Mountain Climbing - Carihuairazo - Chimborazo Private

Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador Eco Adventure
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Mountain Climbing - Carihuairazo - Chimborazo Private
Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador Eco Adventure
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About this trip

Dear  client

This invoice is for your Mountain Climbing expedition in Ecuador 


Tour name

Climb Carihuairazo - Chimborazo 


The other 2.9% fee will automatically be added when you process your card


The Ecuador Eco Adventure  team

What’s included

  • ASEGUIM Guides
  • Transportation
  • Meals on refuge
  • Water and snacks
  • Mountain Refuge
  • Climbing Permits
  • Adventure Insurance
  • Climbing Gear
  • Transfer Quito
    Ida y vuelta
  • Accommodation
  • Logistics
  • Back Pack
    Attack pack 20 -30 lters
  • Sun Glasses
    Snow gogles
  • Inner layer gloves
  • Tips
    suggested $10 or more

Available options

Quito Pick up 2 ways
High camp Suplement

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Ecuador Eco Adventure
Ecuador Eco Adventure. Specialists in Ecotourism and Environmentally Sustainable Trips in Ecuador, taking you as far away from the beaten track and typical tourist trails as possible to some of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet. Ecuador Eco Adventure -Riobamba Best Tour Operator Ecuador Eco Adventure ® was founded in 2006 and has since become Riobambas number 1 innovative Ecotourism operator. Our aim is to take you off the beaten track on great adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life, making us one of the best Ecuador tour companies. We are specialists in Andes Treks, Mountain Climbing, Galapagos Islands Tours, Horseback riding tours, and Amazon Rainforest Adventures. Whats more is that the ECO in Ecuador Eco Adventure isn’t just marketing – we actually care about the Environment and our trips are designed to be low-impact and involve indigenous communities so they receive the economic benefits of Ecotourism.