Me, My Body and i | Free Workshop | 31 Jul 2021

      Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)

      214 reviews
      Jul 31, 2021
      Group size: 1 - 73
      Me, My Body and i | Free Workshop | 31 Jul 2021
      Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)

      214 reviews

      Jul 31, 2021
      Group size: 1 - 73

      About this trip

      Workshop : Me, My Body and i

      Date : Saturday 31st July

      Time : 15:00 - 18:00 GMT

      Location : Virtual

      Audience : LGBTQ+

      Cost : FREE  (Donations accepted)

      A self-empowerment workshop exploring our relationship to the mind and body through the lens of queer experience. 

      “Don't let your mind bully your body.” June Tomaso Wood

      Why join this workshop?

      -  Challenge self-imposed personal narratives
      -  Discover new tools for personal growth and managing your own wellbeing
      -  Gain some clarity around the changes you may need to make

      -  Feel empowered having discovered new information about yourself
      -  Share and learn from each others past experiences

      About this workshop.

      A workshop for those wanting to delve more deeply their relationship with the body and self-image. Led by a team of LGBTQ+ mentors and coaches, we'll start to explore the struggles surrounding body-image and shame within the Queer Community. Participants will be coached in practical techniques and exercises to help them to recognise and challenge toxic thoughts, feelings and behaviours; becoming more aware and compassionate towards others, and themselves.

      The tools we’ll use:

      We'll be incorporating tried and tested practices such as journaling, group sharing, self-enquiry, breath-work and meditation. These will be interspersed with key teachings and coaching techniques.

      About our approach.

      We offer a safe space to get curious, open up and discuss with others, aspects of your life you’re finding challenging or simply want to improve. Naturally it is a completely confidential space, where individuals can openly share their feelings and thoughts with the option of anonymity. 

      Your safety comes first.

      Your safety is our main priority. For this reason, we may need to ask participants for some personal medical information, before we can confirm your place on the workshop. These are standard questions, there to protect your safety and everyone else involved. This information will only be shared on a need to know basis and will be GDPR compliant. We will also be undertaking other necessary safety measures, during and post-retreat.

      We would highly recommend individuals with concerns relating to pre-existing mental health conditions, substance misuse and related disorders to seek immediate professional help. 

      About the team.

      This workshop has been designed by We Create Space - the LGBTQ+ self-empowerment platform.

      Lead Facilitator - Tash Thomas

      Co-Facilitator - Zacha Belok

      Guest Speaker -tbc

      Host and Founder - Michael Stephens

      Experience Coordinator - Maylis Djikalou


      This workshop is free of charge however donations do support future workshops. You can donate to our nonprofit just giving page here.

      What’s included

      • Workshops
        All group workshops and activities.
      • Tools and Workbooks
        Pre-reading, workbooks and continual development resources.
      • Admin Support
        Should you require any help completing the pre-assessment and questionaire
      • Additional Support
        We will provide additional support in the form of signposting to relevant services only.
      • Confidentiality
        All participants will be asked to conform to our agreed privacy terms and conditions.
      • Medical Insurance
        Suitable and relevant medical insurance to be provided by participant.

      Available Packages

      Sold Out

      Please pay what you can. All donations are much appreciated and go towards providing more wellbeing workshops within the community.


      Available options


      Me, My Body and i
      Virtual Workshop Itinerary.

      Saturday 31st July

      15:00 - 18:00 GMT

      ·  Team introductions.

      ·  Grounding Visualisation.

      ·  Unit 1 - Workshop.

      ·  Conversation with Guest speaker. 

      ·  Unit 2 - Workshop. 

      ·  Breakout group sessions. 

      ·  Unit 3 - Workshop. 

      ·  Group share.

      ·  Short mindfulness practice.

      ·  Closing. 

      Ahead of the session, a recommended reading list, tool-kit and pre-worksheet will be provided.

      At the end of the day, participants will be provided some 'homework', to help with process and reflection.

      Your Organizer

      214 reviews
      We’re a global collective of Queer Leaders connecting communities with tools, knowledge and support networks for change and growth.


      I had a truly transformative experience. It provide a warm and safe place to consider and explore that I had and hadn’t considered previously. The facilitators were both gracious and generous.
      By Calvin S for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on 03 Mar, 2023
      It was an amazing online event with great leaders from WCS (Michael, Maylis) and lot of interesting participants. Insightful retreat with a lot of learnings and also fun. Highly recommended for GBTQ men who want to find out who they are!
      By Dirk F for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on 01 Mar, 2023
      Insightful and thoughtful virtual retreat, I'm glad these exist to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Thank you so much to everyone involved in organising, facilitating and participating! x
      By Lewis C for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on 01 Mar, 2023
      the who am i weekened workshop is something i'd recommend to anyone wanting to explore their sexuality a bit more and start discovering different sides of themselves. we are queer individuals spend so much of our younger selves self internalising and thinking we are facing lifes challenges alone. coming together as a collective helps us get different perspectives to questions we've been asking ourselves for a long time, helping us on our own personal journies. it was truly an eye opening and emotional experience that i highly recommend everyone doing.
      By Rakshet S for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on 01 Mar, 2023
      Powerful experience, well facilitated, would need more days to deepen every big question thrown at participants. A firs tvoyage that would invite for more retreats, especially in nature... With love, Xavier.
      By Xavier G for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on 22 Feb, 2023
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      I highly recommend We Create Space! I participated in a 2-day 'Who Am I?' Virtual Queer Leadership Retreat with other Queer leaders and it was truly transformational–I left forever changed. The intentional and purposeful programming by Michael and Maylis was so meaningful and well structured. The biggest draw for me was the community care and networking opportunity of being able to see and hear from other queer folx. This is what has been the hardest for me to find in my own personal journey.
      By Luke L on 28 Jul, 2021
      The workshop I attended literally created space in both my body and mind for exploration, curiosity and openness. It was wonderfully facilitated, inspired immensely by the speakers' talks and other queer participants sharings. It shifted the way I saw different aspects of my life and opened the room for more discovery. Definitely recommended to all queer people who want to learn more and increase their inner potential!
      By Bers G on 09 Jul, 2021
      I took part in a weekend Who Am I? retreat and highly recommend it. The group size is intimate so never feels too daunting and you're able to build connections well. Maylis was a fantastic organiser - felt there was great communication from pre-booking right through to afterwards. Michael is a fantastic host, he leads the retreat with from a place of kindness, vulnerability and openness I find really commendable. Whether you're new to self exploration or a seasoned pro - I think this is worth doing.
      By Jamie M on 01 Sep, 2020
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