Machame Route – 6 days Kilimanjaro Climbing trip

Mount Kilimanjaro

Machame Route – 6 days Kilimanjaro Climbing trip
Mount Kilimanjaro

Aug 4, 2022 - Mar 1, 2030
Group size: 4 - 50

About this trip


The Machame course offers the gutsy climber a dazzling beautiful "slide show" more than 6 days , Every day is another day with a new scenary and vegetation zone! The Machame course is regularly finished in at least 6 days. There is an additional advantage to this, as you are managed the cost of the most significant item on the mountain - acclimatization. The Machame course takes you high to Lava Tower (4630m) on the day 3 and brings you somewhere around almost 700m for a short-term at Barranco camp (3950m). This is the key to effective acclimatization, climb high rest low.

What’s included

  • Park fees
  • Guide fees
  • Gate transfer
  • Tax/VAT
  • Crew wages
  • Environment fees
  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Crew tip

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DAY 1:Machame Gate– Camp
DAY 1:Machame Gate– Machame camp Hiking time


Your day begins right on time with breakfast, trailed by a 45-minute drive from Moshi (910m) to the Machame Gate (1828m). The aides and watchmen plan and pack the provisions and your gear at the door. Subsequent to enrolling at the entryway office, you start your climb and enter the tropical jungle very quickly. There is serious areas of strength for an of downpour in the timberland, which will change the path into an extremely saturated, sloppy and tricky experience. You will have a welcome lunch stop about midway and will arrive at the Machame camp (3020m) in the late afternoon.Your doormen (showing up at the camping area well before you) will have raised your tent on appearance. At night the doormen will bring a little bowl of washing water to your tent and the cook will plan supper, before you resign to your tent for the evening. Night temperatures can as of now drop to edge of freezing over at this campground.