Mandalas from East & West

Flores del Camino

Flores del Camino
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Jul 24 - 31, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12
Mandalas from East & West
Flores del Camino

Flores del Camino
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Jul 24 - 31, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

Art & Culture Retreat in the heart of Northwestern Spain along the Camino de Santiago

Experience geometry as a universal language and a meditative and contemplative practice. Throughout the week you will explore geometry in sacred art, mandalas and biomorphic designs from along the Camino and relate it to other traditions from Eastern Asia. Practical art classes will be complemented with visits to local architectural treasures, such as 5,000 year old petroglyphs at sunrise, Roman mosaics, a 10th c. pre-Romanesque monastery and the 13th c. Gothic Cathedral of León. You will collect gorgeous Camino earths, learn how to prepare and paint your mandalas with natural pigments.

This  will  also  be  your  opportunity  to  spend  some  quiet  time  in  nature  on  the  Camino  de  Santiago.  Go  for walks.  Enjoy  home - cooked  healthy meals  under  the  pergola.  Share  with  others  and  enjoy  the  quiet  of  the  starlit  Milky  Way.

A collaboration between Stephanie Ellis & Flores del Camino (Bertrand Gamrowski, Basia Goodwin)

About your tutors

Basia  Goodwin (MA) studied  at  the  Prince's  Foundation  School  of  Traditional  Arts.  Bertrand  Gamrowski  (PhD)  has  an  educational  background  in  mathematics.  We  specialise  in  the  use  of  geometry  in  traditional  art  and  philosophy,  especially  the  art  and  architecture  of  the  Camino  and  Northwestern  Spain. Flores  del  Camino  is  our  home  and  it  is  a  work  of  love. Throughout  the  year  we  receive  pilgrims  on  their  way  to  Santiago,  run  retreats and  when  time  permits  make  our  art.  It  is  our  great  honour to live,  work  and  serve  on  this  beautiful  road.

Stephanie June Ellis  is  a  professional  artist,  qualified  Colour  Therapist  specialising  in  sacred  geometry  and  biomorphic  art  which  span  culturally  worldwide  throughout  traditional  crafts  and  architecture.  She  passionately  engages  with  local  and  global  communities  offering  wellbeing  through  the  creative  process  with  a  focus  on  geometry.  Primarily  working  with  pen  and  ink  her  creative  practice  aims  to  transcend  viewers  beyond  the  physical  world  and  encourage  a  wider  vision  of  awareness  through  universal  patterns.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    All accommodation consists of individual or double ensuite bedrooms.
  • Food
    Nourishing and healthy meals prepared onsite and served with love in either the dining area or in the courtyard under the pergola. Wine is offered at dinner.
  • Dietary requirements
    We cater for the following dietary requirements: vegetarian, gluten-free, carb-free, dairy-free.
  • Workshops
    All equipment & material provided.
  • Outings
    Site entries & transport fares for cultural activities.
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Airport Transfers

Available Packages

Single room - Early bird
10 left
Deposit: €300
Twin room - Early bird
10 left
Deposit: €300
Single room
10 left
Deposit: €300
Twin room
10 left
Deposit: €300

Available options

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Mandalas from East & West

Saturday 24th.     Welcome 

15h-19h Check-in


Induction tour & Welcome dinner

Bringing the group together

Day 1 ~ Sunday 25th.     Unity


The circle and the Journey of the Soul (pilgrimage) 

One and Six: the Flower of Life (geometry) 

Introduction to Mandalas

+ Fiesta de la Magdalena (traditional village procession and dances)

Evening Intention fire (intention for the week)

Day 2 ~ Monday 26th.     Duality

Morning: Dual patterns 

Visigothic vs Bali Designs 

Afternoon: Colour: Introduction to pigments & colour therapy

Day 3 ~ Tuesday 27th.     Trinity

A full day exploring the perfect number .

Trinity symbolism in world religious traditions.

Theory + practical 

Day 4 ~ Wednesday 28th.     Day Out * Culture visit

Visit of León Cathedral, the Mozarabic church of San Miguel de Escalada,

and Roman mosaics of La Olmeda.

Day 5 ~ Thursday 29th.      The Circle & the Square  

Explore quatrefoils through the Lotus flower, Persian shamsa  and Pamplona Cloister  arched windows.

Day 6 ~ Friday 30th.      Spirals

Early morning visit of Peñafadiel petroglyphs

Exploring Labyrinths. Building a labyrinth 

Afternoon Workshop ~ using spirals for Biomorphic designs

Evening Intention fire (letting go)

The last supper.

Saturday 31st.

Departure after breakfast and before noon

Your Organizer

Flores del Camino
A beautiful retreat centre situated along the Camino de Santiago in the heart of Northwestern Spain. Throughout the year we collaborate with retreat facilitators, craftsmen and writers weaving together complementary and inspiring offerings.