My Big Fat Greek Yoga Retreat

      Amorgos, Greece

      Dancing Dogs Yoga Travels
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      56 reviews
      Sep 15 - 22, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 30
      My Big Fat Greek Yoga Retreat
      Amorgos, Greece

      Dancing Dogs Yoga Travels
      • Email address verified
      56 reviews

      Sep 15 - 22, 2024
      Group size: 10 - 30

      About this trip

      Indulge in the ultimate yoga journey that transcends the ordinary—live like a Greek Goddess (or God!) on the yoga trip of a lifetime! Join the radiant Shelley Carroll as she curates an unforgettable yoga escape, where breathtaking landscapes meet world-class yoga and meditation. Immerse yourself in a holistic experience that goes beyond the mat, embracing amazing cuisine, true connections, and the birth of lifelong friendships.

      Details: Picture yourself in the embrace of Grecian paradise, surrounded by azure waters and sun-kissed landscapes. This yoga escape, carefully curated by the luminous Shelley Carroll, is a celebration of mind, body, and soul. Get ready for:

      • 🌅 Breathtaking Views: Yoga sessions set against the stunning backdrop of the Greek landscape
      • 🧘 World-Class Yoga + Meditation: Elevate your practice with Shelley's guidance
      • 🍽️ Culinary Delights: Indulge in amazing Greek cuisine that nourishes the body and soul
      • 👫 True Connections: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded souls
      • 🌟 Friendships Forever: Create bonds that last a lifetime

      Your journey includes not just yoga, but a holistic experience designed to leave you refreshed, inspired, and connected. From sunrise salutations to sunset reflections, every moment is a celebration of the divine within you.

      So, pack your yoga mat, embrace the Grecian spirit, and join Shelley Carroll for a yoga escape that transcends the ordinary. Grecian Bliss awaits—where you live like a Greek Goddess (or God!) and awaken the divine within. ! 🌺🧘‍♀️🏝️

      World Class Yoga + Meditation

      Embark on a transformative journey in the enchanting Greek Isles with daily yoga, meditation, and yoga nidra classes led by DDY Travels founder  Shelley Carroll. A globetrotter, social justice advocate, and passionate foodie, Shelley brings a wealth of experience, having founded Dancing Dogs Yoga in 2010 and led retreats and trainings across the globe.

      Yoga for All: Our yoga classes are crafted for practitioners of ALL levels, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their point in the yoga journey, finds challenge and inspiration. Begin each day with a invigorating vinyasa flow practice and meditation, setting the tone for a harmonious experience. On days without excursions, indulge in a unique afternoon practice, whether it's the restorative bliss of yoga nidra or the grounding tranquility of yin yoga.

      Holistic Wellness: Under the Grecian sun, elevate your well-being with practices designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. All necessary mats and props are thoughtfully provided, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless and enriching yoga experience.

      Unveil the transformative power of yoga and meditation amidst the beauty of the Greek Isles. Join Shelley  on this unparalleled journey where all levels of practitioners are welcomed, challenged, and inspired—creating moments of connection, growth, and serenity. 🌞🧘‍♂️🌊

      The Aegialis Hotel + Spa

      Prepare to be enchanted by the exclusive comfort of Aegialis Hotel & Spa, the sole 5-star haven on Amorgos Island. Recognized by CNN as one of the top five Yoga Hotels in Greece, Aegialis is a sanctuary for wellness devotees and yoga enthusiasts alike.

      Wellness Oasis: Aegialis Hotel & Spa stands as a beacon for wellness travelers, offering an array of facilities and services meticulously designed to nurture both the spirit and the body. Recognized as a reference point for well-being, our hotel has earned its reputation through a commitment to providing an unparalleled holistic experience.

      Culinary Delights at "Ambrosia Gallery": Indulge your palate at the renowned "Ambrosia Gallery," the hotel's main restaurant. Here, a gastronomic journey unfolds with an expansive array of gourmet specialties. From vegan and vegetarian to gluten-free options, our menu is a testament to our commitment to catering to diverse tastes, all prepared with organic vegetables sourced from our own gardens.

      Proximity to Blissful Waters: Situated between the main sandy beach of Aegiali and the picturesque beach of Levroso, Aegialis Hotel is a mere 7-10 minutes' stroll from the crystalline waters of Aegiali bay. This proximity ensures that the soothing embrace of the Aegean Sea is just moments away.

      Mythical Allure: Legend has it that Amorgos was the irresistible magnet that detained Ulysses on his journey back to Ithaki, captivated by Goddess Kirki. Today, that same magnetic allure beckons wellness and yoga enthusiasts. Drawn by Amorgos' potent revitalizing energy and the abundance of therapeutic herbs, our island becomes a haven for spiritual and physical rejuvenation.

      Experience the magic of Aegialis Hotel & Spa, where luxury meets tranquility, and where the mystique of Amorgos unfolds in every moment. Welcome to your 5-star oasis in the heart of the Cyclades. 🌟🌊🧘‍♀️

      Indulge in Luxury: Superior Room Retreat

      Elevate your stay with the allure of a Superior room, thoughtfully designed for a harmonious blend of subtle, elegant, and modern comfort. Embracing the minimal Cycladic design ethos, each room boasts state-of-the-art facilities to ensure an unparalleled retreat.

      Room Highlights: Your sanctuary comes alive with a private balcony, providing a front-row seat to breathtaking vistas of the Aegean Sea and Aegiali beach. Immerse yourself in the coastal beauty that unfolds before your eyes.

      Modern Comforts: Experience the epitome of contemporary luxury with a range of amenities, including:

      • 📺 32’’ Flat Screen TV for your entertainment
      • 🌅 Private Balcony, a personal haven with sea views
      • 📡 Free Wi-Fi Internet, keeping you connected
      • ❄️ Air-Conditioning, ensuring optimal comfort
      • 💇 Hair Dryer for your convenience
      • 🔐 Safe Box for your valuables
      • 🍹 Fridge to keep your refreshments cool
      • ☕ Coffee and Tea Maker for your morning ritual
      • 🚿 Glass Cabin Shower, a sleek and modern bathing experience
      • 🛁 Bathrobes, Pool Towels, and Slippers for your leisurely moments

      Amorgian Warmth: Immerse yourself in the unique Amorgian hospitality, where the charm of Cycladic beauty intertwines seamlessly with your every experience. Your Superior room promises not just a stay but a collection of memories that will forever be etched in your heart.

      Embark on a journey where luxury meets tranquility, and every moment is a celebration of the beauty that surrounds you. Welcome to a world where superior comfort meets Aegean enchantment. 🌊🌅🛌

      Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

      ndulge in a complete culinary experience with daily breakfast, two lunches, and nightly dinners—all included in your stay. Every meal becomes a celebration, offering a delightful mix of traditional Amorgian flavors and international dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

      Dining Highlights:

      • 🌅 Breakfast: Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast spread, setting the perfect tone for your island adventures.
      • ☀️ Lunch Suggestions: On select days, we'll provide recommendations for local lunch spots, allowing you to explore Amorgos' diverse culinary scene.
      • 🍽️ Dinner: Unwind each evening with a delectable dinner at Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant. Certified by "AEGEAN CUISINE" for the last three years, our restaurant is dedicated to showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the Aegean. Whether you're a meat lover or a vegetarian, our Chef crafts local dishes inspired by the cherished recipes of the owners' grandparents.

      Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant: Since its inception in 1993, Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant has been a culinary haven on Amorgos. Our Chef, specializing in Greek traditional cuisine, brings authenticity to every dish. The restaurant is certified by "AEGEAN CUISINE," a testament to our commitment to using local products at the highest quality level.

      Ambiance: Dine in style at our comfortable interior room adorned with paintings from renowned artists like Michel Constant. Alternatively, savor your meals on our expansive outside terrace, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Aegiali bay and the charming surrounding villages.

      Elevate your stay with a gastronomic journey that transcends borders and embraces the soul of Amorgos. From sunrise to sunset, let each meal be a moment of culinary delight. 🌮🥂🌟

      Spa Vibes: Lalon Ido Spa

      Immerse Yourself in Tranquility at Lalon Idor Spa

      Embark on a journey of serenity amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Aegean with Lalon Idor Spa—an oasis renowned for its healing and transformative energy set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and the mesmerizing blue waters.

      Inspiration from Ancient Wisdom: The spa takes its name from the ancient water oracle dedicated to the god Apollo. This sacred site drew seekers in search of clarity and answers through prophetic water readings. At Lalon Idor Spa, experience a haven where ancient wisdom converges with modern tranquility.

      A Symphony of Relaxation: Let the nurturing and inspired therapists guide you to a state of blissful stillness and rest. In this tranquil haven, allow the rhythmic pulse of the sea to sweep you away from the demands of daily life, offering a sanctuary for rejuvenation and renewal.

      Retreat Package Inclusions: As part of your retreat package, surrender to a 30-minute massage, a gateway to relaxation and well-being. Enjoy unrestricted access to all spa amenities, immersing yourself in a world designed for ultimate relaxation. Additionally, revel in a 10% discount on all additional face and body treatments, extending the pampering to new heights. Please note this can not be transferred to another participant.  One per person, per spa rules.

      Spa Highlights:

      • 🌊 Healing Energy: Experience the transformative power of the spa's healing ambiance
      • 🌴 Breathtaking Landscapes: Surround yourself with dramatic and stunning views of the Aegean
      • 🌊 Blue Waters: Find solace beside the hypnotic blue waters, enhancing your spa experience
      • 🌟 Ancient Wisdom, Modern Tranquility: Merge the timeless wisdom of the ancient water oracle with contemporary spa serenity

      Escape to Lalon Idor Spa and discover a sanctuary where stillness and harmony converge, offering a profound retreat for your mind, body, and spirit. 🌺💆‍♂️🌅

      Refund + COVID Vaccine Policy

      At DDY Travels, we are committed to ensuring transparency and fairness in our policies. Please carefully review our reservation and cancellation policy:

      1. Non-Refundable Deposits: All deposits and trip payments are non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding of the commitments involved in planning and securing your travel experience.

      2. Partial Future Travel Vouchers: For cancellations made 90 days or more before the scheduled travel date, we MAY offer partial future travel vouchers. The availability of these vouchers is subject to the policies of the resort, and in some cases, only partial vouchers may be offered.

      3. Cancellations within 90 Days of Travel: Any cancellations made within 90 days of the travel date are non-refundable. We encourage you to make any necessary decisions well in advance to maximize the potential benefits of future travel vouchers.

      Travel Insurance Requirement: For the protection of all participants, travel insurance is REQUIRED to join DDY Retreats. Please purchase travel insurance, and email proof of coverage once acquired. We recommend exploring options at Travelex Insurance for comprehensive coverage.

      Vendor Payments and Responsibilities: Once we have made payments to our vendors, DDY Travels cannot offer transfers or refunds. We appreciate your understanding of the intricacies involved in coordinating travel arrangements.

      Thank you for supporting our small business. Your cooperation with these policies enables us to provide you with exceptional and secure travel experiences. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team. Safe travels! 🌍✈️

      Getting to Amorgos

      Athens to Amorgos Ferry Information

      Arrival Precaution: If you are flying into Athens, it's crucial to plan an early arrival as you will need to arrive a day in advance to catch a ferry to Amorgos. The ferries depart in the morning, and unless you arrive in Athens very early, preferably before 6 am, it is unlikely that you will catch the morning ferry to Amorgos.

      Traveling from Athens to Amorgos: Amorgos doesn't have an airport, but it's easily accessible through daily ferries and high-speed vessels. Athens International Airport (ATH) is the most convenient arrival point. Ferries depart from Athens' port, Piraeus, and dock alternately at the two ports of Amorgos: Katapola and Aegiali (near the hotel).

      Ferry Schedule and Booking: As of now, the earliest ferry departs Athens at 6:45 am on June 28th, with the latest departure at 9 am. Although the journey is a lengthy cruise through the enchanting Greek Isles, be mindful of the early departure times. We will pick you up at whichever port you arrive, and I will personally greet you at Aegialis upon your arrival.

      For ferry and flight coordination, please expect a form soon to gather your travel details and any dietary restrictions. You can conveniently book your ferry from Amorgos or Santorini through FerryScanner.

      Departure Considerations: When departing, please be aware that the ferry schedule may impact your flight. Currently, the two ferries arrive in Athens after 8 pm on July 5th and at 5 am on July 6th, respectively. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend considering an extra night in Athens or flying directly out of Santorini. Ensure to check ferry schedules before finalizing flight bookings.

      For ferry or flight assistance, please feel free to reach out. We are here to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for you. Safe travels! ✈️🛳️🌅

      What’s included

      • 5 Star Accommodations
        7 days + 7 night Luxury accommodations.
      • Food
        Daily breakfast, 2 lunches, and daily dinners. Please note, there are 5 days that you are on your own for lunch. These will be free times for you to explore.
      • Daily yoga + Meditation
        Experience daily yoga and meditation classes with Shelley and other DDY team members.
      • Private Massage
        Pamper yourself with 30 minute massage at the Lalon Idor Spa, an ultramodern thalassotherapy (greek seawater therapy) center whose treatments are in perfect harmony with the local elements of Amorgos.
      • Greek Cooking Class
        Hosted by the resident chef, you will be introduced to the most traditional types of greek dishes & how to make them step by step! Included but must be elected.
      • Greek Dance Lessons
        Dance holds a special place in the traditions of the island. Learn the steps, take part in the amazing culture, and discover the art of living! Included but must be elected.
      • Spa Discounts
        As a part of our package, you get a 10% discount off any additional face & body treatments at the spa.
      • Beaches!
        We will have two beach excursions to nearby beaches on the island. One trip will be a day of lounging and the second will be yoga at sunset!
      • Transportation from port
        Airfare and ferry tickets are your responsibility but we will pick you up from the port in Amorgos.
      • Spa Access
        In addition to your massage, full spa access is available to you at no additional charge. Enjoy use of the indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center, and Hammam bath.
      • Yoga Mats + Props
        Leave it all at home! All the yoga equipment you'll need for this retreat, including yoga mats, blocks, and straps will be available.
      • Wi-Fi
        Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and in the hotel rooms.
      • Tender Boat Adventure
        Included but must be elected.

      What’s not included

      • Flights + Ferries
      • Travel Insurance
        You never know what can happen when it comes to travel. Missed flights, delays, illnesses. You want to make sure you are covered so buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your spot!
      • Gratuities
        Gratuity is not included in the cost of your trip. If you enjoy your experience and the service at our hotel, please thank them for their service with a tip. Usually 5%-10% is customary in Greece.
      • Cancelations
        All payments paid through WeTravel are non-refundable. WeTravel recommends that you acquire travel insurance in case something goes wrong:
      • Wine tasting
        Add on for $100
      • Stand Up Paddleboard
        May be added for $100
      • Hiking Tour
        May be added for $100

      Available Packages

      Double Occupancy (Shared Room)
      only 1 left
      Deposit: $500
      Single Occupancy (Private Room)
      only 1 left
      Deposit: $500
      Triple Occupancy
      only 1 left
      Deposit: $300


      Getting To Amorgos: Planes + Boats!

      καλως ηρθες στην ΕΛΛΑΔΑ:  Welcome to Greece!

      Please note: If you are flying into Athens you WILL need to arrive a day early in order to catch a ferry to Amorgos.   The ferries only leave in the am,a and unless you arrive in Athens VERY early, before 6am, it is unlikely you will make the ferry to Amorgos.

      At this time, the earliest ferry leaves Athens at 6:45am on June 28th and the latest at 9am.  While this is a long cruise-- you'll be cruising trough the Greek Isles, and we can think of worse things.

      We will pick you up at whatever port you arrive in.  I will greet you at Aegialis when you arrive.  I will send a form out soon for ferry and flight information, as well as any dietary restrictions. 

      Book your ferry from Amorgos or Santorini here: 

      When departing, please remember that the ferry schedule can affect your flight.   Currently, the two ferries arrive in Athens after 8pm on July 5 and at 5am on July 6th respectively.  We suggest opening one extra night in Athens or flying directly out of Santorini.   Please check ferry schedules before booking flights. 

      Please reach out if I can help book ferries or flights. 

      Your Organizer

      Dancing Dogs Yoga Travels
      56 reviews
      Dancing Dogs Yoga is a kickass, feel good Yoga community. Shelley Carroll has been leading trainings and retreats for over a decade, and each trip promises connection, adventure, and to leave you feeling Zen AF.


      My experience was incredible! The Dominican Jungle Treehouse was breathtaking and I plan to return in the future. The entire Yoga Retreat was beautiful with delicious wholesome food, a wonderful, friendly and attentive staff, inlcuding the manager Alex who was on top of every detail. It's a gorgeous, clean place like no other. Shelley Carrol models excellence in business and Dancing Dogs Yoga overdelivers!
      By Millicent S for Learn to Run Successful Retreats with DDY Travels on Sep 15, 2023
      Another epic retreat in the books!! Such an awesome way to kick off my 50th birthday celebration! The food was delicious, the yacht was gorgeous, and the crew was fantastic! The swim stops were phenomenal and I’m so glad we had the chance to see the blue grotto! That heat wave did not stop me from having a great experience!
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      DDY Travels does it again. This was my second retreat and IT WAS EPIC! The accommodations & location were so luxurious and the challenge of doing yoga on a yacht was definitely a new experience. Such a perfect balance of yoga, meditation, relaxation, fun and adventure and the new friends made and experiences shared will forever be imprinted as some of the best times in my life. If you are thinking about joining a DDY Travels will not be disappointed. Find your paradise now.
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      This retreat was such an incredible time. From the yoga itself, to exploring the National Park itself, to visiting the cactus garden at sunset, to exploring the town itself, Shelley created time and space to genuinely experience this magical space! I will always remember, however, that the desert is COLD in November!
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      It was fun trip in a beautiful place!
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      I was fortunate enough to complete my YTT at the Dominican Tree House Village in El Valle, Samana. I am so thankful for Shelley and being able to share my yoga story. Shelley is a woman of many virtues but my favorite is her being able to hold space for diverse populations in yoga (BIPOC/LGBTQIA+). I was supported during my learning journey, and encouraged throughout my training to continue to create space for other individuals like myself. Our training was well organized, detail oriented, knowledgeable, and a healthy balance between learning, resting, and adventure! I was paired with the best roommate and suite mates ever! I am terrified of being in the jungle but knowing I was there with three other women, made it so worth while. Finally, Emma made the most amazing Dominican cuisine for us daily and the Tree House Staff were so hospitable. I would absolutely go on another training/retreat with Shelley and the crew!
      By Chelsea E on 26 Oct, 2022
      What an amazing trip! This was my second DDY retreat and I will be back for more! The resort was beautiful, with a yoga Shala that looked out over the ocean and has a jungle backdrop! And on top of that, the food was amazing! The variety of both included and optional activities where amazing, in addition to the twice daily yoga. My personal favs were the sound healing, and the Mayan clay ceremony. The fellow retreaters where also amazing and really made it a trip to remember! Can’t wait for the next retreat!
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      Business with partners.
      By Aboubacar C on 24 Oct, 2019