Medicine for the Soul— A yoga retreat into the 5 Universal Elements

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Hanuman Yoga Retreat
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6 reviews
Feb 13 - 20, 2021
Group size: 1 - 14
Medicine for the Soul— A yoga retreat into the 5 Universal Elements
Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Hanuman Yoga Retreat
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6 reviews

Deposit: $200
Feb 13 - 20, 2021
Group size: 1 - 14

About this trip

One week.  No electricity. Full digital detox. 360 degrees of nature. A sanctuary for the senses. An immersion into the five universal elements. Fire. Water. Earth. Air. Energy.  A journey into the fullness of your being. 

In the tropical hills of Sayulita, we warmly welcome you to Haramara Retreat. A sacred and intimate seaside Mexican hideaway set in the Riviera Nayarit. A nourishing space for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. This is MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL. 

The Five Universal Elements


Gentle ocean breezes will bless you each day at Haramara. The element of air teaches us about expansion, circulation, and lightness.  In yoga, the breath allows for spaciousness to open up in our body. This helps us gain strength, flexibility, and balance in the pose. In everyday situations, the quality of your breath informs whether we are feeling stressed or relaxed; focused or overwhelmed. When we practice awareness of the breath, we can deepen into any experience with more presence. 


Water is a purifying, rejuvenating element reminding us to be in the flow of life. Drinking plenty of water is also an essential part of the body's cleansing and re-hydration process. It is often the final part of a self-care practice, especially when there has been a physical or energetic shift. On the outer level, letting the body submerge in water is naturally refreshing and calming to the nervous system. Your retreat will offer plenty of time to relax in the saltwater infinity pool or swim in the ocean from Haramara's private beach. 


The earth element creates our foundation and keeps us grounded. Our roots are a reflection of who we are and how we grow.  Being rooted in self-care and self-love helps us stay on track. When we feel a lack of balance, it's a gentle reminder to reconnect to what gives us stability. This week is designed to slow your pace in life and disconnect from the outside world of news, social media, and doing— and hold more meaning in just being. We'll explore many ways to connect to our sense of safety and security, while increasing our full potential.


Fire is the most stimulating of the elements. It has the power to transform, illuminate what needs to be seen, and release. We will engage in two special Mayan traditions to ignite the fire within us: a cacao ceremony and a Temazcal ritual. The cacao ceremony will activate the heart and allow energy to flow through. An open and present heart frees us from emotional blockages and past trauma. The Temazcal ritual will be led by a local healer who will guide us into the four directions. It'll be an experience of chanting, drumming, heat, steam, sweat, purification, and detox. 


The symbol of the fifth element is a combination of the four triangles. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is identified as space, sky, or ether. Other traditions name it as spirit. It occupies the area around the other elements, and it's where mystery and magic resides.  When we attune to the elements within and outside ourselves, we become more conscious beings living in balance, harmony, and fulfillment. 

Your Retreat Team

Originally from California, Tammy has been living and traveling worldwide for over two decades. Tammy took her love of travel, teaching background, and interest in transformational experiences to start Hanuman Yoga Retreat. Since its launch in 2013, Tammy has led retreats in Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, Vietnam, and California. Tammy brings a gentle, calm, and reflective approach and aims to work where people are at, instead of where they "should" be.   Tammy offers several modalities for self-care, healing, and connection— Hatha Yoga,QiGong,  JourneyDance™, Innerdance Energy Work, TRE®/tension-trauma release, Laughter Yoga, Family Constellations, and Craniosacral Therapy. Tammy's classes, workshops, and retreats consistently receive excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, BookYogaRetreats, and WeTravel. Tammy is a nomad currently based in Santa Cruz, California. Follow Hanuman Yoga Retreat on Instagram and Facebook.

After being diagnosed with panic disorder in 2011, Dave Millang set out on a lifelong journey of healing, realization, and presence. Nomadic for the past five years, a student of yoga for nearly a decade, Dave gravitates towards an integrative and grounded approach to self-care, conscious liberation, and developing body intelligence. His training and experience includes various forms of breathwork, integral yoga, ecstatic dance, somatic meditation, Chinese herbalism, TRE®, and elemental yoga. Dave’s unique blend of Zen philosophy, poetry, and posture aims to help open the doors to building a heart-based and intuitive yogic practice. He can be found leading 1:1 and group classes all over the globe, most regularly in Montreal, Chiang Mai, Guatemala, and Des Moines. This will be Dave's third retreat co-facilitating with Tammy. Follow Dave on Instagram.


Our past retreat participants have ranged in ages 20-60, men, women, various nationalities, single travelers, mother/adult daughters, couples, lawyers, artists, doctors, teachers, and everything else in between. :) The more diverse, the merrier! This is not a yoga or meditation boot camp! This is a retreat-- you have chosen to take a break, rest, restore, and care for yourself. If you do have yoga experience...the classes will still be gentle and/or moderate. This is the intention of the retreat. 

There will be no electricity and no WiFi, and you're going to be okay! :D If necessary, plan ahead by notifying your loved ones and taking care of any tasks. You'll be surprised what benefits you'll receive from a digital detox. 

The hillside property of Haramara has been designed like a nature trail with elevation. It'll feel like you are on a short hike walking from the restaurant to your room, going from the beach to the yoga shala. These are dirt paths, slightly narrow, with the occasional roots sticking up or a branch to duck under. It makes for a mindful experience— slowing down, taking in the nature, and keeping your cardio working! 

We ask that you refrain from drugs, alcohol, or smoking during this retreat. Since we'll be detoxing A LOT physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, it's not advised to replenish all that clear and cleansed space in your body with substances. :) 


I have held retreats in Mexico every year for the past seven years, and I always look forward to being back. Mexicans are some of the most genuinely warm, good-hearted, and kind people you'll ever meet. I feel very comfortable traveling solo in Mexico, taking local transport, and eating at street stalls-- and that's without knowing any Spanish! Please don't believe any negative press about Mexico or Mexicans. I can assure you that you will be charmed by this country!

Currently, there is no COVID testing or quarantine required to enter Mexico. On your flight, you will be given a brief health form to fill out before landing at Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR). Your temperature will be taken upon arrival at the airport. You will be picked up at the airport by Haramara's shuttle and taken directly to the hotel. We will group you according to arrival time, and you’ll be asked to wear masks and travel with windows open.

Haramara is located in Sayulita, in the state of Nayarit. Puerto Vallarta Airport is located in the state of Jalisco. Both regions have very low cases of COVID per 100,000 residents.

In early Sept. 2020, I personally visited Haramara and spent two weeks in Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta. My time there was wonderful, and it was the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Also, please check if your country, city, workplace, etc. will suggest quarantine after your trip. 

In light of COVID, Haramara has put forth new procedures for sanitation and cleanliness. The property is fortunate to be almost entirely open-air. This means that fresh ocean air is constantly circulating (good!) instead of staying trapped in closed indoor spaces (bad!). February is a wonderful time of year to visit Sayulita. It is hot and sunny during the day, with cool mornings and evenings. Read here for Haramara's updated COVID procedures to ensure cleanliness and safety.


To book your spot, we ask for an initial $200 deposit. The final balance will be due on Jan. 28, 2021 (2.5 weeks before the retreat).  These payments are fully refundable (minus $15 processing fee) under these conditions:

In the event that the retreat is cancelled by Hanuman Yoga Retreat or Haramara, you will receive a $1000 refund and the remaining paid amount can be used as credit for a future retreat. This credit will be valid for 3 years from Feb. 13, 2021. This credit can be used for any Hanuman Yoga Retreat at Haramara. 

Once you purchase your flight and this retreat, you are responsible for purchasing travel insurance that will cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical/dental, and emergency evacuation/repatriation. Some of the most popular travel insurance providers are Allianz, GeoBlue, World Nomads, American Express, and Travel Guard. Your credit card or employer may also provide certain coverage. Check that the insurance has coverage in the event that:​

  • there are new travel restrictions to/from Mexico and to/from your place of departure that would prevent you from attending the retreat. 
  • You have been tested positive for COVID-19.

You are responsible for the following:

  • Checking that your passport is valid
  • Purchasing travel insurance
  • Checking about any quarantine policy upon return to your home residence and workplace
  • We recommend booking flights that are fully refundable or can be flexibly re-booked. Most airlines offer this already.

Neither Hanuman Yoga Retreat nor Haramara are liable for any loss of personal property; your health condition during or after the retreat; or any matters in the event of a cancellation (ie. how it may impact your plans. )

What’s included

  • 7 nights stay
    Haramara was recently named one of the Top 10 Eco Resorts by Yoga Journal! Enjoy rustic luxury with gorgeous ocean views and jungle surroundings
  • Gastronomic delights
    Three fresh, organic, gourmet meals per day by top-rated Mexican chefs. Meals can be catered to special dietary needs.
  • Daily yoga & meditation
    Each morning will begin with Hatha yoga and guided meditation in beautiful open-air shala
  • Unique classes
    Each afternoon will feature a different self-care modality: laughter yoga, QiGong, TRE® (tension-trauma release), etc.
  • Nightly programs
    Inspiring evening gatherings: innerdance energy work, family constellation exercises, open mic night, beach gallery
  • Conscious retreat team
    Full support from highly experienced, trauma-informed, multi-disciplinary facilitators who bring joy to their work
  • Swimming pool
    Relax and refresh in the saltwater infinity pool
  • On-site private beach
    A secluded and pristine paradise
  • Temazcal ceremony
    An ancient Mexican ritual to cleanse and clear your energy
  • Cacao cermony
    A Mayan tradition to awaken the heart
  • 19% Mexico hotel tax
    We'll take care of this!
  • Airfare
  • Spa treatments
    Go ahead and splurge yourself!
  • Extra food/drinks
    Available for purchase at the juice bar by the pool
  • Staff gratuity
    $15/day or $100 for the entire week. Cash only please.
  • Airport transfer
    Approximately USD $30-$45 roundtrip from PVR (Puerto Vallarta International Airport) to the hotel. Cash payment upon arrival please.

Available Packages

Female dorm
4 left
Deposit: $200
Triple room casita
only 2 left

Triple room occupancy is 3 adults per cabana and one shared bathroom.  This is a great options for solo travelers, a trio of friends, or family members. This is a mixed gender room. 

Our all-inclusive package rates are per person, include tax and are priced below in USD. All casitas have Pacific Ocean views and are set on a hill.  They have been designed to blend in with nature, combining simple elegance, seclusion, and comfort. Each cabana features ensuite bathrooms with hot water shower. Rooms do not have electricity, but come equipped with oil lamps to create an intimate evening setting. 

Deposit: $200
Double room casita
4 left

Double room occupancy is 2 adults per cabana and one shared bathroom. Choose two twin beds or one king size bed. If you are a solo traveler, you will be placed with a roommate of the same gender. Please indicate the bed set-up in your booking.  If you are booking for 2 people, please change the 'number of participants' to 2 in the option given. 

Our all-inclusive package rates are per person, include tax and are priced below in USD. All casitas have Pacific Ocean views and are set on a hill.  They have been designed to blend in with nature, combining simple elegance, seclusion, and comfort. Each cabana features ensuite bathrooms with hot water shower. Rooms do not have electricity, but come equipped with oil lamps to create an intimate evening setting. 

Deposit: $200
Single room casita
4 left

The single room occupancy is one adult per cabana and ensuite bathroom.  Treat yourself to your own exclusive sanctuary!

Our all-inclusive package rates are per person, include tax and are priced below in USD. All casitas have Pacific Ocean views and are set on a hill.  They have been designed to blend in with nature, combining simple elegance, seclusion, and comfort. Each cabana features ensuite bathrooms with hot water shower. Rooms do not have electricity, but come equipped with oil lamps to create an intimate evening setting. 

Deposit: $200
Deposit: $200

Female dorm


Sample itinerary
Feb. 13—20, 2021

Please be sure to arrive at PVR (Puerto Vallarta International Airport) by 5 pm. It takes about 15 to 45 minutes to go through immigration. The drive from PVR to Haramara, Sayulita takes about an hour. If you will be arriving before the check-in time, no problem! You can leave your bags at reception and head down to the pool, beach, town, or relax in the lounge.

SAT., FEB. 13, 2021
3—7 pm: Check-in open
6:30 pm: Dinner
8:00 pm: Welcome ceremony

FEB. 14~19, 2021
7:30 am—9:00 am: Gentle/moderate Hatha yoga
9:00 am: Breakfast
11:00—11:45 am: Meditation
12:00 pm: Lunch 
4:00 pm: Unique wellness modalities (1.5 hrs)
*Feb. 14: Cacao ceremony. Feb. 17: Temazcal
6:00 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm: Evening gathering (1.5 hrs)

FEB. 20, 2021
8:30 am: Breakfast

9:30 am: Closure
11:00 am: Check-out

Please book your flight to depart PVR after 2:30 pm. That will allow for an 11:30 am departure from Haramara; arriving in Puerto Vallarta at 12:30 pm. This will give you 2 hours to check-in at the airport. It is not a big or busy airport. However, it will allow time for you to get lunch or do some last minute shopping without feeling rushed.

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

Hanuman Yoga Retreat
6 reviews
Tammy Hayano is the creator of Hanuman Yoga Retreat. Originally from California, she has been an ex-pat in various countries, as well as a world traveler for the past 14 years. Tammy took her love of travel, teaching background, and interest in transformational experiences to start Hanuman Yoga Retreat. Since its launch in 2013, Tammy has led retreats in Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, and California. Tammy brings a gentle, calm, and self-inquiry approach and strives to make her classes accessible to everyone’s needs. For more information, visit: Tammy is trained in 7 modalities: Hatha Yoga, QiGong, JourneyDance™, Innerdance Energy Work Process, TRE/tension-trauma release exercises, Laughter Yoga, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.


I had a fantastic time. There were a variety of activities and all were nourishing. The accommodations were great and the food was tasty. I loved being by the ocean, hearing the waves and watching the sunset or the moon. This is my second retreat with Tammy and I just love what she put together for the New Year. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and for the connections made!
Wow, where to begin? I joined the week-long new year's retreat in Mexico without doing any research and thought I was heading into a "yoga" retreat that would be mostly about fitness. I was WRONG. And what I experienced was EVEN BETTER! Indescribably so. I am already ready to book it again for new year's next year. This was truly a transformative experience in totally unexpected ways. Tammy is a very special person, and her co-facilitator for this retreat, Dave, was as well. The space these two created for us was one of safety and joy! They led us through Hatha yoga and many other types of yoga and different modalities that I had never heard of or tried, all to incredible results. Leaving the retreat I felt an incredible amount of joy and release and ready to take on an amazing year. (Can't say I've ever felt that way after waking up hungover from a new year's eve spent out at the bars...) The group at the retreat was also great -- I know that I will see people that I met here again. Wonderful community and friends that could only be created in an atmosphere like this -- full of vulnerability, joy, pain, openness and love. I can't recommend enough!!!
The retreat exceeded my expectations in every way. The accommodations were floating on the lake, the beds were comfy, the lake was so clean and refreshing and the food was so deliscious I went back for seconds plenty of times. I cannot say enough good things about Tammy. She is an amazing facilitator in how she can teach new intricate skills to so many people at once and does it with humour and keeps you engaged the whole time. I love that she has a sharing circle after the class to discuss and go deeper into what we learnt or felt. I have never been so vulnerable and felt so safe at the same time. Saffia and Bard the co facilitators were both great value and my husband and I did one on one trike and himikayan bowls with them. This retreat was my best experience in Asia and one of the best experiences of my life.
This was possibly the best New Years I’ve ever had! Tammy and Fernando are the most wonderful, caring, and considerate facilitators you could possibly ask for. This retreat was a totally transformative experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the time and space to reconnect with themselves in a beautiful and supportive setting. My week on this retreat was an absolute dream and if you’re on the fence about booking it - just do it! Trust me. Thank you Tammy and Fernando!! Xo
This week was worth a lot more than we paid! We were very fortunate to spend a week in the company of a wonderful group, connecting and learning from both Tammy and Fernando. They scheduled a week of wellbeing and growth that I hope I have the opportunity to repeat in the near future.
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