Luxury Costa Rican Retreat

Puntarenas Province, Uvita, Costa Rica

Oct 18 - 23, 2021
Group size: 5 - 16
Luxury Costa Rican Retreat
Puntarenas Province, Uvita, Costa Rica

Oct 18 - 23, 2021
Group size: 5 - 16

About this trip

If you consider yourself a rich uncle or auntie who can take a trip because it's the weekend, aren't afraid to try new adventures or meet new people, then this is the one for you! 

Heal. Travel. Repeat presents a luxurious adventure getaway in the Costa Rican jungle hosted by Candace Blair. It is an opportunity to enjoy a unique atmosphere in nature that promotes all things self-care while also offering unique activities!  

We will be enjoying excursions together outside of our usual, such as white water rafting, surfing and waterfall rappelling! Spa and wellness activities will be planned on the backend of the trip to relax and talk about our experiences before going home.

A photographer will be on site to capture all of our moments through photos and video which will be provided to all participants.

Candace Blair has visited every place and done every excursion on this trip. There is nothing that will be new to your host so that you can rest assured that it is a good investment and allows you to make the most of your time.

We encouraged POC to attend but all are welcome. The reason being, the black culture especially, is the least adventurous and we want to offer this as a way for them to try something new with someone who’s done it!

What to Expect

Nothing on the itinerary is required but very much encouraged as this is an opportunity to join like minded individuals in stepping out of our comfort zones to make memories that last a lifetime.

Please know that any activities not mentioned in what's included in your trip are your own personal out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the cost to participate in this retreat. I will be negotiating excursions and spa packages on site with management to get you the best deals possible!

Preparing for your trip

Please be sure to leave your email address when you check out to ensure that you receive future communication about what to pack, any changes you need to be made aware of and updates on the trip as we get closer to the dates.

FAQ's are located below for the most common questions.


What are the trip dates?

October 18th - October 23rd, 2021

What's the airport code?

San Jose, Costa Rica airport code is SJO. Make sure you choose the right airport, there is a San Jose in California as well.

Are flights included in my package?

No, flights are a separate cost. If I notice any deals I will send them out via email.

When should I arrive/depart?

The accommodation will be available at 2pm Monday and departure is at 12pm noon on Saturday. It takes approximately three hours to drive from San Jose to the villas. The earlier you arrive the better so that we can make it by check-in time and you can be apart of the welcome party.

Your arrival should ideally be early to mid-morning on Monday. This will ensure time to drive to the villas and arrive at check-in time.

For your departure, it is highly recommended that you choose an evening flight. That will give us enough time to have our going away breakfast, drive to the airport, and get your covid test done. The covid test should be completed at least three to four hours before your flight. It is a rapid test that is only supposed to take an hour but do not base your flight on this. Anything could happen. 

I was stuck in traffic for hours getting back to San Jose and just barely made my test even though I gave myself a five hour window. So, a three hour drive, 3-4 hour test window, if we leave the villa around noon, that means you should have a flight that is around 7pm or later ideally. 

You will get an email later to confirm your airline and flight times with me.

How will I get to the villas?

We have transportation arranged that is in included in your package. We will try to group people together based on arrivals and departure times that require the least amount of waiting at the airport. If for some reason you do not arrive within the preferred window or miss your flight and arrive a day later, you will be responsible for your own transportation and we can give you recommendations. 

What should I be prepared to pay for myself?

Excursions and spa packages are being negotiated with management at the moment to be low cost or free of charge but presently are not free. Alcoholic beverages are not included in your costs and may be purchased before arriving at the villas. It is recommended that you buy it at the duty free shops in the airport before you depart or after you arrive. I

f the trips sells out I will be buying all the alcohol myself to celebrate with you all so tell your friends lol!

What to pack?

Costa Rica is a very lush, tropical environment so pack for humidity but it also rains alot so have at least one pair of shoes for activities/wet grounds that you don't mind getting potentially ruined. We will be there during the break of rainy season so it could rain more than usual. Sandals are fine on the property, just know there are alot of steps to get to upper and lower areas.

Have moisture wicking clothes for activities. These are items like workout attire that pull the sweat away from your body. Any workout attire will do, moisture wicking just keeps you cooler. 

Definitely bring bathing suits! We will have pools on site and could potentially go to the beach.

Bring bug spray as well, it's not used as much in CR so it costs alot if you buy it there. Sunscreen is also recommended. 

Is food included?

Yes, you will have three meals a day to choose from and you can let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is required to enter Costa Rica. They make you upload a copy of your coverages online to enter the country before you leave America. You also MUST have a certain level of coverage. This information will be emailed to you well before departure. 

Can I upgrade my room after I've paid for double occupancy?

You will have to contact me to do so and it is based on availability. I will send my contact info out in a later email well before the trip. If the option to upgrade to single occupancy is available it's yours for the additional cost. 

Are refunds allowed if I can't make the trip for any reason?

Refunds are not allowed as we will have already paid the vendors for their services and can't get that money back. You are required to buy travel insurance to enter Costa Rica and can file a claim with them to get your funds returned to you should you get sick or have an extenuating circumstance. BUT, should something happen where none of us are able to go, I will return all of your money.

We will recommend the best travel insurance policies for refund success in a later email.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can split this into three payments with the final payment due before the trip starts. 

Why is the trip so high?

I had to reduce the amount of people I could take in order to offer a single occupancy room option which makes less people take on the full cost. 

Can I stay longer or leave early?

Yes, you can do both. Please note, the price of the package does not change if you leave early, only stay a portion of the trip or arrive early/stay later. It only covers Oct 18th-23rd. You will be responsible for everything outside of those dates. 

Is this only for people of color/women?

All are welcome. Just have the expectation that there will be more women than men and people of color. We love everyone so please come!

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    Three villas and an open air pavilion.
  • Food
    Three meals a day
  • Transportation
    Transport to and from the airport
  • Airfare
    Must provide your own flight to San Jose airport (SJO) in Costa Rica
  • Activities
    Any excursion or spa/wellness related packages are a separate cost
  • Tips
    Tips are encouraged and at your discretion
  • Travel insurance
    Travel insurance is required to enter Costa Rica. Will give recommendations to choose from. Prices vary
  • Covid Test
    A covid test is required to return to the U.S. It will be taken at the airport before your departure. Cost $65.00

Available Packages

Double Occupancy (Random Roommate)
Available until August 31, 20215 left

If you want to room with someone you know or don't mind meeting someone new and sharing a room and bed with them this money saving option is for you. Most beds are queen size.

Includes accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, three meals a day, gift bag, photos/videos of your trip, healing session with guest speaker and a darn good time!

Deposit: $300
Single Occupancy (Room/Bed to Self)
Available until August 31, 20215 left

If you would like a room to yourself and prefer not to sleep in the same bed with someone you haven't met prior to this trip. Most beds are queen size.

Includes accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, three meals a day, gift bag, photos/videos of your trip, healing session with guest speaker and a darn good time!

Deposit: $300
Double Occupancy Friends/Couple
Available until August 31, 20215 left

This package is for double occupancy as well but combines the total cost into one lump sum to avoid paying the extra payment processing fees. Guests are responsible for exchanging funds due to one another amongst themselves! The deposit is also due for both guests at this time.

Deposit: $600


Day 1
Welcome Day

There will be drinks and a welcome dinner. Guests will also have time to unwind from a long day of travel. I will provide this.

Your Organizer

Heal. Travel. Repeat
Candace is a world traveler who seeks to find unique adventures and excursions wherever she goes. You can find more of Candace's travels on Instagram at @InTheAirWithBlair.