Never Lost Travel: South Africa!

April 30-May 12, 2023

Annie Emanuelli
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12 reviews
Apr 30 - May 12, 2023
Group size: 2 - 10
Never Lost Travel: South Africa!
April 30-May 12, 2023

Annie Emanuelli
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12 reviews

Apr 30 - May 12, 2023
Group size: 2 - 10

About this trip

Never Lost Travel is excited to offer this amazing 13-day, 12-night adventure in South Africa! 

Is South Africa on YOUR Bucket List?

This tour includes nine game drives to see the wild African animals; visits at sanctuaries for lions, elephants and monkeys, including a chance to walk with elephants and lions; and tours of the Cradle of Humankind, Soweto, and the Rwanda Genocide Museum.

It also includes a 4-night visit to Cape Town, including round trip airfare there and back, and tours of Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope, the Boulders penquin colony, and a full-day tour of the winelands.

This trip is operated by Bucket List Travel, which has been offering extraordinary tours in Africa and Egypt since 2016.  

Read our reviews here:

The Best Time for Safaris!

South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons there are opposite of ours here in the US. When it’s summer here, it’s winter there!  For most of Southern Africa, winter typically lasts from April to September. 

This is the best time to go on safari. Water is scarce and animals are forced to congregate around the few remaining water sources, making them easier to spot. The grass is lower, affording better visibility; and dirt roads are easily navigable, increasing your chances of a successful safari. Traveling in the dry season also means avoiding rainy season inconveniences and discomforts like flooding, high humidity and an abundance of insects.


In Johannesburg, it starts to get cool in May as the high-altitude city settles into winter. Daytime highs average 68°F and the nights get down to 46°F. 

In Cape Town, you can expect an average high temperature of 70°F, and the overnight low temperatures average 50°F. The average ocean temperature near Cape Town is a chilly 64°F.

May is one of the driest months in Johannesburg, and it only rains an average of three days. 

Cape Town averages 12 rainy days during this month, with light precipitation. It is not uncommon to have cloudy days throughout May.

What to Expect

Remember: Africa is a third world country! You are not in Kansas anymore!

Roads are bumpy and dusty, WiFi can be spotty, electricity may go off at odd times, and everything happens on Africa time (really S-L-O-W)!  

This moderately-paced, escorted tour includes a reasonable amount of walking and requires an average level of physical fitness. 

On game drives, we will spend much of our time driving over rough dirt roads in open air safari vehicles, which have high ground clearance and require some agility to embark and disembark. 

Many days we leave early in the morning. 

There will be limited bathroom stops. 

During game drives, you may come into proximity of wild animals whose actions can be unpredictable. Certain inherent risks are involved which should be considered at your own discretion.

Meals may be delayed for unforeseen reasons. We'll try to have snacks available, but if you have blood sugar issues, please bring any snacks you know you may need. 

We find our guests are happiest when they can roll with delays and last-minute changes that may happen in the unpredictable world of African travel. 

The best things you can bring with you are flexibility, patience, and a sense of humor!

Cost and Payment

Limited time offer!

For a limited time, you can reserve your space on this trip with a deposit of just $1!!!

This 13-day, 12-night adventure is priced $3,899 per person double occupancy (not including airfare to and from South Africa). Single supplement is $395.

We have a payment plan which allows the entire cost of the trip to be paid in 12 equal monthly installments. (You are welcome to make larger payments at less frequent intervals if you choose.) 

The entire balance must be paid in full by three months before your departure.

Cancellation and Refunds

In the event that you need to cancel your trip, these fees will be applied:

• Between 150-101 days before your arrival date, $375.

• Between 100-61 days before your arrival date, $775 (25% of the entire tour price.).

• Between 60 and 46 days before your arrival date, $1,550 (50% of the entire tour price.)

• Between 45 and 31 days before your arrival date, $2,325 (75% of the entire tour price.)

• Between 30 and 1 days before your arrival date, 100% of the entire tour price.

Arrival Flights

Please plan to fly into and out of O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Please ASK US if you have any questions before you purchase your airfare!

You need to be in Johannesburg on Sunday, April 30, which means you will need to depart the USA on Saturday, April 29. (You might even need to leave as early as Friday, April 28. if your flight has multiple stops.) 

Please plan to arrive in Johannesburg before NOON on SUNDAY, April 30. This will give us time to take you to Lesedi African Cultural Center, where we will enjoy a tour, show and dinner starting at 4 pm. (If your flight doesn't arrive before noon, you might consider flying in the previous day and spending an optional night at Protea Hotel O.R. Tambo Airport-available as an option for $135.)

Plan to depart from Johannesburg in the evening on Friday, May 12.

If you are adding on an extension to Victoria Falls, your arrival or departure dates will be different. Please ask us for specifics. 

Suggested Packing List

Here is a suggested packing list: 

1-2 pair chinos or other light pants 

1 pair jeans 

1 pair shorts or capris 

4-5 tee shirts 

1-2 long sleeve tee shirt 

1 fleece jacket 

1 light puffer jacket or down vest

1 warm hat 

1 pair heavy sneakers/hiking shoes 

1 pair regular running shoes/sneakers 

1 pair sandals, like Tevas or Chacos

Underwear and socks-6 to 8 of each


Optional: bathing suit and sturdy water shoes if going in Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls

Sunscreen (SPF 30-50), mosquito repellant, small flashlight

Keep it light, because there is a restrictive weight limit on the domestic flight to Cape Town.

Remember, there is laundry service at all the places we are staying, and they are inexpensive, quick, and convenient. 

Packing for an African safari 

Navigating dirt roads in an open-top jeep means that you'll get covered in dust, so you'll need clothes that hide dirt well. Because temperatures can change dramatically throughout the day,  the key to a comfortable safari outfit is layers. You should pack and wear layers to adjust to the wide range of temperatures you can experience on a typical day. While the morning can be freezing, by midday it can be hot. Layers will save you.

Best colors to wear on safari  

Unless you are seriously tracking wildlife on foot, which we are not, the color of your clothing is really not that important.  The basic rule on safari is to go neutral. When trying to spot wildlife you’ll have the best chance if you blend in as much as possible with your surroundings. Ideal colors to wear on safari are greens, browns, olives and khakis. Any other neutral colors are fine too, but there are some  you should avoid wearing on safari:

· White and very pale clothes show the dust and dirt you will inevitably be covered with, and it is hard to get out!

 · Camouflage clothing should be avoided. In some African countries is for army personnel only, and you could theoretically be arrested for wearing it.

 • Bright colors can attract insects.

Spending Money

The price you have paid for your tour includes: 11 nights accommodation; most meals; all tours escorted by a private guide; entrance fees to all sights in the itinerary; all transportation, with free water and Wi-Fi provided on board; domestic flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town; and all airport transfers .

Your tour does not include the cost of 5 meals, beverages, and gratuities.

All meals are included except 3 lunches and 2 dinners. You can budget $10 per lunch and $20 per dinner. You will also need money for drinks and souvenirs. Alcoholic beverages are less expensive in South Africa than they are in the USA.


Tipping is customary in South Africa. It is not compulsory; tipping is given entirely at your discretion. Ten percent is customary in restaurants. When you register, we'll provide suggestions for appropriate tips throughout the tour.

As a guideline, most guests use $400-$600 during the 12-day tour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All accommodations provide shampoo and body wash, but not conditioner. They also provide hair dryers.


The rand (ZAR) is the official currency of South Africa.  

As of July 2022, $1 USD equaled 15.85 South African Rand.

You can either buy South African Rand at home from your bank or AAA office and bring it with you, or get South African Rand from an ATM when you arrive in Johannesburg. It is difficult to convert US dollars to Rand when you are in South Africa, so we don’t recommend this option.


In South Africa the power plugs and sockets are of type D, M and N, so you will need an adapter for electrical appliances from the United States. The standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.


Free WiFi service is available in the rooms and common areas at all of our accommodations. 

If you need to be sure to have WiFi at all times, you can rent a mobile hot spot at the airport upon arrival in Johannesburg starting at about $30.


Laundry service is available at Mziki Lodge, Cradle Moon Lodge, and Villa Rosa. It is very inexpensive. Average costs are: 

T shirts, blouses, or shorts: $1

Jeans, trousers or dresses: $1.75

Socks and underwear: 75 cents

Domestic Flight Baggage Limits

Your domestic flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town flight entitles you to one free checked bag weighing up to 44 pounds and one piece of hand baggage weighing up to 15.5 pounds, plus a laptop bag or small handbag.  Any bag weighing between 44-70 pounds will incur a heavy bag fee of about $25 at the airport.

Optional: Hot Air Balloon

You have the option of taking a sunrise hot air balloon flight over the savannah.  Drift above the beautiful landscape, watching wild game roam the vast plains below. On most tours, we have seen animals on the ground below us, including rhinos, antelopes and baboons! 

Pickup will be at around 5 a.m. and take off around 6 a.m. to see the sunrise. After the flight, we'll have champagne on landing and then a full breakfast. We will be back at our lodge by 10 a.m. to leave for the rest of the day's tour. 

Price of the balloon flight is $245 per person.

*Please note that agility is required to embark and disembark the balloon basket. Wildlife viewing, quantity and species of animals seen is dependent upon local conditions including weather, wind and seasonal migration patterns. The take-off time and the duration of the flight and tour may vary due to weather conditions. Balloon rides vary but are usually 45 minutes to an hour.  

Optional Farewell Dinner

On our final evening of the trip in Cape Town, you may choose to join us for a festive farewell dinner at GOLD Restaurant.

Guests at GOLD Restaurant cannot help but be swept up in the excitement of archetypal African stories told through our live entertainment. To start, you'll feel the heartbeat of Africa with our pre-dinner interactive djembe drumming session. Then we'll enjoy praise singing to welcome you, Mali puppetry, and dancing to the rhythms of the marimba percussion and djembe drums.  

Then dinner-an edible map of Africa! African food is traditionally shared and enjoyed with family and friends. Similarly, our 14-dish tasting menu is served in generous individual and shared portions. Each dish is brought to your table with country of origin, cooking techniques and spicing explained. 

Price of this optional farewell dinner is $55. 


All travelers should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination.  These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask all of our guests to be fully vacinated against Covid-19. Please let us know if you are not.

Most travelers get these travel vaccines and medicines because there is a risk of these diseases in the country you are visiting:

• Hepatits A: CDC recommends this vaccine because you can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in South Africa, regardless of where you are eating or staying.

• Typhoid: You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in South Africa. CDC recommends this vaccine for most travelers, especially if you are staying with friends or relatives, visiting smaller cities or rural areas, or if you are an adventurous eater. 

Some Travelers: Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing, and if you are traveling from a country other than the US.

• Hepatitis B: You can get hepatitis B through sexual contact, contaminated needles, and blood products, so CDC recommends this vaccine if you might have sex with a new partner, get a tattoo or piercing, or have any medical procedures.

• Malaria: When traveling in South Africa, you should avoid mosquito bites to prevent malaria. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during, and after your trip to prevent malaria, depending on your travel plans, such as where you are going, when you are traveling, and if you are spending a lot of time outdoors or sleeping outside. Talk to your doctor about how you can prevent malaria while traveling. See more detailed information about malaria in South Africa.


• Rabies: Rabies can be found in dogs, bats, and other mammals in South Africa, so CDC recommends this vaccine for the following groups: Travelers involved in outdoor and other activities (such as camping, hiking, biking, adventure travel, and caving) that put them at risk for animal bites.

• Yellow Fever: Not required in South Africa. Required if traveling from a country with risk of YF virus transmission and ≥1 year of age, including transit >12 hours in an airport located in a country with risk of YF virus transmission. 

Passport Requirements

Every traveler entering South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia is required to show a passport valid for at least 6 months. 

South Africa requires travelers to have two completely blank visa pages in their passports upon every arrival in South Africa. You will be denied entry and forced to return to your point of origin if you do not have two blank visa pages.

The US State Department advises making at least one photocopy of the information and photo page of your passport. You should carry this in a separate place from the original. In this way you can make it easier to replace your passport if you lose it during your time in South Africa.

Covid 19

The requirements for traveling in the era of Covid is rapidly changing. At present, the only thing visitors currently must have to enter South Africa or Zimbabwe is proof of full vaccination .

There are currently no requirements for reentering the United States form South Africa.

We will monitor the situation, and share any information we can.

If you book this tour and find that you need or want to postpone it for reasons due to the pandemic situation, we will gladly change your tour date to a later one with no change fees.

Itinerary Changes

Traveling in Third World countries is often challenging, and sometimes changes in the itinerary are unavoidable. 

If changes are needed, Bucket List Travel will always make our best efforts to provide alternatives that are equal to or better than what was originally planned.

Victoria Falls 3 Day Add-On Excursion

Spanning more than a mile across the cliffs between Zimbabwe and Zambia—Victoria Falls is known as the largest sheet of falling water in the world. A little over a mile wide and 351 feet high, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one-and-a-half times as wide and twice as high as Niagara Falls! The spray from the falls typically rises to a height of over 1,300 feet, and on a clear day, you can see the mist from the falls from up to 30 miles away.

With a flight time from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls of only 1 hour and 40 minutes, it’s easy to add a short side trip to see this natural wonder of the world before or after your South Africa tour. We’ve put together an exciting 3-day, 2-night excursion for our guests.

After pickup from the airport and a transfer to your hotel, we’ll see the sun dip below the horizon during a River Song sunset cruise and watch the wildlife come out to the banks of the Zambezi – Africa’s fourth largest river. Relax onboard with a drink as you look for hippos, elephants, and buffalo that come to the water’s edge to drink at the end of the day. We'll have dinner at a Shearwater Cafe

The next morning, we’ll enjoy a guided walking tour of Victoria Falls and discover the best spots for photo opportunities. Well have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, and then visit a cultural and craft market. The rest of the afternoon is free for you to explore the village and shops, relax by the falls, or take advantage of one of the many available activities – from bungee jumping and helicopter rides over the falls, to swimming in Devil's Pool at certain times of the year. Tonight we'll share dinner at the hotel. 

The next morning after breakfast, we’ll head back to the airport for the flight back to Johannesburg.

The price for this tour is $495 per person, double occupancy. Single supplement is $90.

This does not include the price of the round-trip flight from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, which is currently around $470; and the Zimbabwe/Zambia visa, which is purchased on arrival at the airport for $50.

This excursion includes: 

·  2 nights Explorers Village Deluxe Chalet, with breakfast

·  Sunset cocktail cruise on the Zambezi River

·  Guided tour of the falls

·  Day 1 dinner at a Shearwater Cafe

·  Lunch at Rainforest Cafe

·  Visit to cultural and craft market

·  Day 2 dinner at the hotel

·  Airport transfers

Optional Activities at Victoria Falls

After our tour of the falls, you'll have the afternoon free and there are several optional activities you may choose. (There will also be free time the next morning before we fly back to Johannesburg.) If you are interested in more than one activity, let me know, and I will work with the activities director at the lodge to work out a schedule for you.

These are the optional activities you may choose:

• Helicopter flight over the falls - 12 minutes: $150

• Helicopter flight over the falls - 25 minutes: $284

• Bungee Jump: $160

• Zipline - solo: $45

• Zipline - tandem: $65

• Bridge Swing - solo: $160

• Bridge Swing - tandem: $250

• BigAir Combo - bungee jump, zipline and bridge swing: $220

• Bridge Tour: $65

• Jetboat ride on the Zambezi River: $100

• Devil's Pool: $160

Optional Bush Walk with Lions!

Lions are Africa’s apex predator: fierce, wild, majestic, mighty. It is a thrill to have a lion sighting on safari, but it is mind-blowing to walk through the African bush a few feet behind these 500-pound beasts. Come with us as we spend an hour walking with the male lions of a famous Conservation Center. Observe their behavior and interaction with each other in their natural environment under controlled and ethical conditions, with no touching of the lions allowed. These guided Bush Walks with Lions are focused on providing visitors with a unique wildlife experience, and on providing sensory enrichment for the lions. This adventure also includes an interaction with a cheetah, which you may touch.

The  Conservation Center is a world-class research and conservation facility, specializing in Wildlife Research and Predator Conservation. 

The cost of this option is $160 per person, with a minimum of two visitors. (Cost for a single visitor would be $235.)

What’s included

  • 1 night stay
    Lesedi Cultural Village -
  • 4 nights stay
    Mziki Safari Lodge -
  • 3 nights stay
    Cradle Moon Lodge -
  • 4 nights stay
    Villa Rosa -
  • Tours
    All safaris and tours escorted by a private driver and a private guide
  • Entrance Fees
    Entrance fees to all sights in the itinerary
  • Domestic Flight
    Domestic flights between Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • All airport transfers
  • Meals
    11 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 8 dinners
  • International Airfare
    Airfare between the United States and South Africa is NOT included
  • Meals
    Meals not listed in itinerary
  • Beverages with meals
  • Tips
    Customary tips to tour guide, driver, etc.
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Farewell dinner at Gold
  • Victoria Falls excursion
  • Optional Activities

Available options


Day 1
Welcome to South Africa!

Arrive in Johannesburg at O.R. Tambo International Airport. A Bucket List Travel agent will meet you and help you claim your luggage. Transfer to your accommodations at Lesedi African Lodge and Cultural Village.

Cultural show: Lesedi reflects the diversity of South Africa’s original inhabitants, and contains elements of Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho, Nguni and Ndebele cultures. 

Traditional song and dance and a feast fit for a king top off an unforgettable day and night.

Buffet dinner: variety of meats (crocodile, ostrich, beef, lamb), assorted vegetables, pap (grits), salads and desserts.

Overnight at Lesedi African Lodge and Cultural Village in a traditional hut that offers the comforts of home. Wake to the sounds of the maskanda Zulu guitar and African melodies before being treated to a full English breakfast.

Your Organizer

Annie Emanuelli
12 reviews
Hi - I'm Annie, the founder of Bucket List Travel! Travel is my life! I left a 30+ year career as a corporate marketing exec to start my own travel business, taking people to Bucket List locations! I'd like to take you somewhere you've always dreamed of going. Stop dreaming, start packing!


This was truly an unforgettable experience. It surpassed all our expectations, from the lodging, to the animal sightings, to the food, the guides, and the cultural experiences. Annie Emanuelli you are the best and I look forward to going on another one of your trips in the future.
By Julie K for Sept 4-15, 2022: South Africa! on 24 Sep, 2022
I had a great time in South Africa!! The ladies in my group was friendly our tour guide was hilarious the locals was very generous and also had a sense of humor. Our tour guide was very flexible with add on activities the food was great I have no complaints I’m very well pleased with my experience it’s sunny during the day and chilly at night it will be a good idea to bring health supplements or cold meds just in case but other then that great trip! I highly recommend booking a trip with Bucket List Travels
By Jessica N for Sept 4-15, 2022: South Africa! on 18 Sep, 2022
Adventure of a lifetime!! The group size, attention to detail and knowledgeable guides made the trip!! Book a trip with'll be so glad you did.🦒🦛🦏
By Bobbi C for Sept 4-15, 2022: South Africa! on 17 Sep, 2022
Absolutely amazing experience! Once in a lifetime trip full of laughter, fun, adventure, culture, and wildlife ! Everything you would dream of in a trip to Africa. Don’t miss this fantastic trip !
By Kathryn F for May 29-June 9, 2022: South Africa! on 12 Jun, 2022
We had a wonderful trip! I love that Annie got to go with us and Tim is an incredible guide and we couldn’t ask for anyone better! All of the lodging was great but mziki is my favorite! I added on hot air balloon, farewell dinner and Victoria falls and they were all amazing! Thank you Annie and Tim
By Emily E for May 1-12, 2022: South Africa! on 21 May, 2022
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I just returned from a once in a lifetime trip to Cairo organized by Bucket List Travel. Annie took care of every detail of planning, and it really showed when I got off the plane and was taken care of from start to finish with the greatest care. Our guide Yasser was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and funny! He went above and beyond to ensure every need was met and we got the most out of each day in Egypt. I always felt safe and loved experiencing local life and culture. I plan to grab my friends and book again with Bucket List Travel!
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