Marian Pilgrimage (MayTrip)

      Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris

      5 reviews
      May 12 - 26, 2024
      Group size: 25 - 40
      Marian Pilgrimage (MayTrip)
      Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Paris

      5 reviews

      May 12 - 26, 2024
      Group size: 25 - 40

      About this trip

       You are invited to a Pilgrimage in:


      May 12 -May 26, 2024

      Under the Spiritual Direction of Fr. Mark Vincent Sala

      With Daily Masses at Holy Sites. 


      Lisbon (St. Anthony) · Santarem (Eucharistic Miracle) · Fatima (Mary's Apparitions) · Braga · Santiago De

      Compostela (St. James) · Burgos · Salamanca · Alba de Tormes · (St. Teresa of Avila) · Avila (St. Teresa of Avila) · Madrid ·

      Zaragoza (Our Lady of the Pilar) · Lourdes (St. Bernadette) · Barcelona (Sagrada de Familia) · Monserrat (Black

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      5 reviews
      Dare to travel the world with us and be amazed! We will ensure that you will have the best time of your life. We are a full service travel agency. Our experience and expertise are faith-based Pilgrimages for over 10 years. We make each and every pilgrimage as meaningful as possible. It is our mission to bring more people closer to Christ and give Him Glory and Honor. Along with this travels we combine leisure and exploration trips to enjoy and glorify God's amazing creations and beauty. We also offer offer River & Ocean cruises as well.


      we had a great time and the places we visited were wonderful. All the hotels and their meals were all very good. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and a really nice person to have around. The trip itself was fantastic. With that said there was a real issue with the managing of time. We had two ladies that were rarely on time if ever. Every stop, every bathroom break and every morning they made us wait. One time we waited 45 minutes for them to return. They would wonder off and not say a word, just disappear. As far as I know no warning was given to them about being on time by the people in charge. A general statement was made by two people but I would have liked a warn, of lets say if you are not here we will wait 10 minutes and then you are responsible to get to the next stop on your own dime. This made for a stressful situation for all including our spiritual adviser. The young one of the two ladies had at least 3 outbursts and at one time said she was leaving the tour and going back home on her own. We were on a tour with a group, not on our own to do what we wanted, and I expected everyone to have the same respect for the others as we did.
      By doreen r for Best Shrines of France 2024 on May 02, 2024
      No trip happened…My husband and I are sad because our trip was cancelled because Israel is at war, but we are thanking God that it didn’t happen when we were there.🙏
      By Carmencita L for The Amazing Holy Land Experience (With Egypt & Jordan Options) on Nov 15, 2023
      It was my first pilgrimage and I was blessed to join the trip to Mexico. It was a very faith filled trip with good company. Thank you, Xenia for this awesome experience.
      By Maria Elena R for Guadalupe & Mexico City - June on Jun 29, 2023
      The best tour I've ever joined. It was an amazing journey from start to end of the tour. Beyond expectation! Team leader was an awesome companion. Her concern for the group was outstanding. Looking forward for more journeys with Amazing Tours.
      By Maribel F for MEDJUGORJE on May 28, 2023
      It was such a beautiful pilgrimage and especially enjoyed Fatima and Lourdes, but everywhere else was just beautiful, too. Great accommodations and delicious food as well. Xenia was so personable and very responsive and timely with answering all questions before and during the pilgrimage. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
      By Sara M for Marian Pilgrimage in Fatima, Spain and Lourdes on May 16, 2023