Nazareth 5 Senses

Nazareth, Israel

About this trip

4 hours walking tour, were we pass through the different flavors of the Arabic cuisine, and the stories about the culture and heritage of Nazareth, meet Nazarene and see the city from the eyes of the locals.


- Smell aromas of the past

- See through the eye of locals

- Taste authentic Food

- Hear Cultural stories

- Feel at home

What’s included

  • bites
    big variety of tasting bites, all kind of local meals and drinks

Your Organizer

Ahlan Hospitality & Tours
Register now to Nazareth Culinary Tour & Cooking Workshop Cultural & Culinary tours with licensed tourist guides in the heart of the old city. סיורים קולינריים וסדנאות בישול מודרכים בעיר העתיקה של נצרת. סיור קולינרי ייחודי שמטרתו להעצים לכם את חמשת החושים ו להיחשף לעיר העתיקה בנצרת.

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