M O A B Bhakti Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat

Moab, UT, USA

Abby Jacob
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Sep 14 - 19, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25
M O A B Bhakti Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat
Moab, UT, USA

Abby Jacob
  • Email address verified
1 review

Sep 14 - 19, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Relax and renew with Abby Jacob & Gyongyi Ridenour on a journey into self through yoga, sound energy healing and Reiki.  Settled next to the canyon walls on a beautiful campsite in Moab, we will commune for daily yoga practices and sound healings.  

Abby will be leading a Bhakti flow yoga practice twice daily.  During practice will join our voices in mantra and move through a dynamic flow to open your bodies and hearts.  During your practice you are able to enjoy some natural sounds along with instruments played by Gyongyi. For the extended svanasana you are being guided into a deep relaxation with singing bowls and gongs allowing yourself to release anything what no longer serves with vibrational healing.

One day during our week together, we are teaming with Wild Sol, a Moab based outfitting company, to go canyoneering -- Utah canyoneering offers a physically action packed day of hiking, scrambling, rappelling and swimming through ancient canyons carved out by time. These trips offer up an exciting way to see some of Moab's less explored paths while getting you moving in every direction. Wild SOL Retreats guides multiple canyons in town so you can choose the right one for your experience level and adventure level!  Lunch is NOT included for this adventure.  Option to ADD ON an organic pre-made lunch or pack your own.

Shari Zollinger will host group astrology reading around the bonfire.  A 2-hour session will explore our sun, moon, rising signs as well as our lunar nodes. Using the archetypes from our astrological charts we will learn about core personality, emotional landscape, persona and life direction.

Bonfires will be lit nighty at camp, so feel free to bring instruments for fire side jams.  Extra fire wood is greatly appreciated!

Dining and Lodging

We will offer two catered organic vegetarian meals per day.  Breakfast & dinner with dessert will be catered and served on site.  Bring your own lunches.  The town of Moab is 10 minutes from the campground, so another option is to head into town for lunch.  There will be water provided and a camp kitchen set up for you to wash your utensils and cookware.  Your own cookware is only needed for lunch, dinner/breakfast cookware/cutlery is provided.

Fresh drinking water will be provided at camp.

This is a bring your own camp set up event.  If you do not have camp gear or wish to GLAMP out in style, check out the add on GLAMP option at checkout.

The campsite has two large pavilions for shade.  Two large tents will be set up for our ADD ON private sound healing and massage offerings.  

A large bell tent will be set up as a communal gathering place for tea and lounging.  Additional shade structures are welcome but not required.

Additional Offerings

We will have some additional offerings NOT included with the price of the retreat but as an ADD ON purchase to the retreat.  These are as follows...  

60 and 90 Minute Massages by Amber Defazio.   Amber's approach to massage therapy has helped hundreds of clients to overcome pain from imbalance and injury. Her energy work brings your nervousness system into a true state of relaxation, allowing self healing to return to the body. Her incredible intuitive nature combined with over 3000 hours of education and 19 years of experience, assures that you will leave in a state of bliss with less pain a more complete understanding of your body.

Private Sound Healing, Reiki or Emotion Code with Gyongyi  Ridenour

During a healing session you will experience a full body, mind and spirit relaxation alleviating any symptoms of anxiety, stress and stagnant energies.  Sound healing works on deep cellular level releasing any blockages that you have been holding on for a long period of time.  Reiki energy promotes natural self healing and balances the energies in the body.  Emotion code treatment helps you to release any trapped emotions from your subconscious mind.  You might experience a feeling of becoming lighter and happier in your existence. 

Our partners at Wild Sol have Paddle Boarding Rock Climbing Additions.

Rock Climbing --Confronting ones own inner nature with nature, climbing offers both a physical and mental challenge and builds trust, stamina, and mindful movement. Our guides will take you to one of Moab’s scenic crags and provide a full introduction of desert climbing, covering everything from climbing techniques, belaying, knots, and more. The Moab area is home to some of the best developed sandstone cliffs worldwide, offering a variety of crack climbs, low-angle slabs and face climbing to suit everyones style. Climbing trips are well- suited for all levels and include all rock climbing specific gear. 

Paddle Boarding --The mighty Colorado River cuts through the dry desert, bringing life to its valleys and offering up a place of retreat and rewilding adventure on the water. Stand up paddle boarding trips are a great way to challenge your balancing skills or simply kneel, relax and let the current take you downstream. Here on the river, the water keeps you moving forward but it's up to you to channel the flow of natures current.

When booking the retreat please book your private add ons at this time so we can schedule accordingly. 

What’s included

  • Camping Spot
    The gorgeous Goose Island Camp
  • Daily Yoga Practice
    Bhakti Flow with Abby
  • Daily Sound Healing
    Gyongyi will vibrate with her array of instruments.
  • Canyoneering
    Wild Sol will be outfitting us for this trip into the heart of Maob's spectacular canyons.
  • Group Astrology Reading
    featuring Shari Zollinger
  • 2 Daily Catered Meals
    Organic breakfast and dinner Included
  • Camp Shower
    In case the river doesn't cut it
  • On Site Bathrooms
    Our campsite has its own toilets.

What’s not included

  • Lodging
    This is a bring your own camp gear retreat
  • Massage
    Please add on this item at check out.
  • Private Sound Healing
    Please add on this item at check out.
  • Rock Climbing
    Wild Sol Outfitters guided experience
  • Paddle Boarding
    Wild Sol Outfitters guided experience

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $350

Available options

60 Minute Massage with Amber
90 Minute Massage with Amber
60 Minute Sound Healing with Gyongyi
90 Minute Sound Healing with Gyongyi
Rock Climbing
Paddle Boarding
Glamping Tent for 2 people
5 left
Glamping Tent for 1 person
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Your Organizer

Abby Jacob
1 review
Im Abby Jacob and I love yoga. I love to practice and I love to teach. This practice has been a path of self actualization, ultimately uniting me to source love. Yoga has allowed me to see myself through a higher perspective and a clear lens. Before yoga I went about my days operating from my unconscious mind and emotions. As I showed up, practiced, sweated, cried, inverted and chanted the light began to shine, true illumination came forth. What was once a cruel world was now a place of endless possibilities. What was once self


This is my second retreat with Abby Jacob. Abby and her team put together fun, adventurous and healing retreats. The retreat in Moab was the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration. The days are full but never too much. A perfect balance of yoga and other activities (all optional) to give you the full experience of a truly healing retreat while engaging in a wide range of local activities to fulfill your adventurous spirit .. All while being pampered with great food, local guidance and support from the team so you were always full, warm and comfortable. A week with Abby is sure to change your life in a magical healing way.
By Kristin M for M O A B Bhakti Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat on Sep 30, 2019

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