La Belle Sabbioneta Welcomes Intl. Life Coach Emmanuelle Clouet

46018 Sabbioneta, Province of Mantua, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 5 - 10
La Belle Sabbioneta Welcomes Intl. Life Coach Emmanuelle Clouet
46018 Sabbioneta, Province of Mantua, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip

La Belle Sabbioneta is excited to invite you to

Discover The Power in You ⭐️!

Join us on this Powerful Transformational Retreat of 7Days/6Night-luxury Italian Retreat, fully loaded-8 glorious Italian cities: (Sabbioneta/Verona/Mantova/Venice/Pisa/Florence/San Giovanni en Croce/Milan) €12,650 per person, including round trip air airfare, transportation to and from, Gourmet Daily Breakfast and lunches, (*Dinners Monday-Thursday you are free to choose) entrance into to the museum’s, tour guide, professional driver, Welcome Mixer, Friday Farewell Dinner & much much more! This is a Living Powerful Transformational Retreat that you don’t want to miss!  

We are excited to partner with & share our incredible International Global Coach with the Biggest Heart- and the Greatest Ability to Unlock Your Inner Power to enter into your life, your soul & transform your life, & businesses. You will have that transformational change to bring you to the next level⭐️

Please Join us on this magical Retreat, and welcome this incredible life changing woman:

⭐️*Emmanuelle Clouet, Incredible International Life Coach, NLP Practitioner & Owner/CEO Yukanchange Coaching. ⭐️

Meet our Incredible International Coach

⭐️*Emmanuelle Clouet, Incredible International Life Coach, NLP Practitioner & Owner/CEO Yukanchange Coaching. ⭐️ 

Am I truly Happy?

I have asked myself this question many times over the past few years…

After 18 years of living in London, I couldn’t say that I was unhappy - how could I? I had everything I always wished for. I dreamt of independence from a very young age and at 22 I left behind the Normandy countryside in France to set off for London, UK. The entire world suddenly opened up, right in front of my eyes, and it felt like I had “made it”. I created a strong social network; I built a successful career in the retail industry where I worked as a project manager. I lived in a great flat in central London, and every day I was grateful to be waking up in such an exciting city, that I still love to this date…

Realistically, what more could I ever want?

However, deep inside, I felt “stuck”.  Stuck in my life, stuck in my (non-existent) personal life and my professional life was feeling more and more empty. I had no real motivation, I felt uninspired at work and life was beginning to feel as if it had no real meaning.

Something was missing... but what?

As time went by, I wasn’t aware of the amount of stress and fatigue I was accumulating because as far as I was concerned, I was fine.

I thought I was quite good at convincing myself of just how fine I was. 

 My body however, thought otherwise. It was in February 2015, on yet another business flight to Asia, that my body shut down. I fainted from exhaustion in the middle of the aisle. As I lay there, not knowing what had happened to me, I realised that this was my “wake up” call. After years of my body screaming at me for a rest (I was suffering from chronic insomnia) I realised that ignoring it was no longer an option.  It was time to re-evaluate my life and to start focussing on what was now essential to me.

What do I really want? 

Now, that’s a great question that I was asked on my first day at my life coaching training course in 2015. That day, I realised that I’d never made any choices in my life (well, not real choices) and that, I didn’t really know what I really wanted…After months of introspection, my life purpose began to unfold right in front of me and it became very clear that my real mission was to help other independent, successful women to live a happier, stress-free and more fulfilled life!

I am here to help YOU! To help you to “wake up” and reveal your true power!

⭐️I am here to share my own experience, to help you understand how important it is to listen to your body, your little voice and reconnect with your gut instinct. How important it is to understand how you created the person you have become: your personality, your coping mechanisms, your belief system; how important it is to understand the source of your fears and limiting beliefs so that, from that awareness, transform it all!

⭐️I want to help you, so that, just like me, you can blossom and turn into a fulfilled, happy, strong and stress-free woman!

For the last 6 years, I have had the honour to witness women become a brighter version of themselves; 

I have helped many women turn their life around:

 I saw them heal their pain, traumas and hard life experiences, change their perspective on life, understand who they truly are, face their own fears and take action! 

I helped them open their consciousness on how they build their personality, how their Ego is protecting them from fear, how they have created many coping mechanisms to avoid any more suffering…all this conditioning that also, along with protecting them, blocked them and led them to become a prisoner of their own life…

This is my mission: helping you uncover your mechanisms, heal your past and free yourself from fear and stress in order to become the best version of yourself to finally feel confident, fulfilled, free and accomplished!

Have you ever felt stuck, in your career, in your 

relationship, in your family life?

Have you ever felt so stressed and exhausted that you wanted to stay in bed?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to do so much more but you were never able to start or complete your projects?

Do you have fears and limiting beliefs that you are unable to go beyond?

You will have guessed, that used to be me. And I am here to make you understand that you can overcome all of that, that everything can be changed! 

And you, are you truly happy?

Are you ready to change YOUR life?

Welcome to the transformational retreat when you get to connect with your wisdom within and create a new and powerful version of yourself!


What’s included

  • 7Days/6Nights Retreat
    Round Trip Airfare/Transportation to and from La Belle Sabbioneta, Gourmet Breakfast/Lunches Daily/ Entrance into Museums/ Tour Guide/Driver/Welcome Mixer/Friday Farewell Dinner/Retreat Rooms
  • Exclusive Coaching
    One on one Life Coaching time exclusive time with the Incredible International Coach/ Personal Time/Discover The Power In You! As well as Custom surprises...and much more!
  • Welcome Mixer
    Enjoy a fabulous welcome mixer in your honor as we get to know you and roll out the red carpet for you and all of our retreats guest.
  • Friday Farewell Dinner
    This is a cocktail party & you are the guest of honor- cocktail attire/semi formal attire is required. As we share our last night together and celebrate you, and your Powerful Retreat.
  • Extras not included
    Dinners Monday-Thursday (*see Friday Farewell Dinner) you will be free to choose in the incredible cities that we visit. Extras- like souvenirs/ gondola rides/extra activities/ rental cars/bicycles


Day 1-2 Arrival/Welcome
Welcome to La Belle Sabbioneta/Sabbioneta Italy 🇮🇹

Day 1-2,  Sunday Arrival & Welcome Mixer to La Belle Sabbioneta, in Sabbioneta Italy 🇮🇹 we will do a night walking tour!

Day 2-Monday we have a free day as you leisurely tour the museum’s of this beautiful enchanting World UNESCO Renaissance City.  You will feel as if you stepped back 500 years in time-with modern luxuries. 

Tonight you are Free to choose one of the incredible restaurants in Sabbioneta.

Enjoy Personal Powerful Life Coaching sessions in our private retreat Rooms. *Depending on our coaches itinerary.  

*Gourmet Breakfast/Lunches Daily provided-even on Saturday at checkout.  

Your Organizer

La Belle Sabbioneta B&B /La Belle Brand
A Beautiful 500 year Old Previous Jewish Synagogue in the World UNESCO City of Sabbioneta Italy- Tucked away in it's own Star Shaped Walled City, The North Star of Italy-or as we call it the Jewel of Italy-a Magical Renaissance City-there you will find us! La Belle Sabbioneta you will feel like you have gone back into time - but with all of the modern conveniences! We are the perfect venue for your Wedding, Events, Retreats, Tours, or your perfect Italian Stay! So we invite you to join us - La Belle Sabbioneta...Come and Find Yourself!