a shower.

We may move things around to adapt to weather conditions or local events (a game of Kok Boru

between villages, a bit like horse polo but with a goat carcass). We like to adapt to the group’s

interests and energy levels and will organise additional activities to the itinerary above. This might be yoga, city walks, nights out or something else the group is interested in and requests.

Visas: Visas are not required for 60 countries including the UK. Please check your visa

requirements using the link below:

What to bring: we will provide a detailed packing list, but good quality clothing suitable for the

mountains will be required (waterproof jacket, trousers and hiking boots), camping gear is not

necessary. You will want a good camera, the landscapes and pictures from this region are truly


Flights from London are quite cheap, typically £300-400. 

Thu 4 July - flying after work Thu 4 July - flying after work

You can also fly on Friday if you can’t take the time off work and join a day late, there are several

options in that price range.

Food will be a mix or restaurants, hostel breakfast and meals cooked at the yurt camps. Our local

guides do cater for vegetarians but please appreciate that this is a very foreign concept in

Kyrgyzstan and your options will be limited, especially in remote areas. Most of the local dishes will

contain meat and animal based products. If you are vegetarian from an ethical point of view don’t expect to be understood by the locals, their livelihood and in some cases survival revolves around livestock. I am usually vegetarian, but haven’t found this practical in Central Asia. If you are vegan or have any other dietary requirement please get in touch before booking.


1. Can I come by myself?

Absolutely yes, we love solo travellers, the majority of people come by themselves and by the end of the trip you won’t feel like you came by yourself

2. Do I need to be fitter/stronger? In short yes, this is an active trip so you will need a good level of

fitness, be prepared for long days of hiking (20 km or 5-6 hours per day at altitude 2000-4000m) and horse riding (4-6 hours per day). No prior experience in horse riding is necessary

3. What should I wear?

Mountain are highly unpredictable and you need to be prepared for everything. We recommend

bringing good waterproof hiking boots, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, a warm jacket

(preferably down), a warm hat and gloves. When you’re not in the mountains it will be warm so bring suitable summer clothing too. A packing list will be provided

4. How big will the group be?

We’re looking to gather a small like minded group of people to create a awesome social atmosphere so will limit the group to 12 people.

5. Do I need insurance?

Yes - please make sure you have travel insurance. We don’t provide insurance and can’t take any

responsibilities for the activities

6. What are the options for food?

Please see above especially the note for vegetarians.

7. How old do I need to be?

Most people are in their twenties and thirties

8. How do we get there?

Please see flights section above, you are also welcome to join and do your own thing before or after.

9. What if I have to cancel?

As we have to pay for some of the accommodation and activities up front we ask for a Deposit. If you have to cancel and give us some notice we may be able to find a replacement for your spot,

although we can’t guarantee this. The more notice you can give the more likely we are to find a

replacement, to date we’ve been able to give a full refund for cancellations 90% of the time.

What’s included

  • TravelSoul Guide
    Australian/UK guide who is fluent in Russian
  • Local Guide
  • Food
    A mix of local restaurants, hostel breakfast and meals cooked at the yurt camps
  • Entrance Fees
    Entrance fees to national parks included
  • Accommodation
    Shared rooms in nice and clean hostels/guesthouses and yurts. Private rooms/yurts are possible at an additional cost but can't always be guaranteed
  • Horse Trekking
    3 Days with local guides
  • Transport
    A mix of minibuses, taxi's and local buses
  • Airport Pickup
    Transport from/to Manas International Airport in Bishkek

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
    Please arrange your own travel insurance
  • Drinks on nights out
    a couple of meals during free time, alcoholic drinks on nights out (some drinks will be provided).
  • Additional Food
    A couple of meals during free time,

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: £250

Your Organizer

Richard Lawrence
We are a community of like minded travellers, who enjoy nature and getting outdoors, connecting with other people and sharing experiences through an approach of everyone helps each other out.