Magick of Bealtiane (Beltane) in Ireland with Patti Negri

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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May 5 - 13, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25
Magick of Bealtiane (Beltane) in Ireland with Patti Negri

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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3 reviews

May 5 - 13, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

We had a very successful trip with Patti Negri as our ambassador on the Game of Thrones tour which happened May 2022. So we decided to create another tour for May of 2023. 

Patti Negri is a good witch from Hollywood and you will see in the itinerary that we will have workshops and spirit circles conducted by Patti. We are going to have three workshops:

Here is information about the workshops and Patti's words.

Old World Magick for the Modern World! 

Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Balance, Empower and Create a Life you Love!

Living a joyful, productive and conscious life 24 hours a day! 

In this lively presentation based on my Internationally best-selling book, I will talk about fun and easy ways to add magic to every moment of your life.  Simple, fun and free techniques you can add to every aspect of your day to create and manifest the life you want!  Everything from how to deal with difficult relationships, your own personal blocks, fears and limitations, to how to develop your own psychic ability and intuition and to tune into your own guides and deities.   

Practical Magick

Spell Crafting & Basic Elemental Magick 

I believe that magic is all around us.  I do not believe that you have to be a witch or a psychic to do spell work and create real change in your life.  In this presentation I will give you easy, proven techniques that anyone can do to bring positive change to their life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to your morning shower – you can bring powerful magick into every aspect of your day.  

In this presentation, I will go over the basics of spell casting, give you the tools and information to create your own spells, I will show you how the real power that makes a spell work dwells within you and the energy around you. This in no way clashes with spiritual or religious beliefs because my elemental spell work and magick works with nature’s own energy and acknowledges a supreme force of goodness and light.  

Séance (Or call it spirit circle if you prefer)

Join Patti in a safe and sweet seance to connect with your loved ones on the other side. As we journey through the veil together, everyone will have a chance to invite in and communicate with their deceased loved ones. It's a full experience of insight, magic and communicating with the other side. If you have seen me do seances on Ghost Adventures or other TV shows and are worried about dark spirits – I promise, this will be nothing like that.  Good and light spirits will be the only one permitted!  

Patti has been communicating with spirits since she could talk. She did her first séance when she was just seven or eight years old.  She sat cross legged on the floor and I started asking the spirits to enter the room.  She created her first chant – and low and behold – the room filled with orbs of bright light.  They started in the corner and quickly began filling the room.  It was amazing.  Her journey had begun.  Since then, she has studied religion, metaphysics, science, occult sciences and cosmologies and belief systems of all kinds and combined the truths within to create surefire and safe techniques to raise the veil between the worlds.

Daily Magick Moment on bus

Entertaining but very informative and educational and fun fun fun. Patti will  bring some cording and show people how to make a witches latter spell working and do little spells on the bus. It will be positive and powerful.

Where will we go.

We will visit Powerscourt House and Gardens, Glendalough, Belvedere House and Gardens with its jealous wall, Birr Castle and Athlone Castle. We will do an investigation in Leap castle which is regarded as one of the most haunted castles in Europe. We will take a boat trip around the Cliffs of Moher plus a guided walk too.  We will take a day trip to the Aran Islands. We will visit Galway city, the Craft village in the Irish speaking part of Galway. We will also visit Hells fire club just outside Dublin and the very haunted Wicklow Jail. 

But the highlight with be the "Festival of Fire" which celebrates Bealtaine on the Hill of Uisneach which is the centre of Ireland. 


We will stay in these hotels or similar:

Carnegie Court Hotel (Swords Co Dublin)TBC

Bloomfield House Hotel (Mullingar)

Flannery's Hotel (Galway) 


Marion Lynott is an award-winning photographer who will capture your trip. She will cover the full trip for $300. You will receive 100 professional photo's. You can create a beautiful album of your vacation that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Installment Plans and Travel Insurance

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What’s included

  • Airport Transport
    We will meet you at the airport and bring you back to catch your flight home
  • Meals
    8 breakfasts
  • Accommodation
    3 and 4 star hotels
  • Transport
    Luxury coach
  • Driver
    Our Driver is an expert and knows the highways and byways of Ireland.
  • Guide
    You will have an expert Secret Ireland Tours guide.
  • Attractions
    All venue's on the itinerary.
  • Boat fees
    Boat trip around the Cliffs of Moher and the journey by boat to the Aran Islands
  • Workshops
    Three workshops and spirit circle included
  • Snacks
    soft drinks and snacks on the bus.
  • Flights
    We do not deal with flights but ask you to book your flight to come in before 9am on the morning of the tour and leave after 12 noon the last day of the tour.
  • Meals
    Lunch and evening meal
  • Travel Insurance
    We work with two travel insurance companies. Please go to our website and click on the icons for info.
  • Tips
    We appreciate any tips you would like to give the Drive and Guide.

Available Packages

Double occupancy
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Deposit: $300
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Day 1
Powerscourt House and Garden/Glendalough

The Gardens stretch over 47 acres and offer visitors a sublime blend of formal gardens, sweeping terraces, statues and ornamental lakes, secret hollows and rambling walks.
Managed by Head Gardener, Alex Slazenger and a team of four gardeners, Powerscourt Gardens were designed from 1731 onwards, with the desire to create a garden which was part of the wider surrounding landscape. Powerscourt Gardens include The Walled Gardens, The Italian Garden, The Dolphin Pond, The Japanese Gardens, Pets Cemetery and Pepperpot Tower, among other features and attractions.

Glendalough, an extensive monastic complex, is located in a glacial valley consisting of two lakes (the Upper and Lower Lakes) which explains the Irish place name Gleann dá Locha ‘the valley of the two lakes’. This is an archaeologically and architecturally rich landscape that is matched by a wealth of historical documents. Evidence for human activity in the valley possibly goes as far back as the Neolithic Period. Recent excavations have uncovered industrial activity that may be contemporary with St Kevin’s reputed foundation of a ‘monastery’ around 600AD. Glendalough is one of the most important medieval ecclesiastical landscapes in Ireland and since the nineteenth century one of Ireland’s premier tourist attractions.

Subject to slight change depending on availability, weather, etc.

Who’s Going

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Secret Ireland Tours LLC
3 reviews
We are a 100% Irish owned tour company that specialize in tours to Ireland. We offer authentic, affordable, unique itineraries to our clients. We have tours for groups up to 12 and up to 24. You will find tours for different parts of the country, different prices, different times of the year. We bring you to some amazing places. We also offer packages for the traveler who do not want to join a tour. If you want to put your own tour itinerary together but you need help, we offer consultation services also.


Mai is the consummate professional guide about everything Ireland! She is proud of her homeland and lovingly introduces her guests to 'her' Ireland! She listens to her tour group to provide them with out of the way and sometimes "unplanned" visits to special places. Her flexibility and patience makes for a relaxing, fun trip. She has makes everyone feel welcome and you always leave her tours with new friends! My favorite place on this tour was the small boat trip in the North Atlantic to view the cliffs. It was the best thing I've ever experienced . . . the water, the view, the salt air, and the boat Captain (Paddy)! Also the experience of having Patti Negri with us was more than I expected. She freely shared her insights and feelings about the places we visited. Patti and Mai together are Magical!!! Can't wait to go on tour with them both again!
By Suzie K for Game of Thrones to Ireland with Patti Negri on 30 Jun, 2022
We enjoyed that our trip was customized for our group’s shared interest (Irish dance). We also really liked the non-touristy feel of the trip. Thanks for a great visit, Mai!
By Melissa T for The Shamrocker's Dance Troupe tour to Ireland (private) on 23 Jun, 2022
Thank you Melissa for your kind words.
By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on 29 Jun, 2022
My self & my husband Richard went on the our first trip around Ireland with Mai hernon . I don’t know where to start as we had such an amazing adventure & we met such wonderful new friends. Mai went above & beyond to make sure we had a wonderful time & experience while we traveled around all the different magical places. Our stay in our hotels was absolutely fantastic with amazing food to eat. We have enjoyed our holiday with secret Ireland tours that we have already started planning our next adventure with them. We can’t wait to experience more magical places with the secret Ireland tours!! But please don’t take our words for granted we would ask for you to book and have an amazing magical time with secret Ireland tours. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Thank you mai hernon for our fabulous holiday. From Donna & Richard Wilkie 😁☘️💚
By Donna W for Game of Thrones to Ireland with Patti Negri on 23 May, 2022
Donna it was a pleasure to have you and Richard with us on this tour. We had so much fun with you both. I hope you will come with us again next year.
By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on 24 May, 2022