Mayan Kitchen Cooking: An Online Travel Experience to Guatemala

Melissa Renzi
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38 reviews
May 23, 2020
Group size: 8 - 25
Mayan Kitchen Cooking: An Online Travel Experience to Guatemala

Melissa Renzi
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38 reviews

May 23, 2020
Group size: 8 - 25

About this trip

May 23, 2020 from 11:00-1:30 Central Time

Create authentic Guatemalan “refacciones” with Mayan instructor, Anita Cortez Chac.     

We recently offered our first virtual travel rereat in partnership with international guides with whom we normally collaborate on our travel adventures. 

Our participants fell in love with Anita and enjoyed her  workshop so much that we decided to team up again to share with more  sensitive souls like you.

Anita is the founder of Mayan Kitchen Cooking at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. In this workshop, Anita will share delicious, colorful recipes for several traditional Guatemalan foods including:         

  • Traditional Corn Tortillas
  • Guatemalan Enchilada (like Mexican tostada)
  • Chirmol (Mayan salsa)
  • Guacamole (Anita-style)

Anita provides much more than a cooking class.     

Having  grown up in the small village of San Pedro La Laguna, where her cooking  school is located, Anita offers a place for people to connect, interactive experiential learning, cultural wisdom, and a remarkable story behind how her journey began.      

In this workshop, you’ll learn unique culinary techniques, as well as the  cultural significance of the foods you’ll make. You’ll also hear Anita’s story and the key ingredients she sees as essential to life in  difficult times.      

Anita’s aim is to share a wonderful piece of the Mayan culture with the world.  There is no better way to do it than through food.       

Here’s more detail from Anita on what you’ll be making:      

“TORTILLAS: In Guatemala, maiz (corn) is one of the main sustainable foods. Mayan people are not able to live without tortillas, so maiz is very sacred. We eat corn in very different ways. We can use it as a drink or a snack. In Guatemala, we produce four different colors of corn with each one having it’s own meaning and story.”      

“GUACAMOLE: In Guatemala, we can find high quality avocados for very cheap when we are in high season. You can walk through the forest and pick up as much as you can carry. For local people avocado is not just a snack but a main meal to us. Let’s immerse a little bit more and seek the new way how you can enjoy your avocados.”     

“CHIRMOL: Mayan gastronomy provides rich flavor with a simple but very delicious salsa made with roasted tomatoes. A very useful sauce, Mayan use it to  side with everything or just to have with tortillas or chips.”     

“ENCHILADA: One of our many ways to enjoy corn is with deep-fried tortillas topped with ingredients such as lettuce, beetroot, cabbage, and cheese (and ground beef if you like). Every afternoon, local people enjoy these refacciones on the street."


How do I participate?

This online workshop will take place via Zoom. You will need a device such a smartphone, tablet, or computer to  participate, as well as good internet access. Once you register, you will receive a link and password to join the workshop.

What ingredients do I need?

Upon registration, you will receive a list of ingredients to buy if you are participating in real time. You are also more than welcome to simply observe.  

Is this retreat experience live or recorded?

The workshop will be recorded for your later viewing. 

Available Packages

Mother's Day Special - 1 Person
Available until May 11, 2020

This package reserves a spot for 1 person or household to participate. 

Mother's Day Special - 2 people
Available until May 11, 2020

This package includes spots for two people/households in case you want to take this virtual workshop with a special mama in your life (doesn't have to be your mom). 

Regular price per person
Available until May 22, 2020
Discounted Price for 2
Available until May 22, 2020

Price for two people/households.


Your Organizer

Melissa Renzi
38 reviews
Melissa is a trauma-informed yoga teacher, social worker, and highly sensitive person. She's passionate about helping others heal anxiety and trauma while cultivating authentic self-love. Melissa's philosophy is that the root cause of many of our personal and societal problems is a disconnection from our true selves. She sees yoga and connection to the natural world as two of the most powerful means we have to heal ourselves and communities. When she's not yoga-ing, you can find her hiking, salsa dancing, scuba diving, crosswording, reading, and cooking creative concoctions in her kitchen.


I joined the HSP Support Circle on 10th July last. It was my first time. I felt very welcome & supported as an HSP. The support I received was, for the first time, valid for me because the group understood where I was coming from. I am very grateful for the work Melissa does in facilitating this Circle. Thank you.
By Maria B for HSP Support Circle w/ Melissa (July 10th) on 20 Jul, 2021
I only was able to see the first part with Geno, but she was amazing and knowledgeable, and I came away with things I could use with her herb remedies right away, definitely recommend.
By Jill R for Guatemala Virtual Visit w/ Geno & Anita on 05 Apr, 2021
I attended Sustainable Activism for Introverts and HSPs. We met on zoom for this workshop. This was a powerful presentation, presented simply and with generosity. There were opportunities to form small groups in the space so that we could share in a more intimate setting. We came away with knowledge, insight and the beginnings of a real world plan for sustained activism. Highly recommended!
By Elle D for Sustainable Activism for Introverts & HSPs on 01 Mar, 2021
Really enjoyed the grounding of the tea meditation after the discussion circle. Thank you.
By Natasha B for HSP Support Circle & Tea Meditation (January) on 18 Jan, 2021
Though the travel was virtual, really got a feel for the destination, the culture and the people. Would definitely go again.
By Jill R for Virtual Travel & Yoga Retreat for HSPs on 28 Oct, 2020
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