Lake Atitlan, Guatemala NYE Reset Retreat (2024!)

      Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

      Lotus Retreats
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      28 reviews
      Dec 27, 2023 - Jan 3, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 20
      Lake Atitlan, Guatemala NYE Reset Retreat (2024!)
      Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

      Lotus Retreats
      • Facebook verified
      28 reviews

      Dec 27, 2023 - Jan 3, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 20

      About this trip

      Join the Lotus Retreats Lake Atitlan, Guatemala NYE Reset Retreat!

      Experience the magical land of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for a week retreat of yoga practices and Mayan culture surrounded by a vortex of volcanoes. Guatemala is a land of vibrant life, filled with lush vegetation and tectonic activity. "Atitlan" in Nahuatl means "the place where the rainbow gets its colors." This mystical lake is often called the most beautiful in Central America and has inspired people for thousands for years.

      Deepen your Yoga practice with daily yoga classes, workshops and meditations with Loren Lotus & Carmina Rodriguez in the Sierra Madres overlooking the peaceful Lake Atitlan. You will have the opportunity to explore the many Mayan villages that surround the lake, hike to jungle waterfalls, and taste the exquisite fruits of Guatemala. 

      Experience a sunrise paddle board session or take a dip in the lake to cleanse yourself, followed by a yoga class with breathing techniques and meditation. Each day of our retreat will offer an activity or excursion to explore the Mayan culture!

      Surrounded by a vortex of volcanoes, Lake Atitlan is known for its healing and mystical properties that seekers and believers feel upon arrival. The lake lies in the heart of an ancient volcano's caldera, which filled with water after it's final eruption 85,000 years ago. The lake and it's three surrounding volcanoes still hold active tectonic power and people travel from around the world to feel the energy vortex created here at the intersection of Fuego de la Tierra and Paz del Lago.


      Lotus Lotus

      Your host Loren Lotus has hosted over 30 retreats around the world with Lotus Retreats! She's a passionate yogi, facilitator and event organizer who puts her entire heart and soul into curating spaces for community to gather. Loren will be sharing daily Yoga classes to get into our bodies, clear energy and make space for new wisdom to be shared. She is also an avid Kirtan singer and will be sharing the medicine of music, movement & meditation throughout the weekend.

      Carmina Rodriguez

      Carmina radiates compassion into everything she does and always leads from the heart. Her classes are alignment based, formulated with intention, constructive sequencing, with an offering of hands on assists and space for self-inquiry. She weaves in pranayama, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and mantra. Her overall intention for her classes is to create a safe space for students to listen deeply to their bodies, hearts, and minds, through stillness, and discover a quality of intimacy with themselves and ultimately with the world around them. She completed her 200HR Teacher Training, at Daya Yoga Studio in 2016, in Brooklyn, New York, a 25HR  Alignment and Therapeutics Training at  Laughing Lotus, a 30HR Yin Yoga Training with Alana  Kessler, Meridian Yoga Technique with Acupressure and Cupping with Rose Erin Vaughan, and has been attuned by Nicole Lynne Hooley, to Reiki 2.

      She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and offers group and private classes in Taos, New Mexico where she currently resides.


      Dive deeply into the refreshing natural beauty of Lake Atitlan’s stunning landscape. Within the vast, majestic horizons, you’ll find a deeper connection with your heart’s song and a rejuvenated sense of wellbeing.

      Our retreat will be hosted at a retreat and wellness center located in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. The retreat center is dedicated to rejuvenating holistic practices and healing modalities as well as preserving Mayan traditions and facilitating outdoor adventure in the heart of the Altiplano. Majestically located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, this retreat oasis has a dock for sitting along the shore as well as a pool overlooking the waters. 

      Retreat into each of the elements; along with the lake and pool, there is a hot tub, sauna & massage therapies upon request. The solar-heated, stone hot tub oasis is tucked above a garden lounge. For a detoxifying sweat, indulge in the electric sauna; or request a Chichimeca Sweat Ceremony in the custom-designed lakefront sauna.

      Each of the rooms at Villa Sumaya provide a lake view & breeze of the area. The rooms are spread throughout the property in cabins & houses with private rooms. Each room also has a private bathroom. 


      Practice yoga surrounded by sacred nature, fresh open air and lake views as we move, breath & connect with ourselves and the culture of Guatemala.

      Each day of the retreat will include physical asana, meditation and pranayama. Most days will start with a 75-minute Hatha, vinyasa flow class to awaken and move the body through sun salutations, basic postures and balancing postures to build your physical practice and understanding of the body. 

      Evening classes will cool down the body with relaxing, restorative and yin poses with longer holds, breathing techniques & meditation. Our classes cater to each practitioner with variations, modifications and options to add-on. We offer physical adjustments and massage throughout class, if desired. 

      Pranayama - for those newer to breathing techniques, we will introduce basic breaths and techniques for guiding our breath and evolving our ability to breathe into a fuller capacity. Each practice will incorporate Pranayama to understand the Prana, or energy we input & expend from our energetic bodies.


      • Learn and practice the beautiful Spanish language on-site at our retreat center! Work with one of our friendly and experienced Spanish teachers. You’ll just need a notebook and pen, and they will provide the rest of the resources. We will offer a Spanish class at the beginning of the week with the option to add a full week of lessons.
      • Dive into Mayan culture with a Mayan Fire Ceremony; A Mayan spiritual guide will share a traditional Mayan Day Count Fire Ceremony. We will be encouraged to participate in the ceremony which will include the building of a fire in the ancient Mayan tradition using herbs, chocolate, colored candles, cinnamon, myrrh and copal (tree resin).
      • Cacao Ceremony; Journey home to your heart with Xicoy, the Cacao Spirit, one of the most playful spiritual guides in ancient Mayan cosmology. The Mayans have used Cacao in ceremony for thousands of years to connect with their hearts. 
      • Explore the art and creation of Mayan communities as we visit various lake towns
        • San Juan La Laguna; Take in the fine art of the naturally-dyed and exquisitely handcrafted goods created by the talented Maya. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the weaving and art cooperatives that Guatemala is famous for. Many excursions will be an excellent shopping opportunity, as well as a chance to learn about the artisan crafts of this unique village.
        • Santiago; Take a scenic boat ride across the lake to Santiago. You will visit Maximon, the patron saint and mysterious Mayan spiritual figurehead of Santiago. See a variety of primitive paintings, beadwork and handcrafted woodwork as you learn the fascinating history of Santiago while visiting historic sites. This is one of our most popular guided tours, offering a rare and fascinating insight into this proud and independent village and the life of the modern Maya.
      • San Pedro Volcano Climb; If you love adventure, then climb to the top of Volcano San Pedro! The trip begins early in the morning with an early or packed breakfast and a boat ride across the lake with your guide.
      • El Pico de Cielo Hike; El Pico de Cielo is 8,200 feet above sea level. This hike offers two options to suit different levels of fitness. The more rigorous hike starts from Santa Cruz La Laguna. Alternatively, you may take a boat to Panajachel and then a pick-up truck to the trailhead for a 45-minute walk to the vista point.
      • Kayak, Paddle Board, Relax on the dock or dare to cliff dive into the Lake!

      We leave plenty of space for resting, reading, meditating, or just hanging out and integrating all these new experiences. There are lush gardens with hammocks and lounge chairs around the Lake for your pleasure.


      Prana, the air or energy we input into our bodies is the quality of the energy we expend. Throughout our retreat week, we practice conscious and healthy eating habits. Most meals will be vegetarian and prepared in house at our retreat facility. 

      We allow for individual breakfast and lunch times for guests to sit with themselves or small groups while our dinner times are family style and all-inclusive with one another! Some meals, lunches on long excursion days will be packed or optional to purchase on your own in free time.   


      Each day of the retreat will include 2 yoga classes, 3 meals & an optional excursion or workshop! You're free to pick & choose what you'd like to participate in, while leaving plenty of space for relaxing, connecting, massages.. you name it!

      7am Silent sunrise meditation and tea

      7:30am Morning Yoga Flow

      9am Breakfast

      10am-5pm Free Time; Pool/Lake; Excursions or Spa!

      10am: Optional Excursion (Spanish Class, Volcano Hike, Mayan Fire Ceremony, Explore surrounding communities)

      1:00pm Lunch

      FREE TIME or additional excursion

      5:30pm Yin / Restorative Yoga

      7:30pm Dinner



      Our arrival airport is Guatemala City. We will arrange for transportation from the airport to the retreat center in Lake Atitlan. Arrival information & details will be provided upon booking confirmation. 

      We realize the journey is just as much a part of the experience as the destination! We’re here to support you fully on arriving safely to Guatemala & transporting to the retreat center. We provide a shared google document for all guests to input their arrival & departure information as well as the ability to communicate with other guests traveling near the same time. We also have a Facebook group for guests to connect, share questions & interact with one another. 


      What is the nearest airport to Lake Atitlan?

      Guatemala City Airport

      Are flights included?

      Flights are not included in the retreat week price. Roundtrip flights to/from Guatemala City airport are around $300-$500 USD.

      Do I need a Guatemalan Visa?

      No Visas are needed. However, it is recommended to check that your passport does not expire within 6 months of traveling to Central America.

      How do we get from the airport to the resort?

      Transportation from the Guatemala City airport to Lake Atitlan is included in your retreat package! We will arrange arrivals & departure transfers for you once booked.

      Are there ATMS in Guatemala?

      There are ATMs to withdraw Guatemalan currency. We also recommend bringing US currency and converting for Guatemala cash at money exchanges. 

      Is there Wifi at the retreat center?

      Yes, we have included the cost of Wifi in your retreat package.

      Do I need any vaccinations traveling to Guatemala?

      You do not need any vaccinations in order to enter Guatemala. It is advised to only drink water from filtered sources and avoided drinking any tap water from the sink or shower. Please check the CDC Website for further information on vaccines & health precautions when traveling abroad. 

      I want to be in a triple occupancy but I am traveling solo. Can I be paired up?

      Yes, we are happy to pair you up with others in a double or triple occupancy. If no pairing is available, single occupancy rates apply.

      I am traveling alone! Will I be able to meet up with other traveling guests at the airport?

      Yes! We have a Facebook group for all booked guests and aim to connect everyone prior to their travel into Guatemala so you can arrange meet ups and share taxis. We know traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating so we are here to guide you along the way!

      What’s included

      • Accommodation
        8- days and 7-nights accommodations at a private lakeside yoga retreat center in Lake Atitlan
      • Food
        Three vegetarian meals a day (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free options available)
      • Yoga
        Two classes a day (Hatha, vinyasa and yin/restorative styles)
      • Opening Ceremony
        An opening container with intention & 2023 reflection will be held to open the group!
      • Kirtan Ceremony
        Join us for evening chanting, often paired with sacred Guatemalan cacao
      • Spanish Lesson
        Learn and practice the Spanish language on-site at our retreat center! Work with one of our friendly and experienced Spanish teachers.
      • Transportation
        To and from Guatemala City airport to the Lake Atitlan retreat center
      • Closing Ceremony
        A closing container with New Year's intentions and accountability can be set to support yourself & one another into the New Year
      • Flights
        You must book your own flight to/from Guatemala City
      • Travel Insurance
        It is recommended you provide your own Travel & Health insurance
      • Additional Excursions
        Additional volcano hikes, Temezcal sweat lodge, Mayan Fire ceremony & boat rides to explore the surrounding communities are not included. You can budget around $200-$300 USD for these!
      • Trip to Eagle's Nest
        Travel to the Lake's famous Eagle's Nest for some of the world's best Ecstatic Dance1
      • Add-on Spanish Lessons
        We will include 1 class in your retreat package; you may opt into a full week of classes if you wish!
      • Spa Services
        Our on-site wellness center offers an abundant array of services provided by our experienced and gifted therapists. Services range from therapeutic massage to energy healing.
      • Tips
        For resort staff & services

      Available Packages

      Lakefront Room – Double Occupancy
      only 1 left

      Maya Rose rooms are lakefront, close to the main courtyard. Hear the tranquil lapping of the lake from these inviting rooms, with outdoor space & private bathroom areas.   

      $2690 Early Bird Before August 27th 2023

      $2890 After August 27th 2023

      Deposit: $500
      Lakefront Room – Single Occupancy
      Sold Out

      Maya Rose rooms are lakefront, close to the main courtyard. Hear the tranquil lapping of the lake from these inviting rooms, with outdoor space & private bathroom areas. 

      $2890 Early Bird Before August 27th 2023

      $3090 After August 27th 2023

      Deposit: $500
      Skyline Bungalow - Single Occupancy
      Sold Out

      Skyline bungalow rooms are perched on the top of the retreat property, perfect for couples and those preferring more privacy. It is a 5-10 minute walk from the main courtyard & dock. All rooms are lakeview!

      $2890 Early Bird Before August 27th 2023

      $3090 After August 27th 2023

      Deposit: $500
      Lotus Suite - Single Occupancy
      Sold Out

      This posh junior suite is perched above the property. Ideal for solo travelers or couples on personal retreat, it is one of our most economical luxury suite options.

      $2990 Early Bird Before August 27th 2023

      $3190 After August 27th 2023

      Ginger Suite -Double Occupancy
      Sold Out

      Ginger Suite rooms are perched on the top of the retreat property, perfect for couples and those preferring more privacy. It is a 5-10 minute walk from the main courtyard & dock. All rooms are lakeview!

      $2890 Early Bird Before August 27th 2023

      $3090 After August 27th 2023

      Deposit: $500
      Ginger Suite – Single Occupancy
      Sold Out

      Ginger Suite rooms are perched on the top of the retreat property, perfect for couples and those preferring more privacy. It is a 5-10 minute walk from the main courtyard & dock. All rooms are lakeview!

      $3090 Early Bird Before August 27th 2023

      $3290 After August 27th 2023

      Deposit: $500

      Your Organizer

      Lotus Retreats
      28 reviews
      Expand and enhance your vision of the world with a Lotus Retreats experience! Lotus Retreats offers a combination of yoga & philosophy, workshops & ceremonies, plus nature excursions & cultural immersions to fully explore each location traveled. Each week is carefully curated with activities and optional excursions to deepen and benefit your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Every retreat is unique to the location, the group & your hosts, who passionately guarantee an eye-opening & heart-awakening experience for all.


      Incredible cultural voyage through the sacred valley of Peru. This was an adventurous and beautiful retreat. More than just asana yoga. There were indigenous ceremonies, hikes through the mountains, and historical site visits. Lotus Retreats always forms a connected group and we had a blast in Peru. I would 100% travel with Lotus Retreats again
      By Spencer O for Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (New Dates* May 2023) on Jun 20, 2023
      What an amazing adventure! Loren and Ryann were such incredible hosts as we got to experience SO MUCH that the beautiful country of Peru has to offer. From invigorating morning yoga classes, visits to ancient sites, delicious meals, cacao and kirtan, to a traditional Inipi Sweat Lodge- I couldn't have imagined a better trip through Peru. Lotus Retreats has built beautiful local relationships here that helped to share such an authentic cultural experience. I am forever grateful for the amazing group of people that I met and connected with on this trip. THANK YOU!
      By Rachel O for Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (New Dates* May 2023) on May 17, 2023
      So glad you decided to do this training for those of us wanting to start hosting our own retreats. We got some great information, tips and tricks on how to make it a wonderful experience and how to put it all together to make it magical! We can't wait to host our retreat and hope to do our first one in 2024, so stay tuned! Thank you Loren, we love Lotus Retreats! <3
      By Heather A for The Lotus Retreats | Retreat Leader Training on May 05, 2023
      I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica with Lotus Retreats. The yoga classes were amazing, and I really enjoyed the excursions, including the waterfall adventure and trip to Manuel Antonio national park. I loved connecting with a wonderful group of like minded people, who now feel like family. Highly recommend you book your next travel adventure with Lotus Retreats!
      By Ashley D for Costa Rica NYE Reset Retreat (Dec 28 - Jan 2) on Jan 06, 2023
      This trip was amazing. The first half of the week is spent at a beautiful resort in the Sacred Valley with the BEST, healthiest food for every meal and beautiful views from every room at the resort. I was just so happy the whole time we were there. This retreat was a good mix of excursions and ceremonies and education and also free time. Loren takes care of literally all the planning and hard work so we retreaters just get to show up and enjoy! She also gives plenty of opportunity for reflection and healing, if you're needing it. I really enjoyed the add-on pottery class with a potter in the Sacred Valley and would recommend this to anyone hoping for some interaction with the locals while on retreat. I would definitely book this trip again!
      By Kelsey J for Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (March 2022) on Oct 05, 2022
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      First and foremost, apologies for this super overdue review. I just realized that I haven't left a review for Loren Lotus, but periodically I have thought about this magical retreat I went on with Loren in 2018 to Colombia. Loren was very communicative about all the trip details beforehand, and planned very special programs; a small trip to the neighboring village with a local guide, interesting workshops with great guest teachers, etc. although she is an amazing instructor! The retreat venue was magical and was very accommodating about everyone's dietary restrictions. I spent possibly the best week of my life, and I am forever grateful for that experience. Highly recommend it if you are looking for something to nourish your mind, body, and heart. Thank you Loren. I hope you are doing well! Sending love.
      By Heisue C on 30 Nov, 2023
      I had an amazing experience in Colombia with Lotus Retreats in July 2023. Loren and Rachel are fantastic women who lead with love and light. They show so much care and respect towards each person's experience and offer each guest the opportunity to make their trip as busy or relaxed as they wish it to be. I highly recommend the excursions, as I got to experience more of Colombia and the history of its culture; however, they are optional, which is great on days when a guest would prefer some time spent in reflection. The daily yoga offerings were my favorite part, as they brought different styles of yoga, pranayama techniques, and sound healing into class. And finally, the freshly prepared, locally-sourced meals were INCREDIBLE. My body is still thanking me!
      By Katie K on 12 Aug, 2023
      I had the opportunity to deepen my practice / experience the beauty of Tulum Mexico with Lotus Retreats and would do it again in a heartbeat! The Lotus Retreats crew quickly created a space of loving community, increased awareness, and intentional practice within the first few hours of our retreat and it only got better from there! These retreats are special. Humanity in raw form. I'll be back for more, no doubt!
      By Travis P on 02 Oct, 2018
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