Nazca Lines, Ica/Huacachina & Paracas - 3 Days

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Nazca Lines, Ica/Huacachina & Paracas - 3 Days
Ica, Peru

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Ica boasts dynamic dunes and a vast desert transformed into fertile fields by ancient cultures. Come and explore a land of valleys, sun, beaches and a Natural Reserve inhabited by a lush variety of flora and fauna. 

It is also a mysterious land of villages, home of fine wine and pisco, Afro-Peruvian music, and an oasis like the Huacachina, a patch of life in the heart of a blanket of sand. Explore the region with a more in-depth, 3 day trip.

Itinerary, departing from Ica year-round:

  • Day 1 - Ica city tour, Bodega and winery visit, Huacachina lagoon, dune buggy ride
  • Day 2 - Arrive in Paracas, boat ride to Ballestas Island, animal watching (birds, penguins, sea lions and more), Paracas National Reserve
  • Day 3 - Nazca Lines: view lines in private plane, 35 minute flight. Return to bus station to return to Lima

This trip includes:

  • All transportation - hotel transfers, Nazca Lines flight
  • Entrance to National Reserve
  • 2 nights accommodation in hotels

*Group size 2-10

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