La Belle Sabbioneta Welcomes Transformational Coach Maddie Sparkles!

46018 Sabbioneta, Province of Mantua, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 5 - 10
La Belle Sabbioneta Welcomes Transformational Coach Maddie Sparkles!
46018 Sabbioneta, Province of Mantua, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip

La Belle Sabbioneta is excited to invite you to

Discover Your Inner Sparkle with Maddie Sparkles, the ANGEL INTUTIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL EMPOWERMENT COACH!⭐️


 Join us on this magical retreat of 7Days/6Night-luxury Italian Retreat, fully loaded-8 glorious Italian cities: 

Join us on this incredible journey as we travel to these beautiful enchanting cities, Sabbioneta/Verona/Mantova/Venice/Pisa/Florence/San Giovanni en Croce/Milan

€12,650 per person, including round trip airfare, transportation to and from, Gourmet Daily Breakfast and lunches, (*Dinners Monday-Thursday you are free to choose) entrance into to the museum’s, tour guide, professional driver, Welcome Mixer, Friday Farewell Dinner & much much more! This is a Living Magically Retreat that you don’t want to miss!  

We are excited to partner with & share our incredible International Global Coach with the biggest heart- and the greatest Sparkle to enter into your life, your soul & transform your life, & businesses. You will have that transformational change to bring you to the next level⭐️

Please Join us on this magical Retreat, and welcome this incredible life changing woman:

⭐️*Madeleine P Wober aka Maddie Sparkles, America’s Scottish Sparkle* International Intuitive Healer *Working with the Angels*, and Transformational Empowerment Coach. ⭐️

Meet our Incredible International Coach

Madeleine P Wober aka Maddie Sparkles, America’s Scottish Sparkle⭐️ 

Delivers Sage wisdom with Childlike enthusiasm. She helps connect people with their Internal Light & the Angels, so they can release their fears, step into their power and live a truly magical life all the while feeling divinely guided. Using her empowerment coaching skills combined with Intuition she also helps people find their clarity, inner peace, power, purpose and positivity in their lives. 

*On this MAGICAL 7 day retreat, you will discover your Inner Sparkle & Internal Light surrounded by the presence of Angels. With guided visualizations, you’ll meet your very own Guardian Angel, receive an Empowerment toolkit which you can use for years to come, connect with your most spectacular Future Self, and receive both 1-2-1 & communal Angel & Oracle card readings. You will infuse your senses with beautiful, uplifting music and the stunning, surrounding nature. A week later you will leave even more connected to your radiant uniqueness, a sparkling jewel who lights up the world wherever she goes! *

Maddie Sparkles is an Intuitive Healer (working with the angels & spirit guides ), Voice Actor, Inspirational Poet & Transformational Empowerment Coach. She illuminates the path of living magically.


After overcoming chronic anxiety, debilitating panic attacks and severe depression which lead to suicidal thoughts in her 20’s, surviving Ovarian Cancer in her 30’s and more recently diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in her 40’s, Scottish born Madeleine P Wober (aka Maddie Sparkles, America’s Scottish Sparkle) had to take a step back from the corporate world which coincided with the timing of the global pandemic. With more time on her hands to heal herself from burn out, and unable to work full time, she wanted to find a way to make a difference in the world and help others feel more uplifted and less alone.


From her personal experience of healing herself by listening to the guidance of the angels, including following the voice of her own Guardian Angel, she began offering this help to others using a combination of her professional empowerment coaching skills and her angel and oracle card readings.

Maddie Sparkles professionally trained as a Beauty Therapist in London, Theater & Voice Over actor in New York City, Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Healer since 2010 in London & California, Angel connector, Inspirational Poet/Author and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She has been featured in Executive Secretary Magazine, Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. She has been a guest on Lifestyle & Fitness Choice for PCA Radio & Television with Al Scardino, a guest on 5 Mins With - an International Facebook Live interview for Mental Health Awareness Month, a repeat guest on Ticker News Australia, and on ABC10 - YCL 

(Your California Life). 

⭐️Maddie Sparkles is also a 2021 Finalist for the face of WOHA (International-Woman of Heart Award). ⭐️


In addition to being a Scottish Voice Talent, she has previously had 3 local radio shows in Scotland. Maddie Sparkles currently produces her ‘Conscious Conversation’ Series talking to her guests about their rediscovered Passions during the Pandemic which can be found in her ever-expanding Facebook community (currently at 955+members Globally and growing!) and YouTube channel.  Her LIVING MAGICALLY monthly workshops are designed to connect the participants deeply with all their senses, learning to love and appreciate the self-first and then others (think of the oxygen mask on an airplane analogy).


She is the author of inspirational poetry book “Sprinkles of Glitter, your 12-month guide to a sparkling year” which offers insightful reflections, aspirations and inspirations from the beauty and nature that colors our dreams, written for parents and children and she has her own line of SPARKLES.


Maddie Sparkles is set to publish her Children’s interactive book of short stories in 2022 in which she shares serendipitous stories based on her own life filled with fun messages for children and their parents to always remember the magic in life.  Everything she does is designed to uplift and inspire people globally and help them manifest and create ways to LIVE MAGICALLY.


With over 20 years of experience of uplifting others, Maddie Sparkles now dedicates her life to uplifting and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to help them move away from hopelessness and anxiety and towards connecting more deeply with their internal light bringing more inner peace & a feeling of Living Magically by spreading love, light and joy to everyone she meets.


To add to her credibility, Maddie Sparkles is the creator of both & specializing in a multitude of ways to Heal for Real including tools to live a blessed and magical life.

What’s included

  • 7Days/6Nights Retreat
    Round Trip Airfare/Transportation to and from La Belle Sabbioneta, Gourmet Breakfast/Lunches Daily/ Entrance into Museums/ Tour Guide/Driver/Welcome Mixer/Friday Farewell Dinner/Retreat Rooms
  • Exclusive Coaching
    One on one Healing/Coaching time exclusive time with the Incredible International Coach/ Personal Time/ 12 Month Guide to a Sparkling Year! Custom surprises...and much more!
  • Welcome Mixer
    Enjoy a fabulous welcome mixer in your honor as we get to know you and roll out the red carpet for you and all of our retreats guest.
  • Friday Farewell Dinner
    This is a cocktail party & you are the guest of honor- cocktail attire/semi formal attire is required. As we share our last night together and celebrate you, and your magical retreat.
  • Exclusive Angel Healing
    Exclusive Empowerment Sessions, and Angel Healing. Including Individual Angel and Oracle Card Readings for you in our Sacred Sharing Circles.
  • Extras not included
    Dinners Monday-Thursday (*see Friday Farewell Dinner) you will be free to choose in the incredible cities that we visit. Extras- like souvenirs/ gondola rides/extra activities/ rental cars/bicycles


Day 1-2 Arrival/Welcome
Welcome to La Belle Sabbioneta/Sabbioneta Italy 🇮🇹

Day 1-2,  Sunday Arrival & Welcome Mixer to La Belle Sabbioneta, in Sabbioneta Italy 🇮🇹 we will do a night walking tour!

Day 2-Monday we have a free day as you leisurely tour the museum’s of this beautiful enchanting World UNESCO Renaissance City.  You will feel as if you stepped back 500 years in time-with modern luxuries. 

Tonight you are Free to choose one of the incredible restaurants in Sabbioneta.

Enjoy Personal Healing/ Coaching sessions in our private retreat Rooms. *depending on our coaches itinerary.  

*Gourmet Breakfast/Lunches Daily provided-even on Saturday at checkout.  

Your Organizer

La Belle Sabbioneta B&B /La Belle Brand
A Beautiful 500 year Old Previous Jewish Synagogue in the World UNESCO City of Sabbioneta Italy- Tucked away in it's own Star Shaped Walled City, The North Star of Italy-or as we call it the Jewel of Italy-a Magical Renaissance City-there you will find us! La Belle Sabbioneta you will feel like you have gone back into time - but with all of the modern conveniences! We are the perfect venue for your Wedding, Events, Retreats, Tours, or your perfect Italian Stay! So we invite you to join us - La Belle Sabbioneta...Come and Find Yourself!