Nadi Gathering, PERU - Kundalini Yoga & Ancient Wisdom

Calca, Peru

Kundalini Yoga Collective
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Feb 15 - 20, 2022
Group size: 10 - 25
Nadi Gathering, PERU - Kundalini Yoga & Ancient Wisdom
Calca, Peru

Kundalini Yoga Collective
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Feb 15 - 20, 2022
Group size: 10 - 25

About this trip

This is a journey of harmonisation with nature and the ancient energies of  Peru. Based at the Ashram Valle Sagrado deep in the mountains of the Sacred Valley, we invite you to spend time together celebrating and nurturing connections in this powerful and magical setting.

We are Kundalini Yoga teachers but we also invite and integrate a variety of other yoga practices, wisdom teachings from Andean elders and work with nature.


We hold yoga classes, workshops, sound healing, ceremonies, art, music, discussions, one to one sessions and sharing circles. We also welcome local shamans and groups to the Gathering who teach us about their sacred rituals. 

The week-long Gathering includes a visit to the temple of Qaqyaqawana with an overnight stay with local farmers in an Andean lodge and a sunrise meditation ceremony at the ancient site.

We aim to create space and time for co-creation and we encourage you to bring something from your personal practice to share with the group.


Ashram Valle Sagrado is in The Center for Environmental Education and Human Development. It is located in the Municipality of Calca, in the Department of Cusco-Peru. It is 40 minutes from Pisac an hour from Cusco less than two hours away from Machu Picchu. 


Accommodation is in the Ashram in one of six dormitories with 12 beds in each. There is also the option to camp.

What’s included

  • Food
    Vegan diet based on the Peruvian Andean tradition. Three meals a day plus tea and snacks
  • Workshops & events
    All yoga, worlshops, talks and events
  • Accomodation
    Seven nights dormitory accommodation
  • Overnight hike
    Inca hike, two-night stay and sunrise practice at the ancient site of Qaqyaqawana
  • Site of interest
    Afternoon trip to local site of interest ( site to be confirmed)
  • Shuttle to Ashram
    From Cusco airport is an additional $15
  • Flight
    not included
  • Additional events
    There may be additional visits & ceremonies at approx total of $50 maximum.

Available Packages

Available until October 31, 20215 left

Early bird: £600 / $825 ends 31st October 2021

20 left

Standard: £700 / $950

Latin American residents FULL GATHERING
20 left

Standard: £600 / $825

Non residential PER NIGHT
10 left

 Non Residental:  £75 / $100 per day

Peruvian Residents FULL GATHERING
10 left

Peruvian Residents (DNI)

Standard: $350 

Peruvian Residents PER NIGHT

$65 per night


Under 16s: half price

Peruvian residents - PER DAY
10 left

 Non Residental:  $50 per day  



Nadi Gathering, Peru
yoga and celebration on ancient land

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