The Soul and Science of Mindfulness & Manifesting

      Santa Fe, NM, USA

      Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee
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      20 reviews
      Feb 8 - 11, 2024
      Group size: 6 - 9
      The Soul and Science of Mindfulness & Manifesting
      Santa Fe, NM, USA

      Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee
      • Email address verified
      20 reviews

      Feb 8 - 11, 2024
      Group size: 6 - 9

      About this trip

      The Soul and Science of Mindfulness and Manifesting".  It's time to manifest all that you desire. As you move into the new year release past patterns and create the path to your passions. The power to manifest the body, mind, relationships and abundance that you desire is not only possible but probable. Manifesting is both an art and a science. Mindfulness medicine combined with practicing principles of manifesting creates a powerful energy of attraction. Learn to release the negative energy and patterns that block, and learn how to create a space of open receptivity to attract. Let's create a powerful, personal and practical plan for you to bring into your life the fitness, emotional balance, joy, peace, relationships and inner wisdom that supports your optimal wellbeing.

      This retreat is ALL inclusive:  lodging, a private Chef for the weekend, a private pool,  Mindfulness coaching and personalized plan, pre and post-integration sessions, energy clearing, yoga, hiking and lots of manifesting magic.  (*One lunch on your own in town)

      Bring a friend discount: $150 off FRIENDLOVE

      Previous Retreat member: $175 off RETURNLOVE

      Psychedelic Club Member: $300 off  PCM code

      Our bespoke wellness women's retreats serve as a potent catalyst, empowering you to break free from entrenched negative thought patterns, release unhealthy relationship dynamics, and embrace new, healthy ways of emotionally connecting with yourself, thus paving the path for the joyful connections. Gain profound insights into your psychospiritual patterns,  opening the door for a transformative journey toward fresh, fulfilling, and conscious creation.

      Mindfulness Supports:

      • Profound Self-Reflection: Women frequently undergo deep self-reflection and introspection, leading to significant insights about their outdated patterns of thought and beliefs.
      • Emotional Liberation: Mindfulness has the power to surface buried emotions, providing an opportunity to confront and release past traumas or unresolved issues, fostering emotional healing and personal growth that enriches your ability to connect with others.
      • Enhanced Communication: The profound self-awareness derived from mindful meditation experiences often leads to improved communication skills. Women become more in tune with their emotional needs, facilitating open and honest expression.
      • Amplified Empathy and Compassion: Your enhanced frequency amplifies feelings of empathy and compassion, nurturing a greater sense of understanding and kindness. 

      This retreat is ALL inclusive:  lodging, a private Chef for the weekend, a private pool, a Guided imagery journey, pre and post-integration sessions, energy clearing, hiking, and yoga. 

      Our magical desert setting will soothe your soul and soften your edges. The desert light is so magical that we have hired a fantastic photographer to capture shots. Soul photos!

      Magic in the Desert Southwest

      We have selected one of the most magical natural settings for this soulful retreat, the desert Southwest! Our private estate is set on six acres of desert landscape with miles of trails and zillions of stars. The sunsets are sensuous and the views go on for miles. Our gorgeous, luxury casita also has it's own private indoor swimming pool to bathe you in the lap of luxury.

      Our beautiful Hacienda for the weekend is over 8200 Sq. feet and sitting on five acres. With jaw-dropping views in all directions, it is a luxury hidden gem in the desert.  With a beautiful indoor heated pool, and authentic Southwest aesthetics, this is a hidden gem in the desert. Rich earth tones, locally crafted furnishings, and authentic artwork contribute to the sense of immersion in the region's cultural heritage.  Join us in this sanctuary for holistic wellness and personal growth.

      What is included?

      This all-inclusive retreat includes

      : 1. )3-night lodging and 4 days in luxury Hacienda in Santa Fe  

      2.) Healthy, beautiful meals and snacks and private dinner parties every night 

      3. ) Gourmet Chef prepared meals at the home for 3 days ( minus one lunch during free time on Sunday) Chef on site. 

      4.) A personal and supported guided imgery experience with your trained wellness guides Heather and Monica 

      5.) Pre and Post group Integration Sessions

      6.) Two post-integration group sessions AFTER the retreat 

      7.)Exclusive Integration workbook and Activities 

      8.)Beautiful goodies bags with Spa items for self-care and nurturing

      9.) Somatic-based therapies such as art, yoga, dance, sound healing, and forest bathing

      10.)Opportunities for journaling, immersion in nature, relaxation, and self-reflection

      Terms of and Conditions/Cancellation

      Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy

      Important Information and Considerations:

      *Interested individuals must have an interview prior to registering for this event.

      *Transportation is not provided for this retreat

      *All participants assume their own risk and will acknowledge their state of health, psych history, and use of medications as part of their application

      *Guests selected for this retreat will pay a non-refundable $900 deposit (Refunded if the host  cancels the event)

      *Guests are asked to be considerate of the discreet nature of this event and the participants involved.

      *This is a personal growth and wellness retreat NOT a therapy retreat.

      *As leaders of the retreat, our policy allows us to exercise discretion in declining participation in the experience if, in our clinical assessment, we determine that it may not be suitable and is contraindicated during the retreat.


      Kindly note that reservations canceled by guests are non-refundable. As our retreats have limited rooms and slots due to their intimate boutique nature, we are unable to provide refunds. Travel insurance is mandatory for all participants, and we recommend Wetravel (this site) for its affordable coverage. You can conveniently purchase travel insurance when making your reservation or opt for a different provider of your choice. Please be aware that cancellations will not be eligible for any refunds.

      We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance with a "Cancel for any reason" policy to cover these circumstances.


      What’s included

      • All Inclusive F&B
        This weekend is filled with fabulous dining experiences. Prickly pear margaritas on the veranda to a private chef and dinner out, we promise to fill your body mind and spirit with amazing delights
      • Guided Imagery Journey
        Each guest will have a customized and personally supported safe and soulful mindfulness journey. We will tailor your experience to meet your personal self-exploration goals
      • Integration Therapy
        Experience the transformative power of exploring and integrating the images and messages from your "journey" as you deepen your self awareness. Learn how your consciousness can deepen your connection
      • Manifesting Magic
        Learn how to use the quantum physics of manifesting to call in and create the things and people that enhance your life. Learn how to develop practice's that clear energy and open channels of creation
      • Luxury Lodging
        Each guest will enjoy a beautifully appointed, liuxury master suite with a private bath and miles of desert views

      What’s not included

      • Transportation
        Guests must make their own arranagements to arrive and depart from the retreat location

      Available Packages

      Private Queen bedrooms

      Beautiful Santa Fe-style bedrooms with private bathrooms, quality linens, and comfortable high-quality queen beds. 


      Bring a friend discount: $150 off FRIENDLOVE

      Previous Retreat member: $175 off RETURNLOVE

      Deposit: $900
      Shared Luxury Double Room

      This room is perfect for sharing with 2 double beds. Spacious room with shared bath and beautiful views of the Santa Fe landscape. 

      Deposit: $900
      Master Suite with King Bed

      Indulge in unparalleled luxury with a stunning en suite, a personal fireplace, and a private living area. Designed for the woman who seeks pampering, this space offers breathtaking views of the picturesque Santa Fe landscape.  This room can be shared with two friends, or family members for $3200, reach out for more information. 

      Deposit: $900

      Available options

      Special Dietary Needs: Vegan, Gluten...

      We are happy special dietary requests for an additional food fee. We can accomodate vegan, non-dairy, &  gluten-free. 

      Integration Therapy Package for Santa Fe

      Integration therapy is the essential work following a transformative journey.  This 4 session group integration is exclusive to this retreat


      Welcome Dinner
      Opening night night private welcome dinner party

      Arrive and settle into our beautiful luxury casita. Unpack, unwind and enjoy a gorgeous gourmet meal under the desert sky

      Your Organizer

      Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee
      20 reviews
      Monica Ramunda, MA LPC, LCMHC has been in the mental health field for over 30 years and in private practice for the last 23 years. She is the owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Counseling. She is one of the first Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapists in the US.  Monica Ramunda’s passions include transforming people’s lives with the assistance of psychedelics and is a lifelong learner, hoping to inspire others.


      The event exceeded my expectations. The entire agenda was well organized and thoughtful planned. There were many extras I wasn’t expecting and the people that provided the services were professionals in their fields. Heather and Monica clearly know how to make people feel safe and comfortable in this space. I highly recommend them without hesitation.
      By Leslie H for Southwest Rewilding and Reawakening Women's Midlife Wisdom Retreat on Jun 12, 2024
      I highly recommend retreats with Heather and Monica! The information, support, and experience they provided was amazing. I felt guided by professionals that had my best interest at heart so I was able to have the experience of a lifetime. I've recommended their services (private or group) to everyone I know.
      By Regina P for Southwest Rewilding and Reawakening Women's Midlife Wisdom Retreat on Jun 05, 2024
      Thank you so much, Regina, we appreciate you taking the time to complete a review.
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on Jun 05, 2024
      It’s hard to put into words how incredible this experience was. The people, food, lodging and overall experience was top notch. I highly recommend it!!!
      By Amber G for Southwest Rewilding and Reawakening Women's Midlife Wisdom Retreat on Jun 05, 2024
      Thank you so much, Amber! We are so glad you were on this retreat.
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on Jun 05, 2024
      I am filled with gratitude for realizing that I have the power to make myself happy and healthy. It's quite enlightening to recognize that we make choices every day, whether we realize it or not. Discovering that we have the conscious choice of what choices to make is truly amazing. I feel incredibly thankful for choosing to go on this amazing retreat. It was an unforgettable experience, and I felt the same gratitude and blessings as the other women. Meeting Heather and Monica made it clear that we all made the right choice. Our lives were profoundly changed in such a positive way. Their thoughtfulness to detail was beyond what we could have imagined. You can definitely tell this is a labor of love. They are truly changing the vibration of our planet for the greater good of humankind. They are both empowering women and each brings something unique and special to the journey. They gently guide women to go within. Their screening process was very thorough and a lot of thought went into it. There will always be a special connection between us all. The journey is a deeply personal and profound experience, and it's hard to put into words. Everyone gains something different, but I can assure you that it will transform you in a positive way if you choose to join them in a future retreat. I also came to the realization that life has an expiration date, and I am choosing to live each day as if it's my last. I'm not saying every day has to be like I'm at a theme park. I'm just saying I can choose to be happy. It truly is a choice to be grateful and once I figured that out, it was easy to choose that energy because so much of it comes back to you. It's a practice I am committed to. Dealing with your own trauma is not easy, I can say that from personal experience, but taking little steps forward every day can lead to significant changes. One percent is better than zero percent. So, go ahead and give yourself a high five; every choice counts. We all have the potential for a beautiful journey. Confronting our shadows and becoming whole is necessary for us to experience joy. Take that trip, you won't regret it! 😉
      By Sueann R for Southwest Rewilding and Reawakening Women's Midlife Wisdom Retreat on Jun 03, 2024
      Thank you so much Sueann for your lovely review. We are so glad this retreat was impactful for you and we can't wait to continue to hear your progress, Warmly, Monica and Heather
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on Jun 05, 2024
      This experience was absolutely amazing! One I will never forget. Monica and Heather were so supportive and helpful. A special bond and connection was formed with all the women. We each learned and supported each other. The retreat place and the food was healthy and such great accommodations! So grateful I had this opportunity to go!
      By Jennifer S for Midlife Reinvention and Emergence Retreat: Psychedelic Assisted on May 28, 2024
      Thank you for your kind review, Jennifer. We love to see the wonderful connections formed on our retreats.
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on May 28, 2024
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