Madagascar 2022

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Haitian Nomad
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Oct 2 - 9, 2022
Group size: 1 - 23
Madagascar 2022
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Haitian Nomad
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142 reviews

Oct 2 - 9, 2022
Group size: 1 - 23

About this trip

Join the Haitian Nomad on this journey to the incredible island nation of Madagascar--the fourth largest island in the world. The landscapes here are so rich and diverse, there are lots to see here. With deserts, beaches, and rainforests in plenty, you will have plenty to do here.

Fun fact: You can find 5% of all plant and animal species in the world only in Madagascar!

To experience trees which are over 800 years old, take a trip to the Avenue of the Baobabs.

You will feel humbled to walk amongst them and it’s a great place to reconnect with nature.

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ambohimanga--a fortified Royal settlement is perfect for history buffs.

(ITINERARY SUBJECT TO CHANGE -we're still over a year from the actual start of the trip and as things reopen over the next year, we may add/remove certain things with the intention of giving you the best cultural experience in Madagascar.)


Please understand MADAGASCAR IS BIG! It’s 226,917 square miles to be precise, making it the fourth LARGEST island on the planet (and bigger than Spain, Thailand, Sweden and Germany) so this trip requires long drives exploring different parts of the island.

Transportation throughout Africa can be quite adventurous as the lack of infrastructure you're used to, may add another layer to the whole experience; so please keep this in mind as some days will include long transfers and unexpected challenges during the journey.

What’s included

  • Hotel Accommodation
    Double or single occupancy accommodation in superior hotels (based on available quality)
  • Airport transfers
  • Domestic Flight
  • 3 meals per day
    Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Tours and Entrance fees
    Entrance fees to the national parks/reserves & all included excursions
  • Transportation
    A/C transportation
  • Guide
    Expert English Speaking guide
  • Water
    Available onboard your bus throughout trip
  • Whatsapp group
    Concierge-style group to answer all questions & provide important information
  • International Flights
    Flights to/from Madagascar
  • Alcohol
  • Extra meals & expenses
  • Tips
    We will calculate a tip budget for the entire trip and communicate that to you prior to the trip and collect this on the first day of the trip to smoothen the check out process
  • Travel Insurance
    Required Travel Insurance
  • Optional activities
    water activities at beach and other activities not specified in the included section
  • Tourist Visa
    $30-50 (Cash only)
  • Installment payment fees
    Non-refundable Credit card and bank payment Processing fees

Available Packages

Double Occupancy Shared Room
only 1 left

Shared double room with ensuite bathroom. If you‘re coming alone, we will pair you with a roommate.

If you're booking as a couple or for 2 people--Book this package and select 2 participants

Deposit: $500
Single Occupancy Room
Sold Out

Enjoy the comfort of having your own room with ensuite bathroom for the duration of the trip

This is only for 1 person wishing to have their own room.

Deposit: $750

Available options



Welcome to Madagascar

October 2nd
Airport to Hotel Transfer

check into your hotel and Relax

Your Organizer

Haitian Nomad
142 reviews
We are a travel company specializing in curating authentic experiences around the world in beautiful exotics destinations through the lens of locals. We are experts on less travelled places like Haiti, Cuba, Egypt and more --making sure you leave with an experience of a lifetime from our top-notch​ customer-service driven team.


Bali 2022 was my first trip with Haitian Nomad. I was very impressed with the amount of time and energy that went into curating this trip. Considering the price of the trip, the amount of activity exceeded my expectations. Haitian Nomad did not disappoint and I doubt I will ever coordinate a trip on my own again. It is worth it to let someone else do the work.
By Lisa D for Bali 2022 on 05 Jul, 2022
Another great trip in the books. The food in Bali is amazing and all the activities definitely left us busy. The free day was great to recoup and relax with a balinese massage at a spa. Great value!
By Jessica W for Bali 2022 on 28 Jun, 2022
What a wonderful experience!!!!!! My 1st trip with Haitian Nomad was beyond exceptional from the food, the excursions and the good vibes. I am definitely looking forward to another trip. Thank you Haitian Nomad for a great time 😍
By Dominique B for Bali 2022 on 27 Jun, 2022
My travel with Haitian Nomad to Senegal (May 2022) was exceptional. Richard (our host) and Fallou (country guide) were fantastic. They went above and beyond to provide the group with an unforgettable experience. I appreciated Richard sharing his experiences, expertise, and insights with the group. I also appreciated Fallou shared insights about the history and culture of Senegal. I enjoyed hanging with the group; their energy was amazing (never a dull moment). The group was lively and refreshing, with the common interest of learning about the culture and having a good time. Other items that I thought Haitian Nomad did particularly well were the following: 1) They provided important and useful information (itinerary, items to bring, etc.) prior to travel. 2) They provided an experience that was organized and flexible. In addition to items on the itinerary, we had the opportunity to participate in the ritual of releasing prayer birds, visiting the blue lagoon, and having customized outfits (a little expensive but very convenient) made at the hotel. 3) They provided private transportation. 4) They provided sufficient time to explore and take photos (although we were on a schedule, I did not feel rushed). Overall, exceeded my expectations. I will definitely travel with Haitian Nomad again.
By Ericka G for Senegal: Return to the Motherland 2022 on 13 Jun, 2022
Seychelles was truly a bucket list trip! We have been on many trips with the Haitian Nomad and this one delivered like all of the rest! The accommodations at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort were beautiful! There were multiple restaurant options, a spa (with amazing masseuses), and direct access to the beach from our patio door! The tours we took of Mahé, Praslin, and Eden Island were informative where we learned about the history of Seychelles. The day on the catamaran sailing on the Indian Ocean was perfect (even with the rain that stopped and started in perfect time for each place we stopped to snorkel)! We always feel like we could have paid more for the value we get from Haitian Nomad trips and this one was no exception! I tell all of my friends to book one trip with the Haitian Nomad and they will be hooked like we are! We cannot wait until our next trip to Peru next month! Thank you for an amazing trip full of fun and memories!
By Patricia F for Seychelles 2022 : African Paradise on 04 Jun, 2022
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I have been traveling with Haitian Nomad since 2016. Within these 4 years they have built themselves a very solid reputation. I have recommended friends who came back with praising reviews. Originally centered on Haiti, they now have a global imprint with well-curated trips to discover the beauty and history of some dope locations. On Richard's trips, careful consideration is always taken for our security as well as our health. We see that illustrated even more in 2020 as we deal with the current pandemic. On our most recent trip, we made sure to be in complete compliance with both the US and Senegal by getting tested for COVID-19 before, during and after our trip. All of us left and came with back with negative results. As a healthcare provider, I felt in trusted hands the whole time and also did not feel that our group was compromising the health of the country we were visiting. The itineraries usually includes a mix of activity and relaxation (sometimes hardcore rejoicing at night lol). The best part is you always leave Richard's trips with unique travel experiences as well as lifelong friendships.
By annie t on 16 Nov, 2020
Short Version: Book with him ASAP I cannot recommend the Haitian Nomad enough!! My first trip, we'd returned from Cuba and after the experience, I was thoroughly impressed with Richard's trip. His trips are extremely well planned and a lot of thought and effort was put into ensuring everyone is having the time of their life. Richard pays attention to all the little details, is very organized, and adds a personal touch to the experience that you're not likely to get anywhere else. During our trip to Cuba, Richard organized a wonderful home-cooked rooftop dinner in the city of Trinidad and it was such a fun, unique experience. He made sure to take us around to the sights and helped us if we needed anything while on the trip. Prior to the trip, Richard provided us with all the necessary information leading up to the trip and gave us tips and suggestions on what to expect and other things to do as well. He is also open to feedback on how his service can be improved so he gets an A in customer service from me. Overall, it was the perfect trip and I couldn't have asked for more. So far I've been on about 5 or 6 trips (maybe more) and it exceeds expectations every time!
By Jessica W on 16 Jul, 2019