Latin American Flavors Foodie Tour

San José, Costa Rica

Foodie Tours
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Latin American Flavors Foodie Tour
San José, Costa Rica

Foodie Tours
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About this trip

Our guided 'Latin American Flavors' Foodie Tour in Barrio Amon, San Jose, will allow you to taste traditional Latin American cuisine prepared with fresh products. You will try typical dishes and drinks from all over Latin America, taking your palate from Mexico to Peru without leaving the historic Amon neighborhood where beautiful Victorian architecture provides the perfect setting for this charming tour.
Our chefs will explain to you the concept of each dish, as well as the vision and the ideology of their restaurants.
Minimum 2 People 
Tour Description:
At all restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail rooms, you will be welcomed by the chef, manager or owner as they explain to you what goes into preparing the signature dishes and drinks hand-crafted by each proprietor. 
The restaurants for this tour were chosen due to their Latin American roots; featuring a variety of dishes emblematic to their countries. All dishes also boast slow food, farm-to-table concepts. You will consume mostly fresh, locally sourced organic greens and vegetables during the tour.
The tour starts at 11:30 a.m. and lasts approximately 4 hours.
We will make 4 stops while we walk through the Amon neighborhood.
First stop: 3 medium size starters, a drink and a digestif.
Second stop: We will have an appetizer and a light cocktail.
Third stop: 2 starters, main dish, an exotic drink or wine and digestif.
Fourth stop: Coffee workshop, 3 coffee tastings and a dessert. 
The tour has several alcoholic drinks, so please advise if you rather have natural juices or other non-alcoholic beverages.
What to bring?
Comfortable shoes.
Umbrella, if you see it is cloudy or during the raining season.
Sunscreen if it is too sunny 
What is included?
6-course tasting menu
7 drinks (spirits included)
English-speaking guide
Visit 4 restaurants

This is a walking tour. Walk time between restaurants will always be less than 10 minutes.
Meeting point: Parque Morazan at "Templo de la Música" But remember that we can pick you up at your hotel for an extra fee, please contact us to book transportation.
If you have food allergies please let us know in advance to make adjustments. (Important)


  1. All tours must be booked and paid at least 48 hours in advance. (at least the deposit)
  2. If you cancel 24 hours or less before the tour, you will not be refunded.
  3. No show, will not be refunded.

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Foodie Tours
We specialize in designing exclusive, personalized city food tours in San Jose that will take you from the roots of Costa Rican traditional cuisine to modern, original food creations. Signature dishes by the best local chefs! We offer mainly city or urban food tours in San Jose, but we have a couple of day trips from San Jose to rural areas where you can experience traditional gastronomy and learn about agriculture, like pineapple fields, cacao, coffee, etc.

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