Mystery Trip 2022

Surprise, NY, USA

Haitian Nomad
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137 reviews
Sep 1 - 9, 2022
Group size: 1 - 14
Mystery Trip 2022
Surprise, NY, USA

Haitian Nomad
  • Facebook verified
137 reviews

Sep 1 - 9, 2022
Group size: 1 - 14

About this trip

This trip will take you on a VACATION you didn't even know you needed! You'll come back truly rejuvenated and blown away by the natural beauty surrounding you every morning. We will take care of every detail and you'll find out where you're going on the day of your flight! 

Your roundtrip flights from Los Angeles international airport (LAX) are included in the price but If there are any specific things required for you to enter this destination, we will advise you on everything that is needed of you.

Who is this trip for?

This is for you if you enjoy a relaxing vacation , beautiful beaches and a laid back atmosphere with great cultural experiences. You easily adjust in social settings, you go with the flow and make the most of any situations, you don't have super strict dietary needs and you fit in easily everywhere you go. 

Most importantly you're not a control freak who needs to know every details at every point--you can truly let go and let us take care of everything.  This is what we do and we take pride in how we do our job so we're asking you to please let us do what we do and just relax and enjoy your trip.

This trip is NOT for you if:

 If you cannot get used to unexpected changes,  have first world expectations when traveling , If you lack patience & have issues with tipping etc.


LAX-PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU‘RE at LAX-Los Angeles international airport on September 2nd.

What’s included

  • Airport transfers
    Round Trip airport transfers at specific times
  • Accommodations
    Single, Double Accommodations
  • All tours
  • All entrance fees
  • All guides
    (Tipping extra and REQUIRED)
    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily
  • International Airfare
    Roundtrip flights from LAX
  • Extra meals
    (besides your 3 daily meals)
  • Payment Processing fees
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
    Trip is not for you if you have issues tipping
  • Personal items
  • Visas
    If needed
  • Domestic flight
    To/from LAX

Available Packages

Double Occupancy (Intl. Flight included)
Sold Out

Shared Room (double or twin) - if you don’t book with a roommate, we will pair you with another guest based on matching preferences & availability.

Deposit: $650
Single Room (Intl. flight included)
Sold Out

Enjoy the freedom & peace of mind of having your own room throughout the trip.

Deposit: $1,400


Meet & Greet LAX AIRPORT
Destination Reveal

September 2nd ! Group Meet at LAX airport for surprise destination reveal

Your Organizer

Haitian Nomad
137 reviews
We are a travel company specializing in curating authentic experiences around the world in beautiful exotics destinations through the lens of locals. We are experts on less travelled places like Haiti, Cuba, Egypt and more --making sure you leave with an experience of a lifetime from our top-notch​ customer-service driven team.


Amazing as always! Couldn’t have asked for a more luxurious vacation!
By Fabiola M for Seychelles 2022 : African Paradise on 25 May, 2022
Traveling with Richard and Haitian Nomad is like traveling with family. From the in-country guide who graciously shared antecdotes about his personal life and culture, to the museums and historical sites visited, down to the dining experiences-- Haitian Nomad curated an amazing Senegal experience. The other tour participants were awesome to travel and explore with, one would think they were hand picked exclusively for the trip. I had a great experience, and will definitely be joining Haitian Nomad on another adventure. Note: This particular itinerary was very active. If you are looking to be out and about exploring-- this is a great trip. If you are looking to lay around/relax, you won't get that on this trip without missing out on some excitement. However, you can always sleep on the bus.
By Whitney T for Senegal: Return to the Motherland 2022 on 19 May, 2022
This was my 2nd trip with Haitian Nomad & loved every bit of it. The history, culture, the people- the entire Senegal experience is well worth it. The activities & rest days planned for the group were awesome. Definitely will do Senegal again one day.
By Verne S for Senegal: Return to the Motherland 2022 on 16 May, 2022
We had another fantastic trip with Haitian Nomad! The trip was very organized and met all our expectations. We were glad that we were able to bring our kids and that all of the activities were accommodating and appropriate for them. Richard and his crew rolled out the red carpet for all of the activities and events. The dining experiences were exceptional, and the history and tours of Senegal were amazing. We cannot wait to join Haitian Nomad on another trip.
By Catherine L for Senegal: Return to the Motherland 2022 on 13 May, 2022
This was my first trip with the Haitian Nomad group and it was excellent! Richard is incredibly organized and accommodating. He communicated clearly and answered any and all questions I had about the trip. I plan to travel with his group again in the future. Senegal is an amazing country to visit and would recommend anyone interested to travel with the Haitian Nomad group.
By Leota A for Senegal: Return to the Motherland 2022 on 12 May, 2022
Thank you Leo, It was an immense pleasure to have host you on this trip and we're glad you had an amazing time! Guests like you are definitely our targeted audience so we look forward to welcoming you on future trips ; your support is greatly appreciated! :)
By Haitian Nomad on 13 May, 2022
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I have been traveling with Haitian Nomad since 2016. Within these 4 years they have built themselves a very solid reputation. I have recommended friends who came back with praising reviews. Originally centered on Haiti, they now have a global imprint with well-curated trips to discover the beauty and history of some dope locations. On Richard's trips, careful consideration is always taken for our security as well as our health. We see that illustrated even more in 2020 as we deal with the current pandemic. On our most recent trip, we made sure to be in complete compliance with both the US and Senegal by getting tested for COVID-19 before, during and after our trip. All of us left and came with back with negative results. As a healthcare provider, I felt in trusted hands the whole time and also did not feel that our group was compromising the health of the country we were visiting. The itineraries usually includes a mix of activity and relaxation (sometimes hardcore rejoicing at night lol). The best part is you always leave Richard's trips with unique travel experiences as well as lifelong friendships.
By annie t on 16 Nov, 2020
Short Version: Book with him ASAP I cannot recommend the Haitian Nomad enough!! My first trip, we'd returned from Cuba and after the experience, I was thoroughly impressed with Richard's trip. His trips are extremely well planned and a lot of thought and effort was put into ensuring everyone is having the time of their life. Richard pays attention to all the little details, is very organized, and adds a personal touch to the experience that you're not likely to get anywhere else. During our trip to Cuba, Richard organized a wonderful home-cooked rooftop dinner in the city of Trinidad and it was such a fun, unique experience. He made sure to take us around to the sights and helped us if we needed anything while on the trip. Prior to the trip, Richard provided us with all the necessary information leading up to the trip and gave us tips and suggestions on what to expect and other things to do as well. He is also open to feedback on how his service can be improved so he gets an A in customer service from me. Overall, it was the perfect trip and I couldn't have asked for more. So far I've been on about 5 or 6 trips (maybe more) and it exceeds expectations every time!
By Jessica W on 16 Jul, 2019

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