Mindfulness & Conservation Backpacking Retreat

Point Reyes Station, CA, USA

Diana Oppenheim
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7 reviews
Jan 11 - 12, 2019
Group size: 1 - 6
Mindfulness & Conservation Backpacking Retreat
Point Reyes Station, CA, USA

Diana Oppenheim
  • Email address verified
7 reviews

Jan 11 - 12, 2019
Group size: 1 - 6

About this trip

Donation-based yoga, meditation & conservation retreat

Sliding-scale donations $100 - 500

All donations go toward conservation work with Vital Actions

Join Charity Kahn and Diana Oppenheim on this short but powerful retreat to Point Reyes National Seashore.  Point Reyes is an incredible part of the California coast and is home to 15% of ALL California biodiversity, including 60 species of plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.  It's an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem filled with stunning views, wide open skies and gorgeous trees and wildlife, making it the perfect place to drop into your body, mind and soul and take action in a way that creates peace for you but also the ecosystem of which you are a part. 

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation, habitat restoration, healthy and delicious vegan food are all part of this weekend but the true gift is connection: with yourself, with others and of course with our beautiful earth.  

We will start together with yoga and breakfast in San Francisco and carpool together to Point Reyes (~90-minute drive).  We will backpack to our incredible campsite (~7-mile hike, moderately strenuous) with ocean views for the night.  The next day we will explore protected areas and help restore a delicate coastal dune ecosystem and learn about native and endangered plants.  We will finish with a sunset meditation at one of the park's most iconic sights -- the Point Reyes Lighthouse!  It will be a short but incredibly powerful weekend that you won't want to miss!

Environmental Ethics

Charity and I are committed to creating a healing space -- for ourselves and for the earth.  We believe that we can take care of and heal ourselves while challenging the ways in which we demand excess from earth.  

All food served will be vegan, as the meat and dairy industry is one of the leading causes of species extinction, deforestation and climate change.  For the meals you bring, we ask that they also be vegan.  We are happy to help with any meal planning preparations you might need! 

We will follow Leave No Trace while backpacking and make an effort to minimize or even eliminate all plastics from our packs.  What we pack in -- we will also pack out!  

Sliding-Scale Donations

This retreat is 100% sliding-scale donation and ALL donations (aside from any nominal costs such as campground rental) will be used to help fight for envionmental protection and justice.  

This retreat is part of the Movement Network, where all funds go toward supporting front-line eco defenders.  This trip will support Vital Actions, a strategic eco defense and social justice organiation that works in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico and the US.  Their efforts have saved thousands of sea turtles from being lost to the illegal food trade, they've removed thousands of kilos of plastic debris from sensitive coastal habitats, they've fought illegal logging, they've worked with reforestation efforts and have also facilitated an alternative economy around conservation work in southern Nicaragua to help provide income to over 40 families that have been impacted by the current political crisis.   

Suggested donations are 100 - 500.  Use the discount codes to select the amount you'd like to donate.  If you can't do $100 and you want to come, please reach out to me directly and we will get you on board.  If you want to donate MORE, same thing :) 

500- no discount code

400- 4hundred

300- 3hundred

200- 2hundred

100- 1hundred

Meet Charity!

Founder of the award-winning JAM programs (Charity and the JAMband CDs and concerts, JAMboodas parent/child classes, and JAMcamp for school-aged kids), Charity Kahn is a musician, songwriter, performer and educator working to bring joy and presence to families and young children through the vehicles of music, movement and mindfulness. Her passions include writing and recording music, learning from children, studying the politics of our time, absorbing the dharma, and making soup.


Charity has been practicing Insight Meditation since 2007, and has participated in trainings and retreats at Mindful Schools, Spirit Rock, the Redwood City Insight Meditation Center, and the SF Zen Center. Meditation is the cornerstone and anchor of her life -- the daily practice that makes all else possible. Her favorite thing about the Outer Sunset is that it turned out to be the perfect place to bring up children -- a safe, community-minded village nestled in balance between the bustling stimulation and opportunity of urban SF and the vast emptiness of the Pacific. For more info on Charity's work, visit www.jamjamjam.com.

What’s included

  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation classes
  • Friday Breakfast
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Campsite
  • Meals at Camp
    Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, snacks on trail both days

Your Organizer

Diana Oppenheim
7 reviews
I am a San Francisco-based yoga teacher. I love being in nature and hope to inspire as many people to get out into nature and slow down so we can connect to the present moment.


This great adventure was fantastic on so many levels!!! The knowledge I gained about the environment and all the beings that populate the earth. is invaluable. My awareness has expanded hugely and I feel very humbled by this great experience in which I deeply connected with others, gained a renewed respect and appreciation for our planet and personally opened my heart and mind. Both Diana and Charity were masterful in creating a safe space for us to be ourselves and to be vulnerable. Loved the meditation and yoga, the food was superb, very comfy accommodations, the property was gorgeous. I so respect everyone who works at the animal sanctuary and their dedication to an immensely important cause.
By Dina lisha for Awakening Retreat on Apr 24, 2019
Charity & Diana seamlessly adapted the retreat in response to inclement weather, providing a warm and grounding space, delicious meals, and 2 beautiful yoga and meditation practices. Both teachers facilitated mindfulness during our 10-mile hike and dune restoration the following day, with gentle, subtle reminders that helped to take the practice "off the mat". Thoughtful present teachers, a beautiful location in Pt. Reyes and delicious vegan meals... What more could you want?
I've been practicing yoga and backpacking for over 10 years but have never enjoyed them together and didn't fully understand how intertwined the activities were until this trip, which deepened my love and appreciation for both. Diana is one of the best yoga instructors I've ever had - her knowledge of the body and mind is vast, her instructions are purposeful and practicing with her is energetic and challenging. Duncan's lessons on minimalist backpacking and venturing off trail have changed my approach to nature forever. I am so thankful for whatever force brought these two wonderful human beings together because their combined love for nature, life and yoga is infectious - you will come out of this experience inspired and re-charged (and maybe a little sore).
Diana is incredible. She holds space like no other and has an enormous heart! I always feel so well taken care of when I am in her classes or on her retreats. I highly recommend exploring one of her unique and adventurous and nurturing retreats! I promise you won't regret one bit : )
By Lindsey Kraten for Yoga + Backpacking 101 on May 25, 2018
Diana's Point Reyes retreat was the perfect setting for a really special retreat! She had a very well thought out schedule which we kept to, and each yoga session was well planned and great for the setting. Accommodations were very cozy and peaceful. The meals were outstanding!! We did a lengthy hike that was an intense workout, which led us to a picnic lunch on the beach. Overall, I had a really great time and loved all of the people who attended. Diana was extremely organized and just so thoughtful with every single detail. I'm looking forward to attending another retreat with her again!
By Kandace Kaylor for Yoga + Hiking Retreat on May 14, 2018
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