Manaslu Circuit Trek

Himalaya Discovery
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Duration: 12 days
Group size: 1 - 10
Manaslu Circuit Trek

Himalaya Discovery
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Duration: 12 days
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most adventurous trips in Nepal. This is a less-crowded trek with boundless adventures. Our 12-day Manaslu Circuit Trek will make you experience remote villages and the natural beauty of Nepal.

You will witness rich forests, rivers, and waterfalls beside the mountain panorama. You will also get to visit the preserved areas of the trip that are rare including plants and locations.

In the midwest Himalaya region, you will see the tribal village people belonging in the division of Gurung, Magar, and Bhotias. They have a different way of embracing their own authentic cultures. Their friendly behavior is bound to make you feel welcomed and homely.

Also, there are 33 species of mammals, 110 species of birds and 211 types of butterflies. With 11 types of forest on the way, there are 2000 species of flowering plants. If you are lucky, you will see most of the species.

When it comes to scenic beauty, the 8th highest mountain of the world, Mt. Manaslu, also known as Kutang (8163 m) is captivating.

Tea Houses at Dharamshala is a great place you will stop by for varieties of teas. There are plenty of teahouses there at Dharamshala and also lots of places you can stop for foods.

They are close to Larke Phedi & Samdo village. Along with this, you can also discover the Tsum Valley. It is also considered as the hidden valley. The people there follow the traditional ways and methods of living.

The locals follow Buddhism. Many prayer wheels, monasteries and mani walls add to the ambiance of the place. The people there are friendly and welcoming. The lifestyle there is pretty simple.

You will pass through the off beaten trail and isolated villages. This will give you the feeling of a different world which is as beautiful as you expect it to be.

Optionally: you can trek further Annapurna Circuit route to Jomsom at Kali Gandaki Valley crossing over the Thorong La pass (5416m.), which is another popular and adventure trek in the Annapurna region and concludes the trek by flying/driving down to Pokhara/Kathmandu.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek
Detailed Itinerary

Day1: Arrive at Kathmandu

Max Elevation: 1400 m, Kathmandu

On the first day, you’ll arrive in Kathmandu from Tribhuvan International Airport. We will pick you up and take you to your hotel.

This day you will spend your entire day in Kathmandu. You can wander around the city to get familiar with the surrounding. There are varieties of religious and fun places where you can hang out and enjoy the time.

In the evening, you will have dinner and spend the night at the hotel.

Day 2: Free / Permits preparation and gear check

Max Elevation: 1400 m, Kathmandu

Today in the morning, our team will meet you to review the equipment you have brought and take you to the gear rental shop. Before you head off to the Himalayas, we will make sure that you have quality climbing boots that fit well.

Today, there will also be a trip briefing on last-minute specifics about your trek and an early lights-out: you have a big day ahead.

You may wish to visit Durbar Square in the heart of the old city where the old Royal Palace, with its intricate woodcarving is located. The whole area is a maze of temples and images.

Leading away from the square in all directions are narrow alleys, full of the most amazing variety of shops and stalls. Some of these landmarks are considered World Heritage Sites including the historic Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the famous ‘Monkey Temple’ Swayambhunath and Buddhists shrine Buddhanath which is one of the largest Stupas in the world.

Day 3: Drive to Soti Khola

Max Elevation: 710 m, Soti Khola
Trek Duration:7 – 8 hours

You will have breakfast and leave for Soti Khola. We will drive you there, it will take around 7 to 8 hours to reach Soti Khola.

The view from the bus is a lot more exciting and captivating as you expect the countryside to be. The winding roads and the settlement that blends very well with nature amazes you.

You will enjoy your ride. The travel duration is perfect to admire the beauty of the view seen from the bus. You will go through Dhading Besi road to reach there from Arughat Bazaar.

You can take beautiful pictures here with ease. The views are beautiful because of the mountains and river gorges.

After reaching to Soti Khola you will have your evening meals and rest the night in a teahouse there.

Day 4: Trek to Macha Khola

Max Elevation: 930 m, Machha Khola
Trek Duration:7 hours

On the third day, the trekking begins. You will trek towards Machha Khola.

You will have a filling breakfast in the morning and then leave for Machha Khola.

On the way, you will see the rivers and the water resources that Nepal is rich in. You will find the rivers beautiful as you will trek from a certain height around the hills. You will also see mountain views.

You will pass from one hill to the other through suspension bridges. You will pass through the trails along Budhi Gandaki River to reach Macha Khola.

You will have dinner and then you will rest for the night at a tea house here.

Day 5: Trek to Jagat

Max Elevation: 1410 m, Jagat
Trek Duration:5 – 6 hours

You will trek to Jagat today which is in Lamjung District. The path towards Jagat is also filled with suspension bridges. The tracks are along the hillsides.

Jagat is another village area on the way. You will see local people carrying their loads in a Doko (jute basket) on their back. They carry their foods and other necessities on their back. The normal transport facilities are not convenient in this place. You will rest for the night here.

Day 6: Trek to Deng

Max Elevation: 1804 m, Deng
Trek Duration:6 – 7 hours

Deng is a more rural place than the others you have trekked to until this trek. You will pass through Philim to reach Deng. It takes about 3 hours to reach Philim. This trek consists of climbing up and down the hill many times.

The roads are rocky but you will reach a plain trail as you cross Philim. You will see millet and corn crops on the way. You will pass through bridges and small wooden bridges which are fun to walk in.

The village has people belonging to the Magar and Gurung community. The Gurungs had migrated from Tibet back in the 6th Century.

You will find a different peace there with the prayer flags and small Buddhist shrines.

You will stay here, have dinner and leave tomorrow morning.

Day 7: Trek to Namrung

Max Elevation: 2630 m, Namrung
Trek Duration:6 – 7 hours

Trek to Namrung is the transition of the village to the mountain areas.

You will get closer to your destination as you reach to Namrung. You can feel it since you will be able to see the heads of the mountains from here. The distance is 19.5 kilometers.

You need to get rest along the way as you will get tired. Take more time to enjoy the views and the real fun of the trek. You will pass through Rabagaon, Bihi and Prok village to reach Namrung.

Namrung is actually situated next to the Budhi Gandaki river. So, you will walk beside the river to reach Nemrung. On the way, you will see small villages and the houses made from stones.

After reaching to Namrung, you will have your dinner and rest there.

Day 8: Trek to Samagaon

Max Elevation: 3530 m, Samagaon
Trek Duration:6 – 7 hours

Samagaon is also known as the gateway to Manaslu. Samagaon is 1400 meters below the base camp of Manaslu.

After breakfast in the morning, you will head to Samagaon. There are a number of teahouses there for relaxing teas. The small place to stay will give you magnificent views of the mountains including Manaslu. The monks there might welcome you for blessings.

You will also witness Rhododendron woods if you go a bit below Samagaon. The roads might be a bit muddy on the way to Samagaon but the views will make you forget all the hassle. Here, you will stay for the night.

Day 9: Trek to Samdo

Max Elevation: 3860 m, Samdo
Trek Duration:4 hours

The northern side of the Samdo is the Nepal – Tibet border. It is also the path to discover the view of the 8th highest mountain in the world. The distance between Samagaon and Samdo is 16.4 kilometers.

You will also witness different snow-capped mountains there.

The local lifestyle here is completely different the way they follow Buddhism. On the way, you will pass Lela Kharka and Khermo Kharka. There are also nearby Tibetan villages.

You will spend the night here and will go to Dharamsala in the next morning.

Day 10: Trek to Dharamshala

Max Elevation: 4460 m, Dharmashala
Trek Duration:3 – 4 hours

The ninth day you will go to Dharamsala from Samdo after breakfast. Dharamsala is famous for tea houses. It is also the last spot you will rest before reaching the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

You will find a wide range of teahouses which you can enjoy during the trek. Snow-capped mountains and the scenic beauty will surround you. This place is perfect to stay overnight to rest and enjoy the tea.

Moreover, you will pass through Larke Bazaar. Larke Bazaar is a seasonal Tibetan Market in Dharamsala. You will see many glaciers and mani walls on the way as well.

You will stay here for a night.

Day 11: Trek to Bimthang via Larke Pass

Max Elevation: Bimthang3700 m / Larke La Pass-5160 m
Trek Duration:3 – 4 hours

This is the main destination in this trek. You will trek to Bimthang via the trails of Larke Pass. This is the most challenging part of the trek you will face. Make sure to take frequent rest and not put pressure on yourself.

Even though this part is the most challenging, it is worth it.

The reason why this is also the best part is that you will see views of Mt. Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Annapurna II, and Kangguru Himal. Moreover, you will explore the isolated and preserved areas of Manaslu.

You will be staying there overnight.

Day 12: Trek to Dharapani

Max Elevation: 1860 m, Dharapani
Trek Duration:6 – 7 hours

After a good amount of breakfast served there, you will head to Dharapani. You will pass your way through Marshyangdi Canyon to reach to Dharapani. It is also the trekking routes around Annapurna and Manaslu connect. You will see the beautiful Marshyangdi river as well.

An hour later, you will come across the paths with the horses carrying supplies to the village. It is also the path right above the landslide area. This hike will also with waterfalls and other natural beauty.

After descending down to Dharapani, you will have dinner and stay here.

Day 13: Drive to Kathmandu

Max Elevation: 1400 m

Time Duration: 9 hours

The final day you will arrive in Kathmandu through a bus which will take around 9 hours from Dharapani. We will pick you up from Dharapani and drop you to your hotel in Kathmandu.

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