Mount Shasta Lemurian Activation Retreat September 2023

Mount Shasta, CA, USA

Judy and Iggy
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Sep 22 - 26, 2023
Group size: 1 - 5
Mount Shasta Lemurian Activation Retreat September 2023
Mount Shasta, CA, USA

Judy and Iggy
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Sep 22 - 26, 2023
Group size: 1 - 5

About this trip

Mount Shasta located in Northern California is a destination for mystics, gurus, sages, and curious people from all over the world. The mystery and unexplained stories surrounding this site are endless. This enormous mountain is endeared by all who come to visit or live near her.

This dormant volcano is not part of any mountain range. She's uniquely her own mountain in many ways. With a summit of 14,125 feet above sea level, Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascade Mountain range. Her slopes rise abruptly nearly 10,000 feet above the surrounding landscape.

Those who live in the town of Mount Shasta will tell you stories of encounters with Lemurians, the hidden city of Telos, Saint Germain, and alien landings. But by far they sense a certain special feeling that comes with being in the presence of Mount Shasta's vital energy or vortex.

Our ancient ancestors knew a vortex or a gathering place of the earth's energy was sacred. This special mountain has such a vortex. Ancient cultures considered these vortexes, portals to a higher dimension of consciousness.

If someone was near a vortex it activated and energized their etheric or energetic bodies making it possible for some to become aware of what mystics have discovered...our existence is multi-dimensional. 

During this Semi Private Exclusive Retreat we will be surrounded by the beauty and Root Chakra frequencies of Mount Shasta which will provide the setting for the highest vibrational and transformational shifts within you.

Connecting to Your Divine Essence

The Lemurian Activation Retreat is designed exclusively for a small group of souls that are ready for massive healing and expansion. 

THIS IS A SEMI PRIVATE RETREAT curated specifically for Starseeds, Lightworkers, Forerunners and New Earth Visionaries on the Awakening Path.

We will be spending 5 days in a high vibrational vortex with Soul Family to delve deep into Multidimensional Healing, Heart Expansion, DNA Activations and Ascension Illumination.

We will connect with our Angelic Team, Galactic Family, Ascended Masters, Ancient Mothers of Lemuria and our Higher Dimensional Team of Light to assist in clearing timelines, karmic contracts, and releasing any inorganic energy attachments. 

We will be going deep within to access our divine soul blueprint.  Judy and Iggy will assist you in unleashing the unique codes you hold to propel you into expressing your amazing gifts and passions fully out into the world. 

If your heart is calling you to step into the MAGIC that you are and start upleveling your life into the 12D frequencies of the Age of Light, then YOU ARE READY! 

Come join us as we embark on this POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL journey together in the extremely high vibing vortex of Mount Shasta! 

Check out video from one of our past Mount Shasta Retreats:


What’s included

  • Pre Retreat Consultation
    Video conference to discuss dietary guidelines, food restrictions, spiritual preparation and medical contraindications.
  • Shared Accomodations
    Retreat Home Featuring a meditation & tea room with privacy, noise reducing curtains * A reading nook with a Mt Shasta view * A spa room including a mountain spring jacuzzi & a eucalyptus steam shower
  • Vegan Meals
    Vegan meals throughout retreat with one interactive vegan cooking class.
  • Cacao Ceremonies
    2 Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with Sound Healing
  • Meditation
    Guided meditations for connecting to your Higher Self and Source
  • Yoga
    Morning yoga sessions
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony
    Guided sacred plant medicine ceremony to awaken to your soul self. Be ready for massive clearing and cosmic activations from your guides.
  • Mount Shasta Vortex Tour
    Guided Vortex Tour on Mount Shasta to experience connection to angels, ascended masters, star beings and guides. Ascension activations to connect to the pure love that you are.
  • Freedom Breathwork
    Guided breathwork ceremony to reduce stress, shut off self identity and allow the body to process deep emotions.
  • Water Ceremony
    Ceremony to honor the Four Directions, Mother Earth and the Cosmos.
  • Intuitive Bodywork
    Deep tissue massage for enhanced relaxation and improved energy flow.
  • Hape Ceremony
    Ceremony with Sacred Shamanic Snuff Medicine that allows for insight, guidance, heart connection and healing.
  • Dream Journey
    Guided Dream Journey Meditation to assist you in creating your highest timeline and the grandest version of YOU!
  • Light Language
    Sacred light encoded transmissions for Chakra balancing, DNA activations, releasing past timelines, healing traumas, releasing entities, implants and also restructuring light body architecture.
  • Vegan Cooking Class
    Fun and interactive group vegan cooking class.
  • Quantum Upgrades
    Receive multidimensional codes to uplevel your ascension journey into the 5th dimensional frequencies and beyond.
  • Post Retreat Integration
    Individual post retreat integration session. Integration is what happens after your retreat. It's what you do with the teachings and insights you received and how you will make changes.
  • Journey to Telos
    Shamanic drumming ceremony into the 5th dimensional city of Telos to receive healing, guidance and upgrades.
  • Ascension Mentoring
    One session to assist in grounding your healing journey. We will discuss taking steps to further your spiritual and ascension path as an empowered being while practicing positive changes.
  • Lifestyle Session
    One session to assist in navigating the lifestyle changes needed to maximize the healing process of the retreat.
  • Group Integration
    Group integration with all retreat participants via video conference once a month for 3 months duration.
  • Transportation
    Transportation to and from Mount Shasta
  • Travel insurance
    Travel insurance is highly recommended.
  • Cancellation Policy
    $1111 non refundable deposit is required to book your space. Full balance is due 30 days prior to start date. All payments are non refundable once made, but are transferrable to a future retreat.

Available Packages

Shared Room
Available until September 20, 2023only 1 left

Shared room with two twin beds and private bathroom.

Deposit: $1,111
Single Room
Available until August 21, 2023only 1 left

Private room with Queen size bed

Deposit: $1,111


Details Coming!

Your Organizer

Judy and Iggy
We both are here to assist the upliftment of humanity and the ascension of the planet. We aspire to help individuals to Re-Member who they are as Soul Beings can and their beautiful connection with the Divine. We also guide and teach those who are open to understand their multi dimensional selves in order to live a life in alignment with their Soul Purpose. Our mission is to further navigate through this Golden Age of Aquarius to contribute to the collective awakening into the 5th Dimensional frequencies of New Earth.