Native Spirit Caribbean & Cacao Farm Retreat

Bocas del Toro Province, Panama

Katherine Croston
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2 reviews
Oct 22 - 28, 2017
Group size: 8 - 13
Native Spirit Caribbean & Cacao Farm Retreat
Bocas del Toro Province, Panama

Katherine Croston
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2 reviews

Oct 22 - 28, 2017
Group size: 8 - 13

About this trip

When two hearts recognize one another within the dream, even for a moment they rend the veil of separateness and break and break out of the dream – by touching the mystery that is Love! 

–Ram Dass

Come join us for an incredible Yoga and native experience in Bocas del Toro, Panama at La Loma Jungle Lodge. La Loma is all about the outside and the outside here is glorious – towering trees, deep green mangrove bays and glittering beaches. Whether you’re swinging in a hammock as blue Morpho butterflies drift by, wandering jungle trails or peeling cacao beans you’ll discover first-hand the magnificence of this tropical island.

There is power in beginnings. The journey to create this retreat feels like it started hundreds or thousands or even life times ago, the same as the ancient tribes who inhabited these lands. Only the Soul knows.

Deep inside of you dwells a vast store of ancestral wisdom. Its a sacred, infinite place that is not separate from these great mountains, ocean and infinite skies. If we all were to trace our DNA to the first origins, we would come to know that we are all natives.

The whole idea behind this retreat is to awaken that which is inside of you, through the connection of the land and your own spirit, so that you can hear the many signs that are constantly around you and in unison and flow guide your life to much more noble ways.

It is simply a matter of learning how to access that wisdom, and this retreat together with the healing Foods, Yoga science, native healing can help deepen your connection to the mysterious natural forces around you.

What’s included

- 2 yoga classes daily

- Daily meditation classes

- Native spirit healing
- Accommodation at La Loma Jungle Lodge & Cacao Farm

- Free Coffee and Tea all Day Long
- Freshly made smoothies before morning yoga

- Full breakfast after morning yoga
- Delicious locally-sourced lunch
- Wholesome dinner after evening yoga
- Pick up from Bocas Airport to Lodge
- Drop off from Lodge to Bocas Airport

Not included

Air travel to Bocas del Toro (you may fly into either Panama or Costa Rica and from there connect via a local flight to Bocas del Toro; we recommend monitoring flight prices over a few weeks to get the best deal!)

Optional add on activities:

- Full day trip to spectacular Zapatillas Islands – coral forests, ray and big fish snorkeling and idyllic beaches – $35 per person (includes $10 National Park entrance fee)

- All day Long Beach and Polo Beach hike – $10 per person

- Bahia Honda Bat Cave Trip with Indigenous guide – $20 per person

Optional wellness treatments:

- Cacao Wellness Treatment (in our jungle spa, using the highly beneficial properties of cacao and jungle herbs, the cacao wellness treatment includes a full-body massage with plant-infused oils and herbal compresses, a body exfoliation using cacao, and a facial and head massage with cacao butter) – $120 per person

- Herbal Compress Treatment (powerful 90 minute massage with the warm softness of herbal compresses) – $100 per person

- 90 Minute Traditional Thai Massage – $90 per person

- 60 Minute Relaxation Massage – $50 per person

- 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage – $70 per person

- 30 Minute Thai-Style Foot Massage – $45 per person

Before You Go


Healthy, delicious vegetarian, 100% organic & local juices and meals will be provided using locally grown organic fruit and vegetables on every yoga retreat. Health and nutrition expert including Katherine Croston, part of the Yoga Retreats in Panama team, will create the recipes used during this retreat. All meals are based on the principles of good nutrition, health and good taste.

There is no meat or fish on the yoga retreat menu. All the food is vegetarian although we are open to accommodate different diet needs upon request, so please let us know about your needs. We use seasonal and local products that will amaze you! Therefore, however, we do not have a specific menu to offer before retreat…trust on this one - the food will be an important and memorable part of our retreat experience!


September and October are one of the most beautiful months in Bocas del Toro, at a season that is described by most as our "Indian Summer”, a time when Bocas is at its best. Expect beautiful sunny days with occasional rain showers that keep the land lush and beautiful with cooler mornings and nights.

Clear waters and smooth seas are also characteristic of this season. Simply chill at the beach, or, if you're interested, we can arrange activities like snorkeling or SUP yoga at great prices. 

Please keep in mind that October is high season in Panama, so make sure to reserve your spot and airfare as far in advance as possible :) 

Available Packages

Shared Bed in a Double Room
Available until October 15, 20178 left

4 hand-crafted ranchos, designed to be shared, are situated in La Loma's verdant jungle. This is the amigo or couple option, where you share a bed with amazing views! Sharers, we love you!

Deposit: $500
Get Your Own Bed!
Available until October 15, 2017only 3 left

La Loma's rancho rooms are gorgeous and the idea of the trip is to share our love, the space and the jungle. At the same time, this package allows you the privacy of your own bed - usually for solo travelers or friends who would like to have their own, well, bed. I know...we get you. Namasté!

Deposit: $500

Available options

Full day trip to spectacular Zapatillas Islands
All day Long Beach and Polo Beach hike
Bahia Honda Bat Cave Trip
Cacao Wellness Treatment
Herbal Compress Treatment
90 Minute Traditional Thai Massage
60 Minute Relaxation Massage
60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
30 Minute Thai-Style Foot Massage


Sample Itinerary
6 Days
- 6:30am-7:45am: Juices, coffee & tea available - 8:00am-9:30am: Morning yoga (a blend of Kundalini with Flow for your Soul) - 9:30am-10:30am: Delicious breakfast with home made coconut granola and tropical fruits - 10:30am-1:00pm: Chill out time - 1:00pm: Healthy & energizing lunch - 7:00pm: Guided jungle or beach hike or chill time (indulge in a relaxing spa service, swim at the beautiful natural water pool, snorkel, book a surfing trip, read or just lounge and totally re-charge your batteries) - 5:00pm-6:30pm: Sunset yoga on the water (weather dependent) - 7:30pm: Dinner

Your Organizer

Katherine Croston
2 reviews
We offer different yoga retreats with the intention of helping you connect more deeply to your inner wisdom and live a happy and healthy life. Our retreats offer community-based programs with yoga, live music classes, amazing food, great travels, and lots of fun! Our teaching staff forms a community of dedicated healers, yogis, surfers, and life seekers who enjoy what they do through practicing kindness and responsibility toward each other and their students. We use different techniques to help people transition deep traumas but also overcome small obstacles that only we know, we keep building against ourselves. Our true mission: Set Us Free and Happy! For more, visit us at


Harmonize was absolutely beautiful. Each and every person I connected with a blessing in their own way, and I cannot thank Katherine, Leah, and Lila enough for opening up this space and sharing their knowledge with us. The home we stayed in was SO dreamy, and even as a somewhat picky eater, I loved every bit of food that Sara prepared for us, tasty and nutritious! You could really feel the love, dedication, and intention that was put into planning this retreat. We adventured far more than I originally thought we would and I’m so thankful for being able to explore this gorgeous island thoroughly, while also being able to explore myself. I was able to accept every part of me, every emotion, and every other person included. Each moment served as a lesson and a blessing, and it was wonderful knowing that truly all of me was welcome. Thank you so much, and as Leah says, “more please” (hehe)
By Carly B for Harmonize in Paradise Women's Retreat on 03 Apr, 2020
This retreat was by far the single best investment I have ever made in myself. When it comes to the basics, the home was absolutely breathtaking, the food was the healthiest and most nourishing I could have dreamed of, and each day was filled with a perfect balance of rest and adventure. But beyond the basics, this retreat was life altering. I learned so much about myself and am so inspired to reframe my entire business. I was met with open arms, love and compassion, honesty and rawness. I was welcomed in the deepest way into a safe and healing family of sisters and healers. Katherine is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. The amount of love and compassion she puts into everything she does filled my heart with so much joy. She has so much knowledge that she happily shared and even encouraged us to share after the retreat. She truly wants to make this world a better place and it shows in everything she does. The intention behind everything she planned for this retreat was felt so deeply. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life and I will be grateful to Katherine for eternity. Leaving the retreat was so bittersweet. I felt so empowered and strong and capable of handling anything, but I couldn’t help but feel heartbroken in saying goodbye to all the amazing women I met. Traveling home, which is typically a stressful and somewhat anxious time for me, I instead felt so peaceful and calm. I was given so many tools from this retreat that I now use daily and will continue to foster for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
By Lauren M for Harmonize in Paradise Women's Retreat on 17 Mar, 2020