Mindful Strength Workshop with Kathryn Bruni Young

Mound Street Yoga Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Andrea Russell
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59 reviews
Oct 13 - 14, 2018
Group size: 1 - 39
Mindful Strength Workshop with Kathryn Bruni Young
Mound Street Yoga Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Andrea Russell
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59 reviews

Oct 13 - 14, 2018
Group size: 1 - 39

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This session will begin with a talk outlining the key principles of Mindful Strength, which include topics such as adaptation, the nervous system, strength and aging, joint preparation, mobility, recovery, and stability. Kathryn will dispel myths around what core activation is, how it feels, and how a strong core truly supports us.


This is Kathryn’s signature session and overall favorite topic. Different ways to work with upper body strength with be highlighted in detail including wrist and shoulder strength and rehab, push-ups, arm balances and maybe even handstand. This workshop will guide students through a progression that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the individual. This workshop, along with the others will begin with simple isolation, then progress to whole body movement, followed by less linear patterns and highly variable practice.


This session will begin with a 75 minute Mindful Strength flow practice. Students will get a chance to experience how strengthening movements can start to feel like a system of mindful movement. The class will be followed by a brief snack break, before diving into lower body strength and mobility. Glutes, and hamstrings will be covered, as well as ankle health, and how to support the knees, ankles and hips with strengthening movements. Balance will be a main theme in this workshop, how we can improve our balance using novel movements and building stability through dynamic movement.


In this final session Kathryn will discuss how strength, movement and mobility all fit hand-in- hand for an overall balanced approach to practice. More strengthening exercises will be given, as well as ideas on how to stretch, blend yoga with strength, and develop a method of practice that suits YOUR body. Sequencing, programming, and class structure will also be outlined, to give students an idea of how to practice Mindful Strength on their own.


Kathryn is the founder of Mindful Strength, the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, a dynamic teacher with over a decade of experience and a creative thinker in the yoga revolution. She has been named one of the fifteen millennial teachers to watch by Yoga Journal Magazine, her online courses are enjoyed by people all over the world and she is currently writing a book on the topic of strength training with a mindful approach. Kathryn has a small studio in Williamstown Ontario, she is an avid knitter and loves learning about movement, rehab and how the human body and mind coexist. www.kathrynbruniyoung.com




  • 10:30-12:30pm| Intro to Core Principles
  • 12:30-2:00pm | Lunch (not provided)
  • 2:00-5:00 pm | Upper Body Strength & Movement


  • 9:00-12:00pm| Lower Body Strength & Balance
  • 12:00-1:30pm | Lunch (not provided)
  • 1:30-4:00 pm | Mindful Strength Method & Mobility

Travel & Arrival

  • Please plan to arrive at The Mound Street Yoga Center, 1342 Mound St, Madison, Wisconsin, between 10-10:20 am.
  • There is street parking.
  • There is no lodging provided, if you are coming from out of town and need lodging recommendations please contact me.

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Andrea Russell
59 reviews
I’m an Ayurvedic health counselor, yoga and meditation teacher, and neurovascular therapist living in Madison, Wisconsin. I have been in private practice and teaching since 2000. My classes and retreats integrate Ayurvedic wisdom, meditation and a mindful approach to asana that brings attention to anatomy, optimal alignment, strength, breath, and inner awareness. This practice cultivates abounding health in body and mind while inspiring you to live a more grounded and compassionate life. I offer a variety of trainings, workshops, and retreats, both locally and abroad. I have a deep love for travel, local food, and spending time with my pitbull Lucy. I look forward to working together. Gratefully, Andrea P.S. Head over to http://andrearussell.com/about/ to get my full story!


Loved the retreat and Andrea’s energy was wonderful as always! Wonderful food!! Thank you Lauren.
By Chris F for Summer Wisconsin Retreat on 10 Aug, 2021
Perfect timing given all that is going on the world. I found it incredibly comforting and helpful to practice in community with superb guidance from Andrea and Cheryl. The Christine Center is truly sacred space.
By Kathy P for AWAKEN Meditation & Yoga Retreat 2020 on 24 Mar, 2020
As usual my experience is better each time I get to be a part of Andrea’s retreats! The food at The Christine Center is so delicious and nutritious I want to learn how to cook like they do there! Sheryl was a perfect addition to this retreat. I’ve never met her before and she is such a smart woman and explains things so well. I’d actually like to talk to her one on one! Thank you Andrea and Sheryl for being a great team. I learn more every visit! Love, Sid?
By Sidney M for AWAKEN Meditation & Yoga Retreat 2020 on 18 Mar, 2020
Thank you for a great retreat! Your knowledge and understanding of human anatomy was insightful and beneficial. You created a wonderful environment for stretching our hearts and minds.
By Nancy B for COSTA RICA RETREAT January 11-18th, 2020 on 28 Jan, 2020
Andrea's attention to detail made everything about the experience flow without a hitch. Once at the retreat center, which was beautiful, quiet and supportive to relaxation and reflection, Andrea provided a balance of structure and down time. The food was delicious and healthy. The environment stunning and breathtaking. The leader was skillful, accommodating to the needs of the diverse group of learners. Without hesitation, I highly recommend!
By Heidi R for COSTA RICA RETREAT January 11-18th, 2020 on 27 Jan, 2020
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My time at the Christine Center for Andrea's retreat was just wonderful. I came away not just feeling refreshed and centered, but with actual tools to move forward with...and so much to think about! Andrea embodies all of the things she talks about, you can see it...feel it. Her knowledge of Ayurveda, the body, nature, and how it all ties into each other, is incredible. Anyone who has the opportunity to experience learning from Andrea should make it a priority to do so!
By Shana M on 04 Oct, 2019