Masaje Carli

Ubatuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil

8 reviews
Oct 12 - 16, 2022
Group size: 10 - 16
Masaje Carli
Ubatuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil

8 reviews

Oct 12 - 16, 2022
Group size: 10 - 16

About this trip

This retreat includes daily yoga classes, alongside pranayama, meditation, and chakra balancing workshops that will get the energy flowing harmoniously. You will also enjoy the lovingly-prepared, delicious, gourmet vegetarian meals as well as diet and nutrition tips for living a healthy life.

We invite you to experience life and Yoga like a local, to be held and embraced in a loving community of musicians and Yogis who desire to make you feel confortable, safe and confident in your home with us for a week. At this time on the planet we are longing more than ever for this kind of unique opportunity.


Free your mind and explore breath, movement, and philosophy on the yoga deck surrounded by jungle, wildlife, the sound of the ocean, and fresh air. Allow yourself to dig deep and expand your practice.

We will have two yoga classes, daily at 7:30 a.m and 5:30 p.m. All levels are welcome.


We will offer a healthy, nutritious and delicious menu, specially made for us bearing in mind our days full of surfing and yoga.

Farm-to-table nutritional philosophy means a focus on fresh wholefoods designed to balance blood sugar and aid your body’s ‘natural biochemistry’. Everything is gluten- and dairy-free while other allergies can be accommodated too. 

What’s included

  • 4 nights
  • 3 gourmet foods per day
  • Morning Yoga Sessions
  • Afternoon Practice
    Yoga or other
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Walking Activities
  • 2 Surfing Classes
    Equipment Included
  • Transportation

Available Packages

Habitación Compartida Pendiente
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Habitación compartida (máximo 2 personas por cuarto)


Who’s Going

Your Organizer

Swarupa Retreats
8 reviews
We are Swarupa and We organize Surf & Yoga retreats worldwide to bring gratitude, awareness, and compassion into everyday life. Gaining awareness means being able to understand problems that occur to us and maintain our balance amidst these challenges. . All this will involve inner work to help us evolve into our best version of ourselves. It is not always easy to do all this work alone, which is why having a week together feeling supported perhaps is exactly what your soul´s needs. . Keep up to date with Wellness and Healing!


Una muy excelente oportunidad de autoconoimiento y sanación hacia una persona mas integral
By Pablo B for Masculinidad on 07 Nov, 2022
Pasamos unos días de conexión interna y contacto hermoso con la selva y el mar. La.comida fue muy rica, la organización pensada, no esperábamos a tantos maestros tan amorosos compartiendo lo que saben. El lugar es increíble y el mar y actividad física hicieron el combo perfecto. Nos vemos en Bali! Jaja
By Mariana L for Yoga and Surf Trip Itamambuca Octubre 2022 Marian Pendiente on 18 Oct, 2022
We had a great trip and wonderfully peoples in bali.. Swarupatrips is the best Pablo B
By Pablo B for Yoga and Surf Retreat Bali - Indonesia Español on 01 Oct, 2022
Fue mucho mas de lo que esperaba!. Un viaje lleno de sorpresas, mucha conexión espiritual, deportes, comida riquísima, gente muy linda. Gracias por tanta magia!
By Victoria I for Yoga and Surf Retreat Bali - Indonesia Español on 30 Sep, 2022
Muy buena experiencia, el lugar maravilloso, comida exquisita y lo mejor la gente ...
By Paloma O for Yoga and Surf Trip Costa Rica Agosto22 on 16 Aug, 2022
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