Magic of Alaska: Tamron Tour

Sterling, AK, USA

Langell Photography, LLC
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Aug 27 - Sep 1, 2023
Group size: 1 - 6
Magic of Alaska: Tamron Tour
Sterling, AK, USA

Langell Photography, LLC
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Aug 27 - Sep 1, 2023
Group size: 1 - 6

About this trip


Get ready to check Alaska off your Top 10 list!  THIS is the tour for you.

Year after year, participants have said it themselves - "This is just SO magical!" and thus it inspired the name for this tour.  

Tamron USA, Inc. and Langell Photography, LLC have teamed up to bring you something uniquely magical and memorable!

Prepare to have a truly magical, private, small-group experience!  You will explore the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska with us as your Tamron Instructors along with Tamron Ambassador, Lisa Langell, take you to spectacular locations each day.  This unique region is often called "Alaska in Miniature" because virtually every Alaskan wildlife habitat type except Arctic tundra is represented here.  This tour will provide any nature-loving individual with an experience of a lifetime!  The crowd-free atmosphere gives you the peace, flexibility, mental and physical space to  photograph Alaska from your own unique point of view. In addition, your caring leader(s) are also experienced and skilled photographers who can help provide advice, instruction and guidance that enables you to capture incredible images of Alaska through your (Tamron) lens! This truly is a world-class experience.

Our beautiful and private lodge sits along the world-famous Kenai River and offers ample photography opportunities throughout the property--including wildlife, wildflowers, riverscapes and more.  Each day, you will be treated to incredibly delicious meals crafted by our private chef that feature a variety of fresh and local ingredients.  These dishes are highly rated by our guests and we have been told they are worth the trip itself!  Interested in catching one of the millions of salmon that pass by your front door?  We will even teach you how to fish right from our dock!   This incredibly unique experience sets the Magic of Alaska tour far apart from the competition and it is truly unlike any other photography tour offered in Alaska.

  • We typically see 50-90 species of wildlife - including moose, bear, eagles, puffins, whales and more
  • Only 6 participants on each wonderfully private, one-of-a-kind, first class adventure
  • Journey by boat, plane, SUV, and if you choose - even a dogsled - to capture dramatic images
  • You are never without support!  Lisa Langell will be there with one of her personally trained photography guides.  You will be joined by either guide (and sometimes both) on each daily excursion and at the lodge throughout the tour.  Both will offer tailored photographic guidance and support.  This is in addition to the boat captains, bear guides and other experts that will be supporting your experience
  • This incredible experience is designed to be original and unlike any other photography tour offered in Alaska

Physical Fitness & Photography Skill

Suggested Physical Fitness level: Level 3 – Moderate 
Appropriate for those who are in good health.  Involves half to full day activities that may include light to moderate intensity walking or light hiking on mild terrain for periods of 5-30 minutes), or standing for 1+ hour at a time on location.  Elevations range from 0-3,000 feet.  May involve off-road travel in SUVs,  multi-terrain vehicles, small planes or boats, any of which can make riding a bit bumpy. Must also be able to get in and out of small boats with assistance and board/deplane bush planes with assistance.  May also involve varying weather conditions from about 40°F (4°C) to 90°F (32°C) with sun, rain, sleet or wind. Modern restroom facilities and/or vault toilets available in most cases.

Elevation:  0 to 3000 feet, with most excursions below 500' elevation.

Photography Skill Level:  All levels.  Hands-on instruction provided by 2 instructors as-needed to help solidify certain photography skills, tailored to you.  Knowledge of manual settings and your camera body is strongly recommended. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancelation Policy


The following is an excerpt from the full terms and conditions provided at the time of registration.

Langell Photography understands that unexpected situations arise that result in your inability to join us on this event.  We will definitely miss you and realize this is a difficult decision for you. 

If you do not have travel insurance, which is very strongly recommended, here is what to expect:

Your initial deposit is non-refundable.  No exceptions or credits provided. Payments due are scheduled approximately as follows, based on the start date of your event.  Once paid, they become non-refundable:

Deposit:  Due at registration

1st Installment: 10 months from start date

2nd Installment: 7 months from start date

3rd Installment: 5 months from start date

Final installment: 3 months from start date

If you need to cancel your reservation, all payments you have made up until the date of cancelation are non-refundable. Payments not made on-time will have a 5-day grace period for you to complete payment.  If your payment is not completed by that time, your seat may be cancelled and no refund issued.  For your convenience, we offer auto-billing to your credit card so that you never miss a payment.

If you choose to pay for the entire event up front in one lump sum, should you need to cancel, your refund will be pro-rated according to the due dates for each installment, compared to your cancelation date.    (For example, if you canceled after the 3rd installment was due—but prior to the final installment due date, the amount equal to the portion calculated for the final installment will be refunded to you.)

No refunds, credit, certificates, etc. will be issued for cancelations as a large percentage of your payments are directed toward non-refundable fees we pay to secure your excursions, lodging, meals, transportation, staffing and more.

Langell Photography, LLC reserves the right to resell, gift or otherwise utilize your canceled reservation for any purpose at the discretion of Langell Photography, LLC without further obligation or consideration to you.

Substitutions/transfers:  If you wish to substitute another individual in your place, we will gladly transfer your reservation to another individual providing you notify us in writing via email and include their name, address, phone number and email address. Langell Photography, LLC. will credit the new buyer as follows:   

The individual to be transferred/substituted in your seat must be approved by Langell Photography, must be over 18 years of age, confirm he/she is mentally and physically able to participate, agree to all terms, and pay Langell Photography in full for any amounts remaining by the due dates provided in your reservation.

What’s included

  • Meals
    Prepared by our private chef, our delicious meals are included for the duration of your tour. Snacks, tea, coffee and water are also provided daily.
  • Ground transportation
    All ground transportation to and from Kenai (ENA) airport and throughout the tour is provided.
  • Lodging
    Lodging (shared living areas, private bedrooms, 2-guests per shared bath).
  • Excursions
    All bush flights, boat tours and guided excursions listed in the tour
  • Gratuities
    All staff and guides are fairly compensated and a standard tip for each daily excursion is included. Additional tips are always appreciated.
  • Airfare
    Airfare or ground transportation to/from your city of origin and Kenai, AK


Day 1: Morning

We will meet you at the Kenai Airport (ENA) and take you directly to the lodge about 30 minutes away.  Once you arrive at the lodge, settle in, capture images of wildlife and nature along the Kenai River, and get acquainted with your fellow travelers.  

We'll also share a hearty lunch prepared by our private chef!  

Your Organizer

Langell Photography, LLC
A nature photographer and birder from the age of eight, Lisa is the founder of Langell Photography, Inc. and more recently, Focus Your Art, LLC. ( She began her own business in 2010 after long vibrant careers as a floral designer, educational psychologist, consultant and in helping launch and manage two startups that grew into leading companies in the Ed-Tech space. Since then, she has earned numerous awards and has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick and more.