March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor

Jerusalem, Israel

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Mar 3 - 10, 2023
Group size: 20 - 50
March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor
Jerusalem, Israel

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Mar 3 - 10, 2023
Group size: 20 - 50

About this trip


Ron Cantor is an Israeli Messianic Jewish teacher and pastor, and his wife Elana is a native-born Israeli. Together, they have put together the most amazing Israel tour. "Elana and I have 30 years of experience in leading Israel tours," shares Ron. "We know what makes a life-changing experience and we never tire of seeing people draw closer to the Messiah on our tours." In addition to everything you would find on another tour, you will get:

  • On-site teaching from Ron Cantor, an expert in Israel's history and Jewish Roots of the New Testament.
  • Learn about growing up in Israel from Elana (and her family!).
  • Worship with local Israeli believers and hear their testimonies. 
  • Visit a Tel Aviv Messianic Congregation.
  • See some of the hidden gems that most tourists never see.
  • Learn about the history of modern and ancient Israel.
  • You will laugh, cry and have a life-changing experience! 
  • And all kinds of amazing surprises. 

Trip Information

What’s included

  • Excellent 4-star hotels
    You will not spend much time in the hotels, but when you are there, you will have a clean, comfortable room with free wifi.
  • Breakfast and Dinner
    Delicious Mediterranean cuisine!
  • Entrance fees
    Enjoy amazing sites in Israel from ancient ruins to national parks.
  • Bus and Guide
    We will have a brilliant tour guide, air conditioned bus and wifi to share pics and thoughts in real time with your friends and family.
  • Air travel
    Enjoy the freedom of booking your own flight. Just meet us at the hotel on Day 1.
  • Lunch
    Be prepared to spend between $10-$15 a day. Many skip lunch as the breakfast and dinner buffets are bountiful.
  • Travel Med. Insurance
    Medical insurance is required! If you need medical attention, you will need a credit card. Medical Travel Insurance is cheap and very smart!
  • Tips and Gratuities
    $100 per person and will be collected on the very first night. When you eat in a restaurant, a tip of 10-15% is sufficient. You do not need to tip hotel staff, as we do that for you.
  • Anything not mentioned

Available Packages

Israel Experience double occupancy
Available until August 21, 202227 left

You will be sharing a room with your companion. If you were coming by yourself you'll be paired up with someone of the same gender. 

Deposit: $100
Israel Experience Single Room
27 left

You will have an entire room to yourself.

Deposit: $100


Day 1
Friday, March 3: WELCOME TO ISRAEL!

Shalom! You will arrive in the Holy Land! Welcome to the re-birthed nation of Israel. Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel said that God would regather His people to this land, and now you are standing here! We will meet you at the hotel and give you a good meal and overview of the tour. 

Your Organizer

Twice a year, Ron & Elana Cantor lead their Israel tour. This handcrafted tour is unique from nearly all other Israel tours. In addition to touring all the major sites like Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee, you will come face to face with the rebirthed Messianic movement. You will see where Jesus walked, and where he is walking in Israel today. As natives, Elana and Ron know where the secret places are. You'll see things on this tour that you are unlikely to see on any other. Hear stories from Elana's childhood and teaching from Ron.


I wish to show my love with Israel to shared my faith with them and all my soul
By Phar Kuach P on 23 Dec, 2021