Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

High Vibes Events
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Oct 6 - 10, 2021
Group size: 10 - 20
Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

High Vibes Events
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Oct 6 - 10, 2021
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip



Spend with us 5 days in the most sacred locations of Sedona. 

Become THE CEO of your Divinely guided DREAM LIFE. 

Journey with us back to your True Essence, creating the Best Version of YourSelf and stepping together Into the Planet's transition: 5D GOLDEN AGE of Abundant, Joyful and Prosperous Life! We chose the title Master of Manifestation because an embodied infinite being who is in tune with his and her Divine Purpose is in tune with the Universe's Infinite Blessings. We will share our gifts of activation practices that elevate your vibration, remove blocks and stagnant energy, and inspire the soul's light to shine brighter and truer with innate sacred wisdom. Become the hero of your own Earth movie and play the matrix video game on expert! 

The program exclusively created by your teachers aka servants Jeff Parker and Loe Moshkovska, where we share the tools of our success that work in our lives and those we serve and teach to become magnets for Blessings and miracles - masters of manifestation!

We are the people of Love on a mission of spreading high vibrations and spiritual awareness!

Jeff Parker 

Transformational Life Coach

Spiritual Healer

Conscious Community Leader

Creator of the Miracle Man Movement and co-creator of Sacred Union

Guides superconscious alignment through inner work, and hosts High Vibes events


Loe Moshkovska

Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (Yogi Bhajan’s lineage)

Transformational Life Coach

Intuitive Guide, Motivational Speaker

Guides Sacred Dance practices, ceremonies, women circles.

Instagram: @kundalini.angel @iamlo.e 

We would like to start by sharing with you about our biggest dream... 

A dream to transform humanity one person at a time. We believe in attraction not promotion. 

If after reading text down below you will have a warm feeling in your heart area - it means you have a calling for growth! Your heart will probably tell you to join us in this magical journey because this retreat is One of a kind!

Stress-free environment and a beautifully curated program including local transfers, Vegan nourishing diet, and comfortable accommodation in the luxury Private House in Sedona. Perfect place TO START OVER and launch your NEW LIFE or activate a NEW BEGINNING in a new dimension of your highest potential!


Can you answer these questions darling? 

Do you know yourself? What is your life purpose? 

Is your Ego screaming more than the voice of your inner hero?

Are you living a life that you desire? 

Do you know what you want from the future?

What’s your relationships with others? 

What’s your relationships with Yourself? 

Do you experience often low vibrational emotions like fear, anger, judgment, etc?

Do you feel that you are betraying your potential not living fully enough to feel your life like it's worth living? 

Are you activating at your full potential or could new practices transform your life?

Darling, You need a Change!

If you don’t have a sparkle in your eye about your future or you do, but you have no idea how this Law of Attraction really works...

Abundance is like the Ocean, it’s enough for everyone. But you need to learn how to swim in it!

You are going to have high frequency Rebirthing and re-creating yourself the way You want to see your future. Rewiring your consciousness.

No one Said it’s going to be super easy. This course is for real action takers, who want to learn how the Universal Laws REALLY work! And for those who are serious about their dreams. 

We create challenges so life won’t challenge us later. 

Goals of the program:

- clearer vision and purpose

- transformation

- establishing a dynamite daily practice for accomplishing any dream

- learn kundalini and quantum tools to activate full soul power!!

WARNING: This is NOT BASIC yoga retreat :) All practices are highly effective and simple at the same time. We live what we teach: dive into our daily practices and learn in person most powerful practices and tools. Expect miracles and amazing transformations. Attend if your Soul is ready. And how to know it? When you know - you know, don’t you?

We all have a choice: 

To Live by our spirit 

By our mind 

Or by our ego 


A positive welcoming environment that welcomes all. Amazing like minded people around, adventures, Vortex activations, sacred ceremonies, group coaching, methods, rituals, Kundalini Yoga and meditations, Quantum healing sessions every day in beautiful locations. All practices are designed specifically so that you learn and experience firsthand the life-enriching, transformational power of kundalini yoga, to heal, awaken and transform!


It’s a journey of new habits, new commitments, new level of vibrations! We will work on the Past. Present. Future and 12 areas in life, create your Destiny Map. 

Learn with us how to become the Master of Manifestation while gathering new lifestyle tips and techniques that you can easily implement and integrate into your daily life. Understand more about yourself and connect deeply with what makes you truly happy in life. Create clarity in the mind to increase productivity and enable you to move towards your life goals and True Self. Create an Intentional life. A heroic life and a leadership life. 

And we will stay in THE MOST MAGICAL RETREAT PLACE that you could ever imagine! It's a secret place near Sedona where we will stay for 4 nights / 4 days, and then move to Sedona City for the rest 3 days continuing with incredible adventures and Sedona excursions!

SEDONA is known for its world class hiking, sweeping views, canyons and powerful vortexes! Sedona is a place that brings awe and nourishes the Soul! PERFECT PLACE FOR STRENGTHENING YOUR SPIRIT AND RECHARGING ON ALL LEVELS!

We offer you much more than you can expect - everything to make your experience to be unforgettable and life changing!



We will customize the retreat program based on the attendees for maximum impact in healing, transformation and expansion to make the attendee's a high vibrational magnet for success in all areas of their lives.

Explore with us activities such as: 

Daily world class Sunrise and Sunset hiking in the magical mountains of SEDONA

Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Kundalini BreathWork 

Energy healing practices

Quantum Work

DNA Light Codes Vortex  Activations 

Sacred ceremonies : Cacao 4 Elements Ceremony 

Group Coaching / Inner Child work / Rewriting Personal story sessions / Creative Journaling / Creating Destiny Map

Energy Sessions / Clearing Prosperity Blocks

Infinity Dance practice 

Chakra Toning 

Shadow work

Chi Gong Body Healing Practices with the Five Animals and the Micro Cosmic Orbit

Total reset of your vibrations over the week 

Human Connection Exercises

Info detox / Curse words Detox (If you use wrong words you create wrong reality)

Daily FUNS!




Red Rocks Park & river 

Shaman's Cave 

Sunrise at Vortex Mountain 

Sedona City Time 

We live by this philosophy and offer you to try with us:

Morning: Create future 

Day: Take actions

Evening: Enjoy life !

Non-alcoholic high vibrational environment! 

Details will explain later! :) 


“Because, of my own journey and life path of realizing the miraculous power of Kundalini Yoga, I want to serve in helping other’s heal with this amazing sacred science. I truly believe that as more humans practice Kundalini Yoga, we will have more peaceful planet where we can live happy, healthy, and holy lives, and abundant!” Loe

KY is knowledge leading to enlightenment, or self-mastery. 

Kundalini Yoga is not a religion. It's a Sacred Science that balances the glandular system, strengthens the 72,000 nerves in the body, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul. It teaches positive, self empowering attitudes of thinking. It is on-the-job-training for success and excellence in life . It builds inner strength and self awareness so you can fulfill your highest potential. In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will , which is the instrument of the soul. Kundalini Yoga perfects the finite life while connecting it to the Infinite experience. 

The practice that leads to the state of self-mastery is also called "yoga." So the road and the destination have the same name, "yoga." The technology of Kundalini Yoga applies its science to our bodies and minds, and is aimed at spirit which has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore it is for everyone. It is universal and nondenominational. 


This is totally for everyone! 

Kundalini is a yoga for householders, for people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, managing businesses. It gives results in the shortest possible time. It does not require you to leave your home, become an ascetic or sit in a cave. Kundalini Yoga is for everyone who wants the skills to cope successfully with the challenges of living in this day and age. 

And you don 't have to be a pretzel :) For the physical exercises, if you can breathe, and just lean in the right direction, you'll be benefitted)

If you want to explore the possibilities of your highest potential, then keep reading! Kundalini Yoga is much more than just a system of physical exercises. It is a dynamic, powerful tool for expanding awareness. 

What is a YOGA RETREAT? :)

Good question! Let's break it down: 

Define Retreat: 

“to withdraw or move back”

Define yoga: 

“the art of living, being and practicing to be the best version of yourself” 

(just like the piano player spends a lifetime to become a master of piano) yoga is the practice to become good at life!

YOGA RETREAT is a combination of withdrawing/moving back

(like going on a sunny holiday in Spain) from your daily life, to do lists, 

work schedule, overflowing email inbox, and general demands of human life 

to practice the art of living, being, knowing, feeling and understanding.

A yearly yoga retreat can help to better your relationships with loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues. Strengthen willpower, boost creativity, increase energy, happiness, mentally positivity, productivity, contentment and sense of wellbeing.

Through the practice of yoga, we train our bodies and minds to be equanimous while living within the ever-changing always flowing up and downs of life. 


Manifestation can be described as the process of when something "unreal" becomes "real"

As simple as that

WHO IS MOM? (Master of Manifestation)

Master of Manifestation 

You’ve read all the law of attraction books?

You’ve heard all the “secrets” about manifesting?

You've learned to write in the present tense?

You’ve invested hours designing a vision board?

You wrote out affirmations 55 times a day?

And you are still NOT living the abundance filled life you always wanted? 

You still want or even need something you don’t have? 

Money? Love? Health? Business or Career Success?

This PROVES that you are still missing a crucial piece to make manifesting work!

And we know exactly how this feels! Our personal journeys from not knowing Who we truly are, where we are going, how to manifest our dreams made us to try so many personal growth practices, books, workshops, etc… to figure out how this Law works in the Universe, and as we are all created the same way - this Law works the same for Everybody! Unless you're an alien :) 

The secret is to embody the frequency of what you attract, NOW. Through this retreat we will raise our frequencies and activate inner power to embody the highest frequencies of attraction.











Making Happen



-Add your own desirable words starting with "M"

Quick note, Maybe some day if I’ll have extra time and extra money which never happens

This is your time. Now is your Moment. 

Covid-19 notes

We understand there is a lot of concern in regards to events and retreats in person. We are doing primarily out door focused retreats/activities with small groups to minimize risk. 

Given the nature of the retreat, we will not require masks and social distancing when on the property though anyone may opt to do so. 

We certainly want people to be safe and healthy. We also feel inspired to join together in community and be uplifted.  We are learning as we go as this is all so new. Your questions and suggestions will only help us improve in keeping people safe. With that said, our retreats have been filling, so please register asap.  Looking forward to spending immersive time with some of you all!

We do not take on any liability for anyone should they get ill while on the retreat. 

All guests are joining at their own risk and will do any necessary research to understand their risk fully. By choosing to join this retreat, you also understand that we cannot responsible for ensuring that all safety protocols are followed 100% by all guests and parties or that the protocols put in place can prevent the spread completely. 

See you at the Top

The universe has mass of plans for everyone of you. If you don’t step up to them, and hear the call on your life, you are going to betray not only the World, you are going to betray Yourself.



What’s included

  • Transportation
    from the airport and during all retreat for group excursions
  • 2 nights stay
    Accomodation in the luxury private house in Sedona hotel
  • Vegan meals
    Breakfast and lunch are included, tea and snacks during the day
  • Lots of Photos
    We will have photographer with us!
  • Adventures
    All paid
  • Airplane tickets
    They are pretty cheap around $250 both ways if you will order sooner
  • Sedona Souvenirs
    For friends and fam - save a budget for it :)
  • Extra nights in Sedona
    If you will decide to stay on Sat night and leave on Sunday from Sedona, or to stay longer
  • Personal car
    if you will decide to have your personal transportation
  • Extra meals

Available Packages

Early Bird Rate
Available until August 1, 202120 left

Book your spot until August 1st and get this exclusive price with a huge discount!

Deposit: $777
Full Rate
Available until September 30, 202120 left
Deposit: $1111
Early Bird Couple's Rate
Available until August 1, 20214 left

Book your spot until August 1st and get this exclusive price with a huge discount!

Deposit: $2222
Full Couple’s Rate
Available until September 30, 20214 left
Deposit: $2222

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