Mike Hansen and Hannah Sukonick Kapawi 4-day Program, Feb 14-17, 2020

Kapawi, Pastaza, Ecuador

4 reviews
Feb 14 - 17, 2020
Group size: 2 - 2
Mike Hansen and Hannah Sukonick Kapawi 4-day Program, Feb 14-17, 2020
Kapawi, Pastaza, Ecuador

4 reviews

Feb 14 - 17, 2020
Group size: 2 - 2

About this trip

Dear Mike and Hannah:

Immerse yourself in the Amazon Rainforest with Kapawi Eco-lodge's 4-day trip itinerary. Kapawi is located deep in the Achuar indigenous territory, only accessible by air. The highlight of our travel experience is not only the remoteness of our nature sanctuary in the Amazon Rainforest, but the unique Achuar cultural immersion you will experience as our guest. Guests can customize their experience, with activities ranging from wildlife, birdwatching, relaxed or hard-core adventures, hiking and paddling, fishing, and cultural immersion. Guests can also, on special occasions, decide to spend the night in one of the neighboring Achuar communities.

Suggested packing list


  • 3 to 4 pairs of lightweight long pants; quick drying material preferred. Avoid jeans, as weather is hot, humid and wet. 
  • 4 long-sleeved shirts; quick-drying material preferred. 
  • 3 or 4 short sleeved t-shirts. 
  • 1 pair of hiking socks for each day in the rainforest. 
  • 1 light windbreaker, sweater or fleece jacket. 
  • 1-2 brimmed hats (suitable for both sun and rain). 
  • Bathing suits. 
  • 1 rain poncho.


  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes. 
  • 1 pair of sandals.


  • Sun block lotion. SPF 45 or higher is recommended.
  • Insect repellent (plenty of, as also useful to spray directly onto clothing). 
  • After bite/itch relief  
  • Anti-malaria pills (please check with physician before).
  • Small flashlight. Headlamp models recommended. 
  • Refillable Water bottle.  
  • Binoculars (optional) 
  • Diarrhea medication, rehydration sachets, probiotics and electrolytes. 
  • 1 quick drying towel 
  • Wet tissues or supplies of small tissue packs 
  • Light snacks/energy bars (just in case) 
  • Black bin liners/or zip lock bags to keep belongings dry 
  • Journal/camera/sunglasses etc 
  • Personal toiletries  

* Please bring US dollars in small bills for purchases made in the communities (handicrafts, others).

What’s included

  • Transportation
    Chartered two-way flight Shell-Kapawi-Shell. Includes a 50-minute flight each way in a small 3-, 5-, or 9-seater plane over the Amazon basin.
  • Accommodation
    Private accommodation.
  • All meals
  • Guides
    Local and naturalist bilingual guides
  • All activities
    Includes hikes, river activities, community visits and overnights.
  • Boots and rain poncho
    We will require shoe size confirmation prior to the travel experience.
  • International airfare
    International flights to and from Ecuador
  • Alcoholic beverages
    Please bring cash for purchases at the bar. Unfortunately we cannot take credit card payments at the ecolodge yet...
  • Souvenirs
    Handicrafts, ceramic, weavings
  • Overland Transportation
    To and from Shell, not included.

Available Packages

Price for 2, double accommodation
Sold Out

1 double, matrimonial cabin.



Day 1
The Kapawi experience begins in Quito with transfer Quito-Ambato-Shell

Kapawi visitors usually start their Amazon experience in Quito and drive along the “Avenue of Volcanos” before descending to the Amazon plateau following the Pastaza river. Kapawi Ecolodge is only accessible by air, so visitors fly for about 50 minutes in a chartered small 5-, or 8- seater plane from the town of Shell to the Achuar community of Kusutkau, and then take a small boat downstream the Capahuari river for a 30-minute ride to the ecolodge. 

Upon arrival to the ecolodge, you will be taken to the main social and dining area, where we give you an introductory talk about the Ecolodge, the Achuar territory, and the different possibilities for activities, both natural and cultural. After the introductory briefing, you will be shown to your cabins, and lunch will be served in our dining area.

After lunch, you will choose, together with your guides, the best activities for the afternoon. Kapawi offers a wide range of activities in the trails surrounding the ecolodge, and also in the  Capahuari river. We usually start with a hike in the forest, to understand the incredible ecology of the Amazon Rainforest. Some hikes start right from the lodge, while others start near the lodge a few minutes away by motorized boat.

Return to the lodge after the activity for some free time. Swimming in the river right from our dock is always available, as well as relaxing in our social areas by the river or in the main area where our dining area and bar are located. We will have dinner at the lodge at 7.30 pm, and after dinner you can go over the next day's plan and activities together with your guides. Overnight at Kapawi Ecolodge.

Your Organizer

Kapawi Ecolodge
4 reviews
Inaugurated in 1996, Kapawi Ecolodge is an award-winning Achuar indigenous ecotourism enterprise, located in Ecuador's last large tract of Amazon Rainforest in southeastern Ecuador. Kapawi Ecolodge offers a unique and authentic natural and cultural travel experience deep in the Amazon Rainforest, in the lower basin of the Pastaza, Capahuari, and Kusutkau rivers. Kapawi is owned and operated by the local communities, and offers an immersion in nature and culture, and an experience with Achuar communities, forest, and Amazon rivers.


I don’t even know where to begin. The entire experience was amazing. You should go and go now! Everyone I spoke with in Quito was doing Amazon trips that seemed crowded and nowhere near as amazing as my experience. Communication: My emails were answered quickly before departure and all questions answered. Once in Ecuador we easily communicated via WhatsApp. Office staff spoke flawless English. Arrival: There was a rain delay leaving. Staff communicated via WhatsApp and then at the hangar they updated me. The flight to the lodge was in a small Cessna and I was in the copilot seat, which was super cool!! The pilot spoke English and communicated about the flight etc. I felt perfectly safe! Was met at the airstrip by lodge staff and had a 30 minute boat ride to the lodge. It is a large canoe with a canopy cover. Lodge and room: The lodge is beautiful! I don’t know how they did this in the literal middle of the jungle! If you’ve been on an African safari, the setup is similar. There is a large dining hut and then the individual rooms/huts. My room was clean and the bed was comfortable. Bugs do get in….but just crawling bugs. It’s the jungle after all! Never saw any mosquitos in the room. There is a toilet and shower, but no hot water. Shower was good pressure and soap and shampoo are provided. Filtered water was provided daily. Food: Dietary preferences were met. Food was always good! I am always amazed what they can do in the middle of nowhere. The different fruit juices everyday were fun to try. Guide: My guide was Diego. His English was fabulous! He was very attentive and helpful throughout my stay. He always checked to make sure I was doing well and was so knowledgeable! I loved learning about his tribe, his family, and his culture. I was always amazed at how he could run into the jungle and grab stuff and make something out of it. Activities/animals: So it’s always a gamble when you look for animals. The jungle is very different than a safari. Birds are up high in the canopy so bring a zoom lens (my 255 wasn’t good enough). Insects are up close so bring a macro lens for getting good shots of them. Animals move very fast! We saw dolphins, but they never jumped out of the water. Saw a capybara moving in the water. Lots of insects. Lots of birds at a distance. Honestly, for me this was less about the animals and more about learning about this special culture and appreciating a pristine part of the world. My visit to a village family was simply amazing. Diego translated and it was fun answering their questions (quite shocked I was traveling without my husband) and playing with the kids.
By Naomi E for Naomi Ekas x 1 Kapawi experience August 1 - 8, 2021 on 10 Aug, 2021
This was my 16th trip to this incredible destination. Kapawi has been through a lot of changes over the decades, but it has been resilient and has come back in a wonderful way. For nature and culture it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Do NOT miss this. Break out of your routines. When COVID is behind us, DO THIS!
By Samuel C for Sam Crothers x 2, Kapawi Ecolodge 5-day Feb 15-19, 2021 on 21 Feb, 2021
I had an amazing Amazon experice at Kapawi Eco-lodge! It is owned and run by the Achuar Indian tribe who were most gracious and helpful. My guide, Simon, was very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna and brought me on 3-4 nature excursions per day/night. The food was fantastic as was the service staff. I highly recommend this gem of a lodge deep in the Amazon jungle.
By Janet B for Janet Biondi, Kapawi Ecolodge 5-day February 24-28, 2020 (copy) on 01 Mar, 2020
Like none I’ve taken before. This was an opportunity to travel deep into the jungle, far from any roads, to absorb its sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and feels, guided by people who have lived their entire lives in this place. This is not simply a wildlife viewing trip. It is a chance to experience a very special place in the world and to see what it means to the people who live there.
By Keith D for Keith de Young x 2, Kapawi Ecolodge 5-day February 10-14, 2020 (copy) on 20 Feb, 2020
Thank you Keith for your kind words. We look forward to seeing you in the future again. Saludos from Kapawi.
By Kapawi Ecolodge on 20 Feb, 2020