La Ruta de la Plata: the Crown of Mexico

México, CDMX, México

Alex Vekovich
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La Ruta de la Plata: the Crown of Mexico
México, CDMX, México

Alex Vekovich
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Deposit: $100

About this trip

Explore magnificent colonial architecture and natural beauties of central Mexico by following a historic route that was created during the colonial era and, according to experts, is the oldest and longest built by the Spanish conquistadors in the Americas.  

This route leads the traveler along the Mexican Bajio. Here, history and nature come together. Historical tours can be made in cities that witnessed the Independence struggle, such as Queretaro and Guanajuato, or in captivating natural scenarios such as Mountains of Sierra Gorda with their green ravines. Naturally, you will be constantly surrounded by culture and rich popular art traditions in this region. 

Except this,  on this route the traveler will begin to understand Mexico’s history by visiting central cities as diverse as Zacatecas, Dolores Hidalgo or San Miguel de Allende, which all have a common denominator: they participated in the Mexican Independence and Revolution wars, they witnessed the fall of an empire and the birth of a nation. They all show traces of a memorable past in their walls, streets and churches. 


This road trip will be made in a comfortable van/SUV with AC, in cities we will take public transport, share a taxi or go on foot depending on the distance and convenience. 


Our goal is to help you see and experience as much as possible during this trip, that is why we planned a detailed program for our group with interesting things to do at any time of the day. You can always join the group for all activities or take your own pace and choose what to do by yourself. In any case we will provide you with detailed information about destination, places to visit and things to do. Thus you are free to plan your day according to your taste and budget. 

We will provide members or our group with sufficient information about destination, places of interest and activities.

Packing List

 Due to our intensive program, high mobility and lots of movements with luggage (frequent check-ins and check-outs) we encourage you to take only essential things that you really need, backpack is highly recommended.  Also please bring:

  • Clothes and footwear fitted for long walks and irregular terrain.
  • Raincoat and clothes suitable for the weather in this time of year.
  • Hat/cap, sunglasses.
  • Sunblock.
  • Repellent for mosquitoes.
  • Little backpack or handbag for personal articles.


There are some discount codes available:

- "EARLY-BIRD" gives 10% discount for the first 4 subscribers;

- there is also 5-10% discount codes for group booking (at least 2 people; discount is applied to the whole group and depends on the group size) and 5% discount for full-time students (confirmation of the studies is required). For those discounts, please contact us via email, social media or Wetravel platform.

Note: it is not possible to use multiple discount coupons on a single order.

What’s included

  • accomodation
    shared (flat rentals, hotels)
  • transportation
    a comfortable van/SUV with AC.
  • informational support
    detailed info about destionations and attractions by group leaders
  • good vibes
    from friendly same-minded travellers :)
  • Meals and drinks
  • Transport to destination
    flights/bus or train tickets from your place of residence to Mexico
  • Pickup to/from hotel
    transfer to/from airport, train/bus station etc.
  • Insurance
    we recommend to get it at home before the departure
  • Tickets & enterance fees
    to museums, galleries, cruises, entrance fees to natural and cultural attractions etc.

Available options

Single room during all trip


Day 1, 2
Exploring Mexico City

We will explore the city on foot and by public transport seeing best of its culture and history during the day as well as party and music scene in the night.  

Everything comes together in this huge city, the oldest in the American continent: Colonial buildings, Pre-Hispanic vestiges, and the whirl of contemporary living. The variety of cultural spaces and heritage sites has given it a cosmopolitan nature. Neighborhoods – all different – offer bohemian, sophisticated, fun, and educational experiences, and more. And exploring the Centro Historico (downtown area), where everything began, is undoubtedly something you cannot miss. In the range of possibilities in Distrito Federal, there are also rural areas: capsules of peaceful green like those offered by tours around Xochimilco canals.
Mexico City has, until today, four designations as World Heritage Sites. In the Centro Historico – exemplary core of the City of Palaces – the opulent Colonial architecture rests over vestiges of the former Mexica metropolis. In Xochimilco, the fabulous original nature is conserved between channels and trajineras (traditional boats), like an American Venice. Ciudad Universitaria and Casa Estudio de Barragan are two jewels – one huge and one miniscule – of Mexican modern architecture, and they reflect the building creativity of this fascinating city.
The wealth in this city goes beyond its condition of great metropolis. Its Anthropology Museum rescues the millenary memory of the whole country. In the National Palace, murals scrutinize the Mexican identity, and next to it, the entrails of the Templo Mayor indicate that this was, once, an imperial capital. Sumptuous places like the Auditorio Nacional or Bellas Artes present the best in scenic arts, and the constellation of museums protects the essence of Mexican plastic expression. Mexicas and Conquerors already knew it: this city is a treasure in itself.

Your Organizer

Alex Vekovich
Hi people! My name isAlex, I am an adventurous traveller, passionate learner, enthusiastic backpacker and couchsurfer from Belarus with over 45 visited countries and 6 countries where I lived. This year me, my wife Nayeli (a crazy and adventurous Mexican), and some of our friends start a world road trip going around Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe and we would be more than happy to share it with friendly, open-minded and adventurous travellers from all around the world. That is why we decided to create @Vibe Adventures@ - an independent travelling initiative with a goal to popularize and share good vibes of adventurous travel and thus enable more people to discover and appreciate the wonders of our beautiful planet. For this purpose we will run a same-named blog and share our trips in Wetravel. Feel free to join the adventures and if any questions, please contact us via social media or email: