Medicine & Meditation Retreat

Manglaralto, Ecuador

8 reviews
Nov 19 - 26, 2022
Group size: 9 - 12
Medicine & Meditation Retreat
Manglaralto, Ecuador

8 reviews

Nov 19 - 26, 2022
Group size: 9 - 12

About this trip

~In our Ayllu Medicina family, we believe that a new way of life is possible - one which embodies learning from the sacred medicines and spirits of Mother Earth.

~We believe water and food are medicine, and life is a ceremony meant to be lived on purpose and in joy - together.

~We believe that the journey of healing begins in the pause.  We invite you to join us on this retreat - where we will pause together in sacred ceremony.

We believe everyone can transform their lives and are here to support you to do so through your journey.  In this sacred plant medicine retreat, you will have the opportunity to explore the self and understand the true nature of your reality. Plant medicines are known to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit and are healing both physically and emotionally.  The master plants are here to assist you on your journey to begin the inner work, expand your consciousness, and reconnect to all that is.

This plant medicine retreat is a unique opportunity to sit with and learn about ancient practices in a serene, tropical oasis in coastal Ecuador.  The experience is a retreat - a time to withdraw from your everyday reality to reflect and bring more intention into your consciousness.  During this time of retreat, we will work to reorganize all the dimensions of our being in one direction - including our body, mind, emotion, and energy.

Included are traditional ceremonies with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Tobacco medicines, sweat lodges, shamanic drum journeys, individual healings and cleanses, womb wisdom circle, holistic health and nutrition workshop, yoga and meditation, and nature and beach walks. All of this with the guidance of our incredible team.

Your medicine experience will be guided by Aime and Hwaneetah. Their purpose is to share medicine, prayers, music, and intention for healing with whoever is called to share in this journey. These two healers are well-known in the region with their original music and multiple instruments, resonant prayers, and heart-opening medicine. They will guide you in a life-changing healing process. Aime and Hwaneetah speak fluent English, Spanish, and French and have been working with medicine for over 20 years and holding sweat lodges and ceremonies for 15 years.

To support your process during this week of medicine and to provide you with tools for your life, we will practice daily yoga, breathwork, and meditation.  Meditation is one of the practices we consider to be medicine at Ayllu Medicina transformational retreats. Meditation teaches you how to access your inner self and become the observer so that you can flow with ease throughout the ceremony of life. You will learn how to return to your heart’s center, relax, and access deep inner peace whenever needed. Classes will be held in a beautiful hardwood floor open-air yoga studio where mats, blankets, straps, and blocks are provided.

This 7-day Transformational Plant Medicine Retreat will be a calm and quaint introduction to working with these sacred plant medicines in a safe and beautiful environment.  This retreat will be held at Bromelia Lodge, a healing sanctuary hidden in a tropical forest near Manglaralto, Ecuador. It's a few minutes from the Pacific Ocean and less than 10 minutes away from Montañita, the world-famous surf capital of South America.

We invite you to join Ayllu Medicina, our medicine family and transform your life with intention and guidance for healing on this retreat.

What’s included

  • Opening Fire Ceremony
    Call to the four winds & directions to set our main intention for the work to be done, reconnecting w/ the Sacred Fire of our heart. Reléase old patterns & unwanted energies with a Tobacco cleanse.
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
    We sit with intention and experience purification during sweat lodge. Through therapeutic herbs, steam, song, & prayer, we release stress, muscle tension, and detoxify the mind, body and soul.
  • 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
    Experience profound healing and shifts in your psyche allowing you to take responsibility for any issues in your life which may have resulted in dis-ease or emotional psycho/spiritual imbalances.
  • 1 San Pedro Temazcal
    Open your heart to the world and receive the power to make positive changes through the help of the energetically masculine healing medicine of San Pedro (Huachuma).
  • Orientation Video Call
    This is a chance for introductions as well as to discuss your intentions, receive guidance, and answer any questions you may have about how to prepare, the location, agenda, or the ceremonies.
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
    Optional Daily Yoga and Meditation classes led by certified yoga teachers who are aligned with our greater mission for healing.
  • Accommodation
    Private rustic style cabin rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, AC and fan, and balconies with treehouse-like jungle views.
  • 3 Daily Nourishing Meals
    Our local chefs provide plant-based, healthy meals aligned with the retreat, which includes healthy nourishing plant based cuisine to support you during the week.
  • Healthy Snacks
    Our kitchen will be ready to provide you with local tropical fresh fruits, smoothies, juices, and other homemade snacks throughout the day!
  • Medicine Song Workshop
    Bring your favorite instrument if you have one or borrow ours! We will share songs throughout the week and you will have a chance to connect with your inner and unique voice. No experience required :)
  • 13-Moon Wisdom Circle
    Heal balance and activate secondary functions of the Womb. Learn how to work with your cycles naturally, aligning with the movement of the stars and wisdom of our grandmothers.
  • Wholistic Nutrition
    This is a chance to learn about how to integrate your transformation with wholistic nutrition, health, & wellness.
  • Sacred Wisdom Lectures
    Male and Female energy dynamics master class. Sacred Geometry and Merkaba Science.
  • Flights
    Fly into Guayaquil or Manta Airport.
  • Airport pickup
    We will arrange transportation for you via taxi. Rates are between $60-$100 depending on location.

Available Packages

Private Room
Available until October 20, 2022only 3 left

Every room has a large balcony and a hammock providing you with the perfect space to relax and take in the natural surroundings. 

The rooms are spacious, all of them have a private bathroom with hot water, ceiling fan, and air conditioning. Double, large glass and screen doors and windows on all rooms allow you to bring the breeze in. 


  • Wi-fi, AC, and ceiling fan
  •  balcony with hammock
  • private bathrooms with hot water 
  • 1 single and one double bed
  • Reiki energized drinking water, coffee, and tea

** Please note if you wish to share a room with another guest, choose "Private Room ( 2 Participants)"

Deposit: $250

Available options


Day 1

Arriving and settling into the space. 

12 pm Lunch

Orientation of the space and land.

1:30 pm  Opening Fire Ceremony  & Temazcal. 

 7 pm Dinner

Your Organizer

Ayllu Medicina
8 reviews
~We believe that a new way of life is possible - one which embodies learning from and a deep appreciation for Mother Earth and all of her beings. ~We believe water and food are medicine and life is a ceremony meant to be lived on purpose and in joy - together. ~We believe that the journey of healing begins in the pause. We believe everyone can transform their own life, and are here to support you to do so through our ceremonial retreats.


The Ayllu Medicina team lives up to their name - they are a heartfelt family and immediately make you feel like a lifetime member from day one. The connection, support, guidance, space holding, and love the Ayllu Medicina team radiates helps to make you feel safe, held, and supported along your deep, magical, transformative journey. What a wild chapter in the adventure to the heart!
By Kora F for Women's Power Plant Medicine Retreat- April 16th - 23rd on 16 May, 2022
This retreat with Ayllu Medicina at Bromelia Lodge was life changing for me. The communication from the booking of the retreat to arrival was consistent and supportive. I flew into South America late and they were sure to have a taxi set up for me right when I arrived which helped so much after traveling for days. The room was so cozy and clean and kept clean all throughout. The food was made with love and so delicious! Plant based meals and an abundance of Fresh fruit. Bromelia Lodge is so beautiful, it feels like your tucked away in the jungle next to a creek. Many quiet places all throughout to sit in silence and process or be with nature. The ceremonies were powerful. It was my first plant medicine retreat and I felt so safe and supported all throughout. There was plenty of help available and everybody was so kind. Hwaneetah and Aime hold such grounded authentic space. So humble and kind. I wouldn’t have wanted to have my first plant medicine retreat with anyone else. This being a Womens focused retreat Hwaneetah shared her wisdom on the womb. This information has changed my life and my relationship with my womb. So much healing to come and I am forever grateful. I will be back for a retreat next year! If your thinking of booking with Allyu Medicina you won’t regret it!
By Ali E for Women's Power Plant Medicine Retreat- April 16th - 23rd on 08 May, 2022
This was the BEST trip of my life. Truly a medicinal and transformational journey. Everyone was so warm, thoughtful and loving. The accomodations at Bromelia were amazing. All the leaders, shaman and helpers were so incredibly supportive and had very helpful tips to make your journey the best it could be. The food was amazing and prepared so thoughtfully and with so much love. The environment was so safe and respectful and truly nurturing. I highly recommend any retreat by the ayllumedicina family. It certainly won't be my last. Thank you!!
By Stephanie I for Transformational Plant Medicine Retreat- March 19th-26th on 06 Apr, 2022
I had a great time. The people are gifted and caring. The operators are fountains of wisdom and I will never forget my experiences.
By Gary W for February 19th-26th 2022 Transformational Plant Medicine Retreat on 09 Mar, 2022
Best Ayahausca retreat I have ever been to. Everything ran very smoothly and the food and accomodation was amazing. The shamans and people running the retreat are beautiful people and by the end we all felt like family. Can't wait to return
By Marshall M for Journey To The Heart ❤ - June 19th-26th on 05 Jul, 2021
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Eme and Juanita are an amazing team of shamans! I’ve had ceremonies before but never like the one I had thanks to them. They are incredibly in sink with powerful male and female energies. They are very knowledgeable and great musicians as well. They make you feel welcome from beginning to end and help you have a better understanding of your experience. Their words are always meaningful and wise. I look forward to meeting them again.
By Marcos A on 04 Dec, 2020