Men of Ma’at Retreat

Limón Province, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Oct 16 - 21, 2022
Group size: 5 - 10
Men of Ma’at Retreat
Limón Province, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Oct 16 - 21, 2022
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip

On Behalf of Introspection Retreats, we wish to present to you The Men of Ma'at Retreat hosted by Michael Ruth.

If you are feeling out of balance,  out of place, drained, or in need of having a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it, we invite you to join us on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Costa Rica for a total retreat experience. Kings come!  Reclaim your throne! 

The Men of Ma’at retreat is five days designed for black and brown men to explore the history and philosophy of this Ancient African Yoga practice known as Kemetic Yoga. Kemetic yoga emerged from one of the oldest known civilizations in ancient Egypt, then known as Kemet. Not many are aware of the fact that the ancient Egyptians practiced Yogic exercises and meditation thousands of years ago. The modern version of this ancient system was developed, studied, translated and interpreted from hieroglyphic texts and images that appeared on kemetic temple walls. 

The benefits of practicing Kemetic yoga regularly are; a deeper connection to your true self and intuition, a noticeable increase in your manifestation powers, increasing flexibility, and a greater awareness of your breath. When we get into the habit of communicating with the elements of nature and the divine within through movement and postures; we are living in MA’AT. 

What you can expect from this retreat::

  • Safe and Sacred Healing spaces
  • Daily Kemetic Yoga, Breathing and Meditation 
  • Healthy vegetarian meals
  • Connecting with Nature
  • Brotherhood bonds
  • Honoring your divine manhood
  • Journaling; Self-awareness
  • Releasing insecurities and self-doubt
  • Grounding; being in the present moment
  • Disconnection from outside distractions
  • Rain or Shine 


What airport do I book my flight for?

Juan Santamaría International Airport  in San Juan, Costa Rica - SJO

When shall I arrive? 

We recommend you arrive at SJO airport the day before, to relax and receive your complimentary one night stay in San Jose. We provide shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and then to your retreat location the following day. 

Do you need a Covid test to enter/leave the country?

No. Covid testing is no longer required. 

Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Costa Rica?


What if I am already in Costa Rica- can you provide transportation for me to get to the retreat?

Yes we can. We can coordinate transportation to get you to the retreat space on time. 

Is Costa Rica Safe?

Yes it is. However it's important to keep safe, as with any place in the world.

How will I get transportation from the airport?

Shuttle service and a hotel accomodation is provided the day prior to the retreat start day.

How should I pack? 

Pack light! Light clothing material and shoes that are good for both outdoor and indoor activities and of course your swimwear is a must.  Also please bring a pair of loose and light pants and a long sleeved shirt  to help repel mosquitoes from biting you during the jungle walk excursion.

We also encourage you to bring any natural mosquito repellants .

Did we answer all of your questions? If not please email us:


Reciprocity Reward $270

Receive 10% / $270 for each person that you refer. To qualify, each guest you refer must mention that you referred them and must pay their balance in full by the final date. Your rewards will be paid to you within 30 days of the retreat start date. This  promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions that may be offered by us. 

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    The home stay during your 5 day retreat. Private room, bathroom.and balcony.
  • Food
    All meals are organic vegetarian meals
  • Shuttle Service
    Shuttle to and from your hotel in SJO .
  • Excursions and workshops
    All events, excursions and workshops that will be provided in the itinerary
  • Massage
    One massage per guest
  • Daily Kemetic Yoga
    Ancient Egyption Yoga
  • Daily Meditation
  • Nature walks
    Discover your connection to nature
  • Brotherhood Bonds
    Honoring your divine manhood with the support of your fellow brothers
  • reconnecting within
    Disconnect from the outside world and many of its distractions
  • Journaling
    Discover the magic and the power of written words
  • Grounding
    Learning to be in a consistent state of the present moment
  • Sweat lodge
    Transmute your energy through this scared Temazcal ceremony.
  • Flights
    Flights to and From SJO Airport are not included in the retreat.


Day 1
A Home Away From Home

Day 1, a private shuttle will pick you up at 6:00 am from your hotel in San Jose to begin a beautiful and scenic journey to the restorative and mystical lands of the Southern coast of Costa Rica. Once you arrive at your destination you will be received with love by your host Michael.

A Home away from home, surrounded by a beautiful sea of greenery, delicate gardens, a relaxing, replenishing pool, a loving family oriented staff and your own private room and bathroom, awaits you.

Once settled into your new space we will rejoin for a delicious lunch. After some much needed down time to process all things new, you will be pampered with a relaxing massage to ease any pent up tension and stress after your long journey. Shortly thereafter we will reconvene for dinner. We will close the evening with a guided group meditation that will soothe your mind and transition your spirit just in time for a restful night’s sleep. 

Your Organizer

Introspection Retreats
Introspection Retreats is a women and men of color retreat experience that offers a sacred, healing space. It encourages all people of color from all over the world to journey within themselves, cleanse their minds, bodies and souls and connect with nature and their divine selves. We achieve this by working with all five elements: space, air, fire, water, earth and above all spirit.