"Love Yourself from the Inside Out "- The Ultimate Ego Detox Retreat

Apt, South of France

Mother Fana
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Jul 3 - 12, 2019
Group size: 1 - 12
"Love Yourself from the Inside Out "- The Ultimate Ego Detox Retreat
Apt, South of France

Mother Fana
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Deposit: €1000
Jul 3 - 12, 2019
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

Let me ask you something.

Do you spend a lot of time overthinking and replaying negative chatter in your mind? Do you feel guilty for what you have done? Are you ashamed of who you are? Do you often compare yourself to others, or do you often make excuses? Are you experiencing burn-out? Do you sometimes feel as though you have no control over your life? Do you often speak badly about yourself in your head?  Do you love yourself? Do you criticize your body?

If you're like most of us, you may be struggling with these questions. Self-love is something many people know they need to work on, yet they always find themselves prioritizing other kinds of mindset and personal growth work


Well because our ego does a fantastic job of convincing us we don't have time to focus on what's most important. The work that should be our priority. Radical Loving Acceptance. Unconditional Self-Love.

If you are ready to break free from ego tyranny and love yourself and loving embrace all aspects of you, from the Inside Out, this retreat is for you. Join me for an incredible, once in a lifetime experience in France!!!This is a Self-Love retreat for people who want to fall in love with themselves again. 

My promise is simple: 

- If you are unsure, we will help you find clarity 

- If you feel lost, we will help you find the way back to your heart

- If you are unhappy, we will help you find  peace and joy 

- If you feel unsecured, we will help to feel confident 

- If you feel weak and powerless, we will bring you fortitude 

- If you blame yourself, we will reflect to you forgiveness 

- If you feel disconnected from your sexuality and inner power, we will show you to harness this well of creation and life force.

- If you feel ''not good enough'', we will reflect your divine perfection and help you embrace your holy shadow 

- If you feel blocked, we will show how to step into your purpose and thrive

- If you are a giver, we will teach how  to receive 

- If you feel ungrounded, we will teach you how to ground and heal the land

- If you lost connection with your Inner Child, we will show you how to reconnect with it.

- If you lost your connection to nature and feel ungrounded, we will help you find your inner shaman

- If you don't love yourself, we will teach how to fall in love with yourself again 

- If you have a burning desire to help humanity and be the change you want to see in the world, we will unblock your gifts and open you to your soul calling and purpose*


The retreat is open to women and men and to anyone who feels called.  It's a journey of daring to rebirth under the patronage of the Cosmic Mother and the cosmic Father. Click here to Listen to this soundtrack recorded by Mother Fana and which sums up the energy of this workshop. 

We love to the inner journey, therefore, we practice daily, but not in the way you may be used to. This retreat is an integration of how we practice self-love, self-discovery and inner trust on and off the meditation mat! We will be understanding and releasing old patterns, and subconscious programming and we will activate new frequencies of love and power embodiment. Let us show you the way through land & nature healing,  Shadow work, Inner Child Healing, plant medicine, bodywork and massages, yoga and movement, hiking, breath practices, meditation, powerful chakra healing , journaling, art therapy, storytelling and community.

Self-Mastery awaits, and an infinitude of discoveries lay all within our reach. 


  • 8:00 - 9:00 am - | Breakfast
  • 9 :30 am to noon | Meditation, Teachings , Movement & Mindfulness Practices
  • 12:15 pm -| Lunch
  • 1pm to 3pm | Free time 
  • 3pm to 6 pm | Meditation, Teachings & Mindfulness Practices
  • 7:30pm | Dinner
  • 8:30pm to 9:30pm | Evening Storytelling and Sharing Circle


- Feeling loved, rested and restored

- Remembering what is meaningful and important in your life and ready to go after it because you know you're worthy of it

- Loving yourself enough to know that your failures, and your successes don't define you

- With a deeper understanding of your constitutional makeup and how to cultivate healthier habits and routines about your body, your soul and mind.

- With a deeper sense of your spiritual practice and purpose as well as how to practice at home

- Having connected with fellow spiritual travellers

with memories that will last a lifetime

- With the possibility to facilitate this signature retreat " Love Yourself from The Inside Out - The Ultimate Leadership Retreat" all around the world if you join our licensee program. Details will be shared during the pre-retreat call.

Sign up now- Limited to 12 persons to allow personal interaction and deep healing.  


  • Pre-Retreat Personal Development Facilitation – You Start Before You Go with one hour 1-on-1 Healing/Coaching Session with Mother Fana 
  • Access to a private group with Current, Past, and Future Participants
  • All teachings and materials by Mother Fana and/or guest facilitators
  • Coffee and tea : Selection of teas, coffee, fruit, nuts and snacks are available 
  • Accommodations - shared room and private room depending on availabilities with air-conditioning
  • Food All Meals are provided. Breakfast, buffet lunches, and dinner. Teas, water, juice, coffee included
  • Internet wifi.
  • Pick up from Apt Bus Station  Pick-up from Apt bus station and transfer to the property

Languages spoken at the retreat English and French.


  • International Flights & transportation to Apt  – Inbound flights to France and Train to Avignon TGV and Bus to Apt must be arranged on your own. All information will be provide.
  • Travel Insurance : Must have travel insurance prior to start of trip, most credit cards can provide for it

“ I know that in your soul journey you have felt that separation but you are loved and you belong to the cosmic heart. Come back home to me” 

The cosmic Mother and the cosmic Father 


Mother Fana is a writer, healer and personal transformation catalyst based in Paris. She teaches people how to level up and radically love themselves from the inside out. She casts spells of love, grit and power through her writing, courses, transformational self-love retreats and private sessions. She is a fierce advocate and expert on Inner Child healing, shadow work. She is a Reiki-master teacher, a Munay-ki Shaman Teacher, an Akashic Records Master Teacher, and a meditation teacher. Her work is deeply rooted in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology. She is also the author of a children’s book series promoting social and emotional literacy. Before becoming a spiritual teacher and coach, Mother fana had a prolific marketing career in leading American FMCG companies, and she has worked both on the client and the agency side. She is a contributor to Thrive Global Magazine, and, also uses her custom-made paintings and poetry to heal and inspire others. 


"I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with wonderful Fana. Her gift is truly priceless and being able to tap into that is something I hope you will experience in your lifetime.
It's like she can see into your soul, you can't hide, she will call you out on your bullshit any day so that you can get past the old blocks and move forward in your life. I'm so much more in tune now and I'm able to see the signs and get the messages and take action upon them faster which only brings more alignment and peace. After every session with Fana, I felt so centered and calm and had a clear path of aligned action ahead of me. I love you Fana. If you are thinking of working with Mother Fana, I can give you a million reasons to say YES, yes to yourself."

Johanna Lundström⎮Health and Nutrition Coach ⎮USA 

“Mother Fana is such a gift I highly recommend her! The work she is doing is amazing, and much needed! I appreciate her loving energy, and the powerful shifts she helped facilitate. Our first session was so transformative, and I literally felt energy shifts in my body during, and after. Inner child healing is so powerful, and Fana’s approach is so unique. I’m really looking forward to our next session!    Stephanie Bellinger ⎮Coach ⎮Spiritual Boss Babes Founder ⎮USA   

” You change lives. You’re beautiful. You touch people’s souls in the secret places that no one else can reach. My life changed after meeting you. I turned my heart toward forgiveness and acceptance. I was never able to reach peace until I met you. You really changed my life. It felt like so much weight had lifted. I will never forget that moment. You make a difference and that matters. Fana, you have helped me to live from love and not from fear” 

Leah R., Clinician and Therapist⎮ New Zealand

More testimonials here


Here are some things to know before signing up for this Retreat. French culture is very different from the United States, Asia or Australia. We eat breads and fruit for breakfast, have big lunches usually with salad and petite dinners. Every dinner in France is typically 3-course: salad, entree and dessert. We will keep it light with 2-course meals and large buffets. Farm style breakfast of fresh fruits, yogurt, muesli, home-made bread, cheese, coffee, teas, juice shot are provided daily. Buffets usually consist of salads, hummus, lentils, salads, fruits, cheese, etc.. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be offered to attendees. Meals are 2-course made by local chef. The retreat location is in a wild nature and in the mountain. You will love this place! The views from the land are spectacular! There is a beautiful pool and lot of land to rest, a ping pong table, hammocks, swings...The accommodations are very lovely and offer all comfort including air-conditioning, but if you’re looking for luxury features and are not comfortable surrounded by nature, then this is not the retreat for you! We are up on the hills so very few to no mosquitos but you will have to get used to the cicadas singing at night time! Click here to see how it will sound in July. 


-Sun hat or peaked cap 


 -Sun block for face and lips (Factor 50)

-Ear plugs (if you are sensitive to noise or really can't stand the cicada sound, sleeping in different places always means different noises!) 

-Comfortable walking shoes or good walking sneakers 

-Swimsuit to enjoy the pool

- Bring your Yoga mat  (mandatory)

- White Outfit for our closing ceremony and a red accessory to go with it. or a red outfit and a white accessory to go with it (mandatory)

- A valid passport is required and must be valid at least six months after the date of travel (December 2019). 

- We strongly recommend you to have a valid travel/medical insurance


  • Please note that the deposit is non-refundable  if the trip is happening. We ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

To minimize any loss and to protect yourself during the trip, we highly recommend taking out a comprehensive insurance policy that covers cancellation. You can book travel insurance at great rates from We travel Partner Travelex here.

Available Packages

Double room for 2 (shared) - Main house
4 left

Air conditioning and attached bathroom.  double bed for 2 

Deposit: €1000
Double room for one person only
Available until Jun 12, 2019only 2 left

Air conditioning. Attached bathroom. Payment must be made in full before 3rd of June 2019.

Deposit: €1500
Triple room (shared) main house
8 left
Deposit: €1000
Tree house -
only 2 left
Deposit: €1000
Cottage (double bedroom)
Deposit: €1000
Deposit: €1000

Double room for 2 (shared) - Main house

Your Organizer

Mother Fana
We offer transformational retreats and teach you to simply BE without judgments or expectations. You will reconnect with your inner child, lovingly accept your shadow and fall in love with yourself again from the Inside Out. This retreat is a beautiful container for deep healing but also includes a Retreat facilitator Certification.