Magdalene Rosa Mystica Retreat

Guanacaste Province, Tilaran, Costa Rica

Magdalene Rose Sisters Retreats
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Apr 20 - 27, 2024
Group size: 10 - 18
Magdalene Rosa Mystica Retreat
Guanacaste Province, Tilaran, Costa Rica

Magdalene Rose Sisters Retreats
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Apr 20 - 27, 2024
Group size: 10 - 18

About this trip

Join sisters of the rose leaders Elohi Magdalena Rosa (a.k.a. Anümani Santos) and Pamela Jane Gerrand (Elohi Maria Rosa) for a transformational week in the heart of Costa Rica where the sacred mysteries of the rose frequencies will be revealed to you!

The rose frequencies hold the secrets of times past, of ancient civilizations, where the divine feminine, divine goddess was revered and embodied through LOVE and sacred practices that initiated you into higher realms of unity consciousness. As we connect in sisterhood and remembrance of our times together as sisters of the rose, we will access these secrets of the rose frequencies and unlock what is hidden within you with the help of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Isis. They represent the energies of the triple goddess, unveiling the energies of the maiden, mother, and crone. Through three sound alchemy transmissions, Pamela and Elohi (Anümani), will take you on a journey with these ascended goddesses and other beings of light to initiate you into the holy grail mysteries of the womb, heart, and brow (third eye). Each ascended goddess represents a different rose temple.

Mary Magdalene will unlock the energies of the maiden within you and the red rose holding divine qualities of you as the Divine Beloved with the symbol of the holy cup/holy grail opening a pathway to sacred love and grace of the mother womb of Sophia. Mother Mary will unlock the silver rose frequencies of the mother/Divine Mother with the symbol of the Fleur de Lis, opening a pathway to the nourishment of the divine mother, triple heart flame of Sophia. And Isis unlocking the gold rose energies of the crone and the Divine Priestess with the symbol of the golden ankh, will open you to deeper intuition and wisdom of divine mother Sophia. Each goddess will be performing a sacred initiation of the womb, heart, and brow/third eye of Mother Sophia within you.

Each day of this magical retreat at Mystica Lodge will be devoted to you and your transformation. You will be held in sacred sisterhood to provide you with the support that you need as you meet the parts of you in the shadows that want to come home to LOVE so you may reclaim the Goddess, Queen within you. Through sacred circle, sound alchemy, poetry, sharing, journaling, and sisterhood, you will be held in a sacred container of healing and activation, to help you embody more of your true, higher divine feminine self.

We have planned a unique and rejuvenating excursion day that will include a visit to an organic ecofarm where you will be able to taste local organic foods. We will spend the afternoon at Eco Termales where you will be soothed and energized by the mineral hot springs and enjoy lunch. You will have free time to take advantage of various healing modalities available at the Mystica lodge and/or venture on your own.

We hope you will join us for a week in Pura Vida land that will delight and deeply nurture your rose sister heart!

Note: All deposits for the Magdalene Rosa Mystica retreat are non-transferable and non-

refundable, except for travel or medical emergencies. These will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

A Message for You from Mary Magdalene

Hello beloved sister of the rose, I am honored to be with you on this journey! Thank you for answering the call of the mysteries of the rose. You have lived these mysteries in ancient lifetimes of your being.  Now, we come together to open you more deeply to the rose mysteries, secrets taught in the mystery schools of long ago in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Babylon, Avalon, and more. As we come together in sacred sisterhood, I with Mother Mary and Isis, will open the holy grail mysteries of the womb, heart, and brow within you. The holy grail represents the living waters of your Source being (the emanation of God/Goddess) that is your true essence. Through the unveiling of the mysteries of the grail, we will move you through the stages of the feminine maiden, mother, and crone so you may embody these aspects fully and deepen into the sacred love, nourishment, and wisdom that Mother Sophia holds for you. If you are willing to meet the deepest parts of you in the shadows and allow them to merge with the living and healing waters of your holy womb grail, you will emerge as the higher and deeper essence of your true Self, the Source of you, the Divine Priestess and Goddess within you. I look forward to being with you in Costa Rica in April of 2024!

From my Heart to your Heart, Eternal Love, Amor Aeternus ~ Maria Magdalena 


Dianela Castellanos, Manager, People Projects & Strategy  

“The Sisters of The Rose retreat in Sedona was a wonderful reset point and nourishing experience. Anümani and Pamela created a safe container where everyone felt deeply seen, heard, loved, and accepted. We formed a loving community where everyone brought forward their beauty, gifts, wisdom, and pain. We laughed, cried, and played together, and left feeling lighter, hopeful, and grateful for the strong bond of sisterhood that had formed. If you have been considering attending one of these retreats, I encourage you to listen to your Soul’s calling and come if you are getting the nudge. I am so grateful I listened to the nudge!”


Dawn Cormier, Naturopathic Doctor

“The Sisters of the Rose retreat in Sedona was magnificent and Holy. Pamela and Anümani created such a sacred, safe, and beautiful transformative space for the Sisters that was Divine on all levels. I have never felt so welcome, held, seen, and heard before on a women’s retreat. We laughed, cried, transformed, and healed. Everyone who attended was called deeply in their souls and the alchemy that organically developed within the group was sacred. Our adventures in and around Sedona were full of fun and the friendships that formed from our time together bonds us forever in the Magdalene Rose Sisters circle of Love and Compassion. Sisters forever, bringing in the Light.”

Teresa Gomez

"This retreat was a very special experience for me. I felt so much love and compassion from all those who attended. I was able to share my pain and emotions that I had carried for so many years and not once did I feel judged. I felt safe. My intention for going to this retreat in Sedona was to leave behind all the parts of me that had felt unvalued, unheard, and unloved. Being in this magical place, I felt the peace and powerful energy that Sedona offers. This was an experience I will always remember. Pamela and Anümani helped me heal all the emotions and wounds that were not letting me express the real me that God created me to be. Now that I am back home, I am a completely different woman, empowered, and so grateful to all the sisters who helped me return home more whole. I remember and feel the love and energy that radiated from all the Magdelene rose sisters. That love helped me reconnect with my divinity. I am deeply grateful for having found Anümani, a beautiful shaman and healer holding so much purity and love, and Pamela, singing through her angelic voice, poetic heart, and dance of love. I am also deeply grateful to the universe for having brought me to this retreat that was so full of light and love!! I am ready for the next retreat!!"


Colleen Holthe

"I have been to many spiritual retreats before, but none have impacted me the way this one did. Since 2012, I have been across the planet going to retreats, at least 60 of them, trying to get help and healing. So many of those other retreats were not helpful and added more trauma to my journey and I started to lose faith in trusting the healing community. But, when I heard Pamela’s voice on the Todd Medina show, I felt her loving energy and immediately trusted her, and that doesn’t happen very often for me. So, I said ‘yes’ to going to the retreat in Sedona. For the first time in a long time, as I entered the sacred space that Pamela and Anümani created, I felt so held in LOVE with no judgement from anyone. They both held such an amazing, loving energy for all the rose sisters. And I felt this from the entire group of women that attended. This retreat was so transformational for me, so much so, I can’t find the words to express how deeply impactful it has changed me and my life. I came home an energetically different person than before I went to the retreat. This experience also opened in me the ability to trust the feminine again and trust in the love of other women and the belief that we all do have a soul family. I found mine in Sedona with my rose sisters! I am ready for the next one!”  

Kathy Keegan, Career Coach

"Thank you Anümani and Pamela for creating such a beautiful gathering in Sedona! I continue to be nourished by the experience. You created a space that was both welcoming and safe —something I rarely get to experience. I got to be myself and that allowed for healing, insights, aha's and humor. The energy in the room was uplifting and supportive even when something deeply painful was being shared, proving that we can create conditions where love IS the alchemy. Very grateful to you both for your gifts. Now, when is the next retreat?!"

Dawn Mahan, CEO & Speaker

"With Pamela and Anümani, 1 + 1 = 11. What an amazing retreat experience they created! We may have shown up as strangers, but we left as sisters. I am grateful."

What’s included

  • Group Van Transportation
    Group van transportation from the LIBERIA airport (LIR) on April 20 and from Mystica to LIR on April 27 (maximum 2 transports per arrival and departure date).
  • Mystica Accommodations
    8 days/7 nights accommodation at Mystica Lodge & Retreats from April 20-27, 2024, with full access to dipping pool/waterfall, labyrinth and main lodge.
  • Meals
    All delicious and deeply nourishing meals starting with Dinner on April 20 and finishing with Breakfast on April 27, 2024.
  • Rose Sister Sessions
    All sound alchemy, rose sister circles, and sacred practices, led by Pamela and Elohi (a.k.a. Anumani).
  • Two Yoga Classes
    As a group, we will participate in two yoga classes with yoga teacher, Lori Myles-Carullo.
  • Don Olivo Organic Farm
    Explore a unique organic family farm on a guided tour through the origin and production of some of Costa Rica's staple fruits, chocolates, and coffees.
  • Eco Termales Hot Springs
    Experience the healing and soothing hot springs at the base of the Arenal Volcano.

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    Flights to and from Liberia Airport (LIR) in Costa Rica are not included.
  • Wellness Therapies
    Massage + Reiki Sessions in Mystica's Treehouse, and infrared sauna are not included.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    Beer + wine for sale at Mystica on certain evenings of the retreat are not included.

Available Packages


SPECIAL OFFER: If you pay the total amount upfront, you will get single accommodation in the Main Lodge.

The main lodge at Mystica has 6 rooms, each with their own private bathroom. Enjoy a shared accommodation in Mystica's beautiful main lodge. Each room is named after a local animal, is beautifully decorated combining warm atmosphere with comfort and cleanliness.  Because of the constant breeze and fresh typical climate of the area, air conditioning is not necessary – however we have supplied each room with a ceiling fan for added air circulation. The rooms also have  screened windows for greater comfort. Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Five Available Double Rooms as listed below:

Sapo (1 queen bed + 1 twin bed)   

Armadillo (1 queen bed + 1 twin bed)   

Mariposa (1 queen bed + 1 twin bed)   

Mono (1 queen bed + 1 bunk bed)   

Tucan (1 queen bed + 1 twin bed)    

Deposit: $500

Enjoy your very own room (Colibri) in Mystica's beautiful Main Lodge.  This accommodation includes a Queen bed, a private bathroom, a mini-fridge, and a safe.

Deposit: $500

Corazon is a beautiful, private jungle cabin tucked away in the forest overlooking the river. This spacious and fully screened cabin hosts a king bed (option of two single beds), a covered terrace, and a private bathroom with a special semi-outdoor waterfall shower. Two of CORAZON’s walls are completely made of glass, giving you an amazing view of the river, playful monkeys, and local birds such as tucans, parrots, and many more. The unique sensation in this cabin is one of both privacy and openness.

Deposit: $500

Hamsa is a beautiful, private jungle cabin tucked away in the forest overlooking the river. This cabin hosts a king bed or can have two single beds. It includes a covered terrace, and a private bathroom with a special semi-outdoor waterfall shower. Two of HAMSA’s walls are completely made of glass, giving you an amazing view of the river, playful monkeys, and local birds such as tucans, parrots, and many more. The unique sensation in this cabin is one of both privacy and openness.

Deposit: $500

The Pericos private villa is a few steps away from the lodge. It has one queen bed and is fully furnished. This charming villa comes equipped with a full kitchen (stove, sink, fridge, coffee-maker, and all cookware), a tiled bathroom with a large shower, an outdoor shower, a fireplace, and a private terrace with a hammock and dinner table.

Deposit: $500

The guest bedroom will be available for retreat participants. The Master bedroom will be shared by retreat leaders (Pamela & Anümani). At the highest point of the property, lies a brand new 2-bedroom/2-bathroom home, also with a spectacular view of the Arenal Lake and Volcano.  A beautiful open-concept kitchen combines with a spacious living room with a cozy fireplace. Two large terraces encircle the home, complete with hammocks for relaxation as well as a hot tub and outdoor shower.

Deposit: $500


Sat, April 20-Day 1
Opening Circle

Welcome to Paradise! Plan to arrive by mid-afternoon. Enjoy local fruit, fresh drink, and homemade muffins for a snack

5:00 pm Opening Magdalene Rose Circle - Introductions and *opening of the heart* circle at the La Esencia Yoga Shala

6:30 pm Dinner at Mystica's magical restaurant

Good night, rest well!

Your Organizer

Magdalene Rose Sisters Retreats
Elohi Magdalena Rosa, intuitive healer, transchannel, and voice alchemist is a bridge to the Soul and vessel for many ascended beings that channel healing sounds, light language, and activations that work on the cellular level to bring forth healing, awakening, and evolution. Pamela Jane Gerrand is an artist and healer who blends the shamanic and bardic as a singer/songwriter, poet, and sound alchemist. Weaving her heart opening songs, tone poems, and sacred sounding, Pamela is devoted to uplifting humanity and raising consciousness.