Natural Cob Building Workshop

Pai, Province de Mae Hong Son, Thaïlande

Apr 25 - May 10, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25
Natural Cob Building Workshop
Pai, Province de Mae Hong Son, Thaïlande

Apr 25 - May 10, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Natural Building workshop 2 weeks


Pai Seedlings Foundation will be hosting a two weeks Natural Building Workshop with Frank Ravis who has over 10 years of experience in the area. He has built Little Mountain Pai Community Homeschool in Pai already and he is willing to teach you all about natural building. This workshop will help building Seedlings Education Center to welcome people, schools for educative sessions about Permaculture and Self-sustainibility.
We are so looking forward to it!! ?

Program includes:

-Learn about natural earth construction known as Cob
-How to determine which soils are good for building and which arent
-this class will start with creating the walls in a project and finish using both clay and line plasters
-learn how to make and apply lime plaster
-learn how to make and apply clay plaster
-learn why Cob is such a great building medium. Both for Energy savings and for its environmental benefits
-learn how to install windows and doors in construction
-learn about installing electricity
- and more

It's an on going project so each step will come when its needed :-)

PRICE PER PERSON 7000 BAHT lunch and drinks incuded

Possibility to come only one or few days, please send us PM for more details on prices.

What’s included

  • lunch
    Vegan food - veggies from the garden
  • snack
  • drinks
  • Transportation from town
  • Accomodation

Available Packages

Full Workshop
7,000 THB
Deposit: 2,000 THB

Your Organizer

Pai Seedlings Foundation
Pai Seedlings Foundation is creating a positive shift in the farming industry by growing, giving, and sharing with the world the benefits of permaculture farming. We do this in 3 ways: 1) All excess crops are donated to the local schools in Pai to provide the local children with healthy organic foods so they can grow up big and strong! 2) We partner with local businesses who believe in and support the vision for healtier produce. This provides locals and visitors to Pai healthier meals and products that are good for the environment. 3) Our vision is to set up a Permaculture Bootcamp for short 3 day courses and longer 3 week courses where visitors can stay on our farm and learn hands on experience the skills for planting, caring for and growing food (veggies, Fruits, Grains…) This will help spread the awareness of Permaculture and result in small ripple effects of change throughout the world.