NE GA Weekend Reset

Clarkesville, GA, USA

Sep 18 - 20, 2020
Group size: 10 - 12
NE GA Weekend Reset
Clarkesville, GA, USA

Sep 18 - 20, 2020
Group size: 10 - 12

About this trip

Note: Price is per person, assuming double occupancy in a room.

I can imagine that would like to press the reset button on 2020! Since that’s not possible, we can find our own reset button through safe travel experiences. Thoughtfully planned, these can safely happen now or in the near future. That is the purpose for this 2-night stay at an exquisite bed and breakfast in the Chattahoochee National Forest, with plans for hikes, waterfalls, yoga, plenty of downtime, and great food and wine. Your only responsibility is relaxation!

I believe that travel is a form of self care and that it improves your quality of life. Some might call it a retreat, but I call it a mini-vacation with purpose. You start out with the pent up frustration of life in 2020, and you go home with a fresh perspective, ready to move on with life, hopefully with some new ideas and inspiration.

Each part of this itinerary is curated with social distancing and safety in mind. Dining, as well as other activities, will be held outside, or in an open-air porch or pavilion. Fortunately, Glen Ella, and the surrounding area, offers exactly what we need!

What’s included

  • Lodging
    Glen Ella Spring Inn
  • Breakfast
    Daily Breakfast
  • Yoga
    3 yoga classes
  • LIve Entertainment
    Local Singer-Songwriter
  • Meals
    Meals extra
  • Gear
    Yoga Mats & Props


Days 1-3
NE GA Weekend Reset

Visit this link for the entire itinerary.

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