2025-National Youth Wind Ensemble Application

      Washington, DC, USA

      Perform America - TX, LLC
      • Email address verified
      Jun 4 - 8, 2025
      Group size: 50 - 200
      2025-National Youth Wind Ensemble Application
      Washington, DC, USA

      Perform America - TX, LLC
      • Email address verified

      Jun 4 - 8, 2025
      Group size: 50 - 200

      About this trip

      The National Youth Wind Ensemble of America (NYWE) is excited to announce its second season in 2025. Following a comprehensive audition process, the NYWE will consist of the nation’s premier young wind, brass, and percussion performers. These incredible musicians will spend a week in the nation’s capital, with daily rehearsals led by the 2025 guest conductors Jerry Junkin Director of Bands at The University of Texas at Austin and Lieutenant Colonel Ryan J. Nowlin,  Director of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band, receive daily coachings with professional musicians from the D.C. area, tour the national monuments, experience military band performances at the capital, and attend the Twilight Tattoo. The 2025 experience will culminate in a performance in the historic Warner Theater in Washington D.C. on June 7, 2025.

      The National Youth Wind Ensemble of America is made possible by the Global Initiative for Talented Students (G.I.F.T.S.), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing talented students in academia, the arts, and athletics with opportunities to study or expand an area of interest as well as Perform America - TX, LLC a company that specializes in performance-based tours for groups of all ages ran by former music directors and educators.  All travel arrangements will be organized through Perform America - TX, LLC.

      For more information, please visit http://giftsmovement.org/nywe and http://perform-america-tx.com


      The National Youth Wind Ensemble (NYWE) invites wind, brass, and percussion musicians from across the country, ages 16-19, to participate in its inaugural season in 2025. Application materials must be submitted online through the digital audition platform, Acceptd. 

      To begin the process, you must create an Acceptd account. If you already have an existing account, you can create a new application through this account. Once your account has been created, you can begin the application process for the NYWE and save your progress at any point. We recommend that you allow adequate time to record, upload, and review your materials to be certain that your application is indicative of your musical and personal achievements.

      What is the National Youth Wind Ensemble of America?
      The NYWE is a program for wind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists, ages 16-19, created by the Global Initiative for Talented Students that was founded in 2022.  Instrumentalists are chosen to come together for a week of music-making and mentorship from premier musicians and conductors in the nation’s capital. 

      When and Where does the NYWE take place?
      June 4 -8, 2025 in Washington D.C., culminating in a concert in the Warner Theater.

      Who is conducting the 2025 NYWE?
      Guest conductors for the 2025 program include Colonel Jason K. Fettig, conductor, The “President’s Own” Marine Band and Dr. Kevin Sedatole, Director of Bands, Michigan State University.

      Who are the members of the faculty for the 2025 NYWE?
      Musical preparation will be done by the conductors of the NYWE in full ensemble rehearsals. Sectionals will be coached by top musicians from the D.C. area concert bands and master music educators from around the country. The entire education program is overseen by Kerry Taylor, Executive Director of the National Youth Wind Ensemble. Mr. Taylor comes to the NYWE with 35+ years of experience as a band director and fine arts director in the Texas Public Schools. A member of the prestigious American Bandmasters Association, Mr. Taylor currently serves as the Director of Bands for the highly successful Westlake High School Band in Austin, Texas.

      Are there any fees or costs for me to participate?
      There is a non-refundable $60 audition/application fee for all applicants.

      If selected, the total cost for participation, which includes lodging, meals, masterclasses, ground transportation, monument/museum tours and all other activities that will be listed in a sample itinerary is estimated to be $1,695.00 (flight not included). We are working with donors/sponsors to assist with participants costs!

      Flight coordination will be made by participant into DCA – Ronald Reagan National Airport.  A shuttle bus will be provided until 4:00pm to transfer to hotel.  

      What else can I expect as part of my NYWE experience?
      The NYWE will include social and recreational time, mentorship, masterclasses, and rehearsals with musical leaders from professional organizations from the Washing D.C. area, tour of national monuments and military barracks, performances by the United States military bands at the capital, including the Evening Parade “Oldest Post of the Corps”, and more.


      Who is eligible to participate?
      The NYWE is open to US citizens or permanent residents from all backgrounds between the ages of 16-19 during the summer of participation.

      Are there any exceptions to the age requirement?
      No, you must be between the ages of 16-19 during the summer of your intended participation.

      What instruments are eligible?
      NYWE will be a 55-piece wind ensemble consisting of: flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, harp, piano. Based on repertoire, there may be positions for other instruments.

      Can I apply for more than one instrument?
      Yes, but a separate application is required for each instrument. Please note that auxiliary instruments (piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, contrabassoon) do not require a separate audition. If you are proficient on one of these instruments, we recommend that you perform a short solo or etude in your audition video on that instrument.

      Can I participate in the NYWE for multiple years?
      Yes, you can participate as long as you still meet the eligibility requirements. Each year will require a new application and audition process.


      My excerpts are longer than three-minutes each, is this okay?
      Due to a large number of applications, our panel dedicates serious time and careful consideration to each audition and cannot accept videos that are longer than 8 minutes in total (3 minutes per excerpt and 2 minutes for introduction/spoken text).

      Do all of my references need to be musicians?
      No; however, we recommend that your references know your experience and abilities as a musician.

      My video recordings are not professionally recorded - will this affect my chances?
      No. As long as you meet the video guidelines and we can accurately listen and evaluate your performance, it is our goal that this program be accessible to all that apply.

      Can I submit materials after the January 1, 2025 deadline?
      No and yes. Materials will not be accepted after 11:59 p.m. CST on January 1, 2025, unless there are still spots to be filled in the ensemble. 

      Application Uploads:

      • Resume: Please include a current resume that lists your personal, academic, and musical achievements, including a list of performed solo repertoire.
      • Headshot: Please include a current photo
      • Audition Videos: (Details Below)
      • Biographical Essay: In 500 words or less, introduce yourself, describe your musical experiences, and detail how participation in the first NYWE would impact your life and your community. 
      • Recommendations: Each application requires two required recommendations. Each reference will receive a link to an online recommendation form after you submit your completed application. The confidential form, sent directly from Acceptd, must be filled out by your reference by January 1. Recommended References would include your band directors, music teachers, private lesson instructors, and professionals that can attest to your ability, professionalism, and character.

      Audition Videos:

      All applications to the NYWE are required to record an audition video that meets the criteria and content requirements below. Each required selection must be recorded in one complete take, with no editing (though you should select the best of several takes), and both requirements should then be combined into a single video. Professional recording equipment is not necessary and audition videos may be recorded using smartphones. Percussion: see video requirements for specifics.

      Video Requirements

      • Introduction: State your name, instrument, hometown, school, and introduce your two recorded segments.
      • Two Contrasting Solos or Etudes:
        • Each solo or etude must not be longer than 3 minutes. If a selection is longer than three-minutes, you may record an unedited three-minute selection from a longer work. You may also include a recent performance, but your spoken introduction must be recorded separately. A work with accompaniment is strongly preferred.
      • Percussionists must submit a solo or etude for the following instruments, for a total of 3:
      • Snare Drum
      • Keyboard instrument of choice: Marimba/Xylophone/Vibraphone
      • Timpani

      Video Guidelines

      Your audition video is one of the most important components of your application to the NYWE. Discuss your audition video with your music teachers, to make sure that you have adequate equipment and space. If you need additional assistance, please contact the NYWE staff at nywe@giftsmovement.org. We want to make sure that you are able to successfully record your audition.  For questions about video uploads, please contact Acceptd technical support from within your NYWE application.

      Video Tips and Suggestions

      1. Film in Landscape and consider your lighting and camera placement. Use a well-lit location that is free from possible interruptions. Place the camera so that you, your instrument, and your full range of motion are in the frame at all times. If you’re using an accompanist, we would like to see all performers at all times. It is also imperative that your face is visible at all times throughout the performance.
      2. Test the audio so that the loudest portions of your audition are not distorted and the softest parts of your audition are still clearly audible. If possible, consider using an external microphone, which can be connected to your camera to record.
      3. Prior to recording your audition video, make sure your instrument is clean and in proper playing condition. It is recommended that you have your music teacher and/or private instructor examine your instrument prior to recording.
      4. Other than stopping/starting the camera between your segments (Recorded spoken introductions, Solo Excerpt 1, Solo Excerpt 2), no editing of the audio or video is permitted. Applicants that display evidence of editing will be automatically disqualified. 
      5. Video files are submitted through your GOOGLE or DROPBOX LINK in your application. 

      For questions, please email NYWE@giftsmovement.org

      Available Packages

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      Available until February 4, 2026

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