Nervous System Tune Up-BodyTalk, reiki and essential oils circle

Vancouver, WA, United States

6 reviews
Feb 21 - 21, 2018
Group size: 1 - 25
Nervous System Tune Up-BodyTalk, reiki and essential oils circle
Vancouver, WA, United States

6 reviews

Feb 21 - 21, 2018
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Root Chakra - Nervous System Tune Up

Let's take a journey together to release old survival patterns that may be holding you back from fully loving and experiencing your current reality. Collectively, we've been passed down generations of fears, heartaches, emotional traumas and other karmic patterns that have no yet been released from our DNA/RNA and consciousness fields. Through the relaxing modality of BodyTalk, Reiki, Accunect and Essential Oils, we can dive deep and bring some of these patterns to the surface so that we can playfully, but deeply heal through family, ancestral and past life patterns.

This Circle is for You if:
* Your nervous system is ready for an upgrade and a tune up.
* You want a stronger root chakra so that you can be present no matter what the external circumstance.
* You know that you have family, ancestral and past life patterns that have been difficult to uproot and shake off.
* You're ready to release old survival patterns and deep fear patterns that you may not be consciously aware of.
* You're ready to materialize and actualize your dreams faster.
* You're ready to love on and manage your material world in a more effortless and organized way.
* You simply want to connect with friends and relax.
* You want to be super grounded and take action in your life.

What to Bring?
* Journal + Pen
* Meditation Cushion or something comfortable to sit on.
* Blanket
* Vegan dish to share

Essential Oils:

Lavender: Relax Deeply.
Arborvitae: Ground Completely.
Elevation: Inspire + Uplift

Reiki w/ Jessie:
Jessie will guide us in a relaxing group Reiki session to raise our light quotient and connect us more deeply to Spirit. Her loving approach will assist you in relaxing into an open and surrendering space where you're able and prepared to receive deep healing and new light code activations.

BodyTalk w/ Samantha:
Samantha will guide us through a group experience with BodyTalk. Each group is Divinely Guided. There are some karmic patterns that can only be resolved within groups, so if you feel inspired to come, then most likely your Spirit is letting you know that you're ready for some very deep, yet playful life upgrades and shifts.

Yay! We are so excited to connect with you and are excited to go on this awakening journey with you!! :) Feel free to email Samantha or Jessie if you have any questions.

Love Sharing: $25-$50 Donation
Bring a vegan food dish to share :)

Sat Nam! :) May the light inside of you shimmer and sparkle even brighter! :)

Available Packages

$25 Love Donation
$30 Love Donation
$40 Love Donation
$50 Love Donation

$25 Love Donation
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Samantha Blossom
6 reviews
The Bija = Seed in Sanskrit. We plant consciousness seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Together, we are creating a sacred space for people to grow, evolve and become empowered. We are so delighted to have you be a part of the miracle and the magic.


Love, love, love the wisdom and compassion of the Bija. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Modern day mastery is worth everyone taking. Step into your power.
By Chanté Bastian for Modern Day Mastery on Nov 13, 2018
I absolutely love this combo of kundalini yoga and the crystal sound bath. Samantha and Andrew have such an amazing and loving energy. The Cacao was a great added touch! Thank you to all of you. I look forward to another one!
I had an amazing time! The location was perfect as were the hosts. It was a spiritual awakening and a time for me to recharge my batteries.
By Rosette Braaten for Modern Day Mastery on Sep 06, 2018
I have taken all my reiki training from the Bija. Samantha and Jessica are an amazing team of teachers. I believe reiki training is a sacred class that needs to be respected . I love the way the class is taught through this studio. I will continue to grow through the bija. I'ts a Joy and a pleasure . Thank you???
Attended Crystal Sound Bath + Kundalini Yoga event. In class we set our intention to clear anger properly. It was an amazing experience and by the end of class I was super relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace. Thank you!
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