Mentawai Islands indonesia

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Mar 26 - Apr 6, 2024
Group size: 8 - 10
Mentawai Islands indonesia

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Mar 26 - Apr 6, 2024
Group size: 8 - 10

About this trip

Join Anais Pierquet + Kassia Meador for retreat of a lifetime

11 Days of Bliss + Surf + Community + Connection on a Private Island Resort

Come up level your longboarding skills and refine and fine tune your alternative trim craft sliding  with us in the perfect paradise of the Northern Mentawais islands in Indonesia. A one-of-a-kind trip for those searching for a peaceful reset, epic adventure and the best waves of your life with friends! We will stay at Botik, an exclusive boutique Resort located in the epicenter of amazing waves, on a private island situated with lush tropical palm trees.

Allow yourself to reconnect to the purest form of life out there in the middle of paradise. Focus on what truly matters, to feel ALIVE, to allow yourself to simply be while surfing the most magical waves in the world.

All inclusive - Intermediate - Experienced surfers only. 

10 spots available!

Surf level requirements 🌊

Who is this trip for ? 

The Mentawais islands are renowned for offering some of the best waves on the planet. This pristine archipelago provides a variety of challenging and rewarding surf spots. With our team we will take you to the greatest spots and we want to make sure that you get the most out of this epic journey. 

Are you a surfer who has mastered most of the basic surfing skills and progressed beyond the beginner stage ready to take it to the next level ? 

Here is a few skills and abilities that intermediate surfers possess : 

- Efficient at paddling into your own waves

- Wave selection

- Following the line of the wave

- Wave awareness and positioning

- Confident in different conditions

- Duck diving and turtle rolling

- Efficient at handling yourself and your board in a lineup. 

You do not need to be a professional at all these skills, just the basics of surfing, to make your experience with us unforgettable. 

The epic team, Kassia and Ana will guide you elevate your skills, conquer legendary waves, grow your confidence and connect with a community of passionate surf enthusiasts !

Even though we are traveling to the Mentawai islands in the shoulder season there can always be random swells that show up early and all of the waves break over reef. This means you must be a competent surfer able to catch your own waves, handle yourself in the lineup, and feel confident duck diving and turtle rolling. We will not be pushing people into waves. This retreat is for intermediate to experienced surfers looking to up level their surfing skills and advance to the next level. During this retreat we will be focused on supporting your skills on a variety of boards ranging from longboards , mid- lengths, fishes and single fins. With an emphasis on cross stepping, nose riding, turns, cutbacks and bringing more Flo and creativity to your surfing. 

*** If you are a beginner or still working on your popup and identifying the lineup we are stoked for you and want to support your journey. If so this is not the trip for you and we could suggest another one of our retreats that would better support you. So please reach out

About The Hosts 🫶🏽

Kassia Meador began surfing at age 14. She was a sponsored professional long-boarder ranked 2nd on the WSL women's longboard world tour in 2011. Over the past 26 years she has been known world wide for her graceful surf style and was crowned the "queen of noseriding" by the New York Times.  In 2015 she launched KASSIA+SURF, a wetsuit brand by women for women. Her designs are rooted in authenticity gained through her direct experience pushing the limits of women's surf culture, lifestyle, and design. Over the past 7 years Kassia has been dedicated to paying it forward by creating a series of Learn To Surf Videos with The Inertia's Inspire courses and hosting surf retreats worldwide. Kassia's skill set range far beyond riding ocean waves and creating wetsuits. Through her own healing and transformation Kassia begun her journey riding sound and energy waves. She has been working with sound and vibrational therapy since 2011 and energy medicine since 2019. She is a trained holographic sound practitioner,  a licensed cranio sacral and polarity therapy practitioner. 

Website :

IG: @kassiasurf

Anais is a spirited soul who left her native France behind eight years ago in search of a life filled with surf and serenity. She always felt that the city life was suffocating, and she longed for a deeper sense of purpose and happiness. Bali became her refuge, offering an escape from the noise and chaos, and providing a space for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery. Driven by her own transformational journey, Anais felt compelled to share the joy and freedom she found in Bali with others. This calling led her to create immersive retreat experiences that combine her love for surfing, mindfulness, and a harmonious connection with the natural world. Ana is a certified crystal healing and sound practitioner, designer, and deep believer that joy is the key to unlocking the full potential within each of us ! Freedom, truth and depth, are the only things she is chasing in life.


IG: @facingblankpages

Refund Policy

*All deposits and payments are nonrefundable. 

If you have to cancel due to illness or other reason please let us know right away and we can work together to find a replacement for your spot. If we can in time your deposit and any other monies paid will be refunded minus a 5% service fee. 

We understand things can happen last minute so we always recommend travel insurance

( World Nomads is one of our favorite ) 

Getting There ✈️

International Flights - 

Please make sure your final destination to meet us is PADANG Indonesia and that is the airport you ill also fly out of on your ay home. 

Arrival and departure in and out of PADANG, INDONESIA 1 day before the start of the trip and one day after. 

This trip begins March 26th and ends April 6th

Please make sure you arrive into Padang March 25th and book your departure from Padang for April 7th. As we will have a 1 night stay before and after the trip in Padang 

If you want to go check out other places in Indonesia before or after our experience that is epic.

Just please be aware of the above arrival and departure dates and please let us know if your have any questions. 

*** It is always advised when booking International and Domestic flights to check with your airline about any bag restrictions they may have in place to make sure your boards arrive when you do

About your Stay 🛖

You will be staying at Botik Resort. A small and private resort located on an island in the area of the Mentawai's knows as the playgrounds. There are many waves in the area all accessible by boat transfer. As this is a small private island there are no shops or anything so please bring all you need to make your stay comfortable. There is WIFI in the restaurant area where you will be having 3 meals a day. And there is a new yoga shale that we will be doing your and sound baths in. 

There are 4 bungalows on the island that will be your home for our time together. Think of each  Bungalow as small house. There will be 4 guests per bungalow with 2 guests upstairs in a large shared space and 2 guests downstairs in a large shared space. Each bungalow has a large bathroom to be shared by the 4 guests occupying that bungalow. 

What’s included

  • Daily surf coaching
    2 x daily surf sessions with Anais + Kassia (when conditions permit)
  • Video feedback sessions
    All of your surf sessions will be filmed. Throughout the retreat we will have group video feedback sessions. The intention is to highlight the adjustments needed to support your surfing evolution.
  • 2 x Guided sound baths
    Kassia + Anais are trained sound practitioners. The collaborative sonic field they co-create is healing and supportive for you to reset, balance and harmonize your subtle bodies.
  • 3 x meals daily
    3 x nourishing balanced meals daily prepared by the Botik crew.
  • Coffee + Water + Juice
    Will be included
  • Your photos + videos
    We have a skilled team of content creators to capture this incredible experience for to take the best moments home and relive them over and over again.
  • 2 night stay in Padang
    There is a transfer hotel in Padang will stay at 1 night on the way to and from Botik. We will book you a shared room. Please reach out before booking flights to ensure you arrive and leave on time
  • Boat transfer and tax
    We will take a 4 hour boat ride from Padang to the Mentawai's. This will be covered for you.

What’s not included

  • Surfboards
    We will be staying on a private island and they do not have boards to rent so please be sure to bring your own Boards, Fins, leashes, Wax, Sunblock and surf essentials
  • Airfare
    You are responsible for your own air fare and luggage fees. Please do reach out before booking so we can suggest the best airlines and routes
  • Travel insurance
    Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement and we suggest World Nomads.
  • Alcohol and softdrinks
    Any Alcohol and or soft drinks are an additional cost and will be charged by the resort before departure.
  • Hard Drive
    Please bring your own hard drive for us to upload your surf video footage and photos
  • Transfer hotel meals
    Food and drink during your stay at the transfer hotel in Padang is not covered.

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $2,500

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