Mystical Mama Retreat

Payson, AZ, USA

Magical Mama Retreat
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Oct 24 - 27, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25
Mystical Mama Retreat
Payson, AZ, USA

Magical Mama Retreat
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Deposit: $171
Oct 24 - 27, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

If you are a mother, you are also a healer, a changemaker, and the keeper of our future.  The palms of your hands and the center of your wombs hold immense power. There is wisdom in our bones, an ancient knowing.  

And yet this wisdom and power, often times, seems elusive, perhaps even hidden from our view.  There is a herstory that is ready to be told.  We are ready to step back for a moment, to breathe together, and to see what is unveiled, when we gather.

The Divine Feminine is rising, fellow mothers, and the time is now to root down in our connection to the earth, to drink in the breath of life, deep and full, to rekindle the fire of our spirits, and to flow with the waters of life, once again. The earth, the air, the fire, the water, return, return, return, return. 

Come join us for four days of magic, mysticism, merriment, and mama circles, at Mystical Mama Retreat, as we embark on a life-giving journey through the labyrinth!

Come join in sacred sisterhood, as we gather in the woods, when the veil is thin, and rediscover our Selves. This immersive experience will nourish your soul and catalyze your full self-expression. 

Our world needs mothers who are powerful, wise, and united, cared for, energized, and inspired. We must claim our power and bring back these teachings to our young!

This and all Magical Mama Retreats include the option to bring your non-mobile baby!

What’s included

  • Herstory Telling
    Learning about women's history, and the origin of the Sister Wound as well as the idea of powerful women as "witches."
  • Astrology
    Experience a deep-dive into an ancient science, historically practiced by women.
  • Developing Psychic Sense
    Evidential Psychic Medium Kassy of Moon Mama Kassy and Dollar Moon Club leads us in an exploration of our innate ability to foretell the future and to trust our inner knowing.
  • Lunar Cycling
    Learn ways to sync up our own cycles with the cycles of the moon.
  • Womb Alchemy
    Discover methods for manifesting, using our potent womb space, the center of the creative universe.
  • Triple Goddess
    Explore the archetypes of the Maiden, The Mother, and the Wise Woman, and how these can guide us through our lives.
  • Anatomy of the Yoni
    Midwife Jennifer Hoeprich guides us on a tour of the anatomy of the yoni, including valuable information you won't find in textbooks!
  • Sound Voyage
    Sound Healer IZ Word guides us on a mystical sound voyage, including singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, drums, and more.
  • Bonfire & Goddess Story
    Enjoy myths and stories of various goddesses, around the bonfire.
  • Wildcrafting & Herbalism
    Master Herbalist IZ Word guides us through the rich forest to forage for local foliage and to create something magical in the cauldron!
  • Labyrinth Walk
    Journey through self-discovery during our labyrinth walk, on Sunday.
  • Organic Meals
    Enjoy 8 deliciously prepared organic meals, during your retreat.
  • Shared Accommodations
    Make a new bestie, as each room accommodates two mamas. This simple and beautiful retreat center was created in the 70's and is managed by the same woman! She is a PISTOL! Private room for + $100.
  • Transportation

Your Organizer

Magical Mama Retreat
Magical Mama Tribe is a group of powerful women consciously generating a supportive, empowering, learning & teaching sisterhood created to nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits, thereby allowing us to make our grandest individual and collective contribution to the world. We commit to each other and to ourselves to attend Magical Mama events, nourishing ourselves, our families, and each other.