New Year 'EMBODIED TRANSFORMATION' Retreat - Costa Rica 2019/20

Chirripo Mountains and Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Chirriposa Retreats
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26 reviews
Dec 29, 2019 - Jan 9, 2020
Group size: 16 - 21
New Year 'EMBODIED TRANSFORMATION' Retreat - Costa Rica 2019/20
Chirripo Mountains and Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Chirriposa Retreats
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26 reviews

Deposit: $750
Dec 29, 2019 - Jan 9, 2020
Group size: 16 - 21

About this trip


"Step into 2020 feeling refreshed, healthy and transformed with a once in a lifetime chance to start your New Year in the mountains, jungle, and beach of Costa Rica practicing yoga, connecting with nature and tapping into the sacred wisdom of your body, mind, and soul." EF


Join Elizabeth Flynn and Chirriposa Retreats for 12 transformational days in Costa Rica. 

As we move forward into a New Year and New Decade, the Embodied Transformation 2020 retreat will reset, renew and set the intention for deep metamorphosis and growth. 

Start your new year shedding the old and setting yourself free, unleash yourself from limits and immerse yourself in nature for a refreshing and clear beginning. 

The Embodied Transformation retreat will be an exciting journey, the perfect way to kickstart 2020 with an authentic passion for living. 

After arriving in San Jose, the group will set off on their pilgrimage, beginning in the Chirripo Mountains and then heading to the wild, remote and beautiful Osa Peninsula, one of the most biodiverse places on this planet, for a chance to connect deeply with authentic self, passion, and purpose.

Twice daily yoga, combined with meditation, breathwork, journaling, circling and storytelling, as well as Earthing, relaxation, and fire ceremonies, will bring you out of your head and into your heart, connecting you with your intuition and unleashing the free, whole, human within. 

Delicious healthy flexitarian meals, unlimited juice, infusions, and healing practices will complement your transformational journey, to leave you feeling your best and highest self for the rest of the year. 


  • Twice daily yoga (vinyasa morning & cathartic or yin/restorative in the evening), meditation, breathwork, and creative journaling with opportunities to connect to Mother Earth and experience the wild, immersive landscape of Costa Rica. 
  • Nature walks in the mountains and the jungle to beautiful waterfalls
  • New Years Eve Intention Setting Fire Ceremony (Bonfire) 
  • Evening Circling and Storytelling
  • Full Moon Release Ceremony & Closing Circle on the eve of the 8th
  • Optional activities, services and excursions (horseback riding, surfing, spa and massage and more...)


ELIZABETH is a yoga & meditation teacher, founder of WILD WMN and mama to her daughter Earth. She believes in the power of connection and community, bringing together souls in honest and loving communication, whilst immersed in nature. Elizabeth spent an extensive amount of time living in the wilderness, learning ways to carve simple ritual into meaningful experience and enjoys leading humans on transformational journeys that clear vision, heal wounds and lead to creative and beautiful growth. You can find out more or on social media @wearethewildwmn


The 'Chirripo' is the highest peak in Costa Rica at 3800 meters (12,500 feet). It is located in the ‘San Isidro’ valley and forms part of the Chirripo National Park. Our mountain retreat is situated below the park on the ‘Chirripo’ and ’Talari’ Rivers at an altitude of around 1500 meters (5000 feet) near the small village of ‘Canáan de Rivas’.

FINCA MIA - Mountain Lodge and Retreat

"Few times in life, you visit a place where the energy makes your heart sing. It might be down to the view, the flora and fauna, or the warmth of its people. 'FINCA' has all of these things."

Situated at the base of the Chirripo Mountain Reserve, Finca is a rustic, cozy jungle retreat, offering many amenities for travelers, who are seeking an experience that goes far beyond just being a visiting tourist. 

Shared meals in the kitchen long-house create an intimate, community feel. If you’re looking for something unique, an experience that is full of warmth, opportunity for self reflection and insight, and restful rejuvenation, Finca is your refuge. 

The clear, emerald waters of the river fill the air with the sound of rushing water. Huge, mossy boulders dot the river. And along the river’s banks, life grows abundant in this rugged, jungle atmosphere. Stepping stone paths criss-cross the forest, and as you stroll to your private abode, fragrant flowers scent your journey, and colorful birds dart about. 

The cabinas dotting the paths look like fairy palaces. Our hosts cultivate the organic gardens, which provide some of the fruits and vegetables for the guests. Meals are prepared fresh daily with local ingredients to cater to diverse tastes and diets. 

Finca is a place to go M.I.A. from your daily routines. Feel cradled in the arms of the Chirripo Mountain. Truly melt away, as the Rio Talari flows through your soul, sweeping out the cobwebs. Breathe in the sweet mountain air, bringing freshness and vitality. Finca is a cherished space for many, and it is an honor to share this magical gem with you.


The ‘Osa’ is located at the most southern tip of Costa Rica, close to the Panama border, and at the entrance to the ‘Corcovado National Park’. The Osa Peninsula is home to the largest concentration of animal and plant species outside of the Amazon Rainforest, and hosts more than half of all species in the country and is listed in National Geographic’s top five naturist destinations.

'FINCA EXOTICA' Jungle Lodge and Retreat

Exotica is an ecolodge located on Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. More than a hotel, it offers a unique, social and inspirational experience in the heart of the jungle. Outstanding and romantic views, buzzing wildlife and a friendly & peaceful environment. Finca Exotica is a haven, where time stands still... and nature takes over.  

Surrounded by Primary forest and bordering Corcovado National Park, we offer outstanding opportunities to observe Costa Rica’s rich wildlife. Swimming, boogie-boarding, hiking, horse-riding, kayaking... it is our pleasure to organise tours and trips to suit your needs.

Exotica is ideal for travellers looking to spend time reconnecting in nature and enjoying the luxury of being unavailable. Photographic enthusiasts, families and eclectic eco-travellers can look forward to spending time completely relaxing in nature or enjoying some of the many activities and tours you would expect to find in a tropical "Shangri-Lah".  

Guests can enjoy meals at a long communal table where they can share healthy, organic and 'farm to table' dishes with ingredients sourced locally and harvested from the exotic food forest, becoming a melting pot of creativity and inspiration

Exotica is a sustainable eco lodge, built on the foundations of land preservation, organic food production, sustainable building, community outreach, and education programs for guests and locals. The environmental impact of this farm is constantly under review by experts and the local staff to minimize our ecological footprint.


During your stay, enjoy activities such as surfing, SUP, kayaking, river and nature walks, horseback riding, bird watching, tree climbing, waterfall repelling or paragliding in some of the most beautiful locations imaginable. Other services include various forms of bodywork and spa treatments.


Indulge in healthy, inspiring, delicious dishes, incorporating a wide selection of organic and locally sourced ingredients. Both our lodges will provide a culinary experience that will nourish, satisfy and make your Costa Rica yoga retreat as perfect as nature intended.



- Your flight should ARRIVE into San Jose, CR (SJO) ANYTIME on Sunday 29 December 2019

- Your flight should DEPART from San Jose (SJO) anytime AFTER 2:00PM on Thursday 09 January 2020


The airport in San Jose is relatively new, modern and very easy to use. 


Once you clear immigration, just proceed to collect your baggage and pass through the x-ray machines at customs, handing in your customs declaration form. Then, as you exit the airport building, take an ORANGE airport taxi straight to the 'Hotel ALOFT' in Santa Ana which is 15 minutes from the airport and will cost you about $20. (PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A TAXI FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN AN OFFICIAL ORANGE AIRPORT TAXI). There is UBER in San Jose, which works out slightly cheaper, but will mean coordinating with the driver outside the airport and may mean that you have to fend off people offering you unofficial taxi rides.

HOTEL ALOFT (arrival day/ night in San José)

Hotel address: 

Forum 2 Business Park Lindora, Radial a Santa Ana CR-SJ San José, 10901

Hotel phone +506 2205 3535

Tania will be at the hotel to welcome you when you arrive. Check in is normally after 2:00pm. If you have an early arrival, we will try to get you into your room as soon as possible. The hotel is very cooperative and will give you a place to store your bags and to freshen up in case your room is not ready. If you arrive early, then please relax and enjoy your morning at the hotel or in Santa Ana. 

There is a pool on the roof to hang out and relax and a gym, in case you want to work out. The Internet is free of charge and available everywhere in the hotel. There are several restaurants in the hotel or in the vicinity.

For those who will arrive in time, we will meet for dinner in the hotel lobby at 6:30 PM and walk together to a nearby restaurant (not included in the retreat price).  

We depart early the following morning for the mountains. Breakfast in the hotel is ready from 6:30AM onwards. Please be ready in the lobby with your luggage to board our private bus by 7:30AM.

The journey takes about 3,5 – 4 hours, allowing for stops. Please have a sweatshirt in your hand luggage, as we will cross over the mountains at 10,000ft. If you have problems with car sickness, please bring travel tablets and make sure you don’t eat too much for breakfast.



Please remember to bring your passport and make sure your it is valid for at least 3 months from time of travel, otherwise the Costa Rican immigration may refuse you entry into the country. 


The airport in San Jose is relatively new, modern and very easy to use. Once you clear immigration, just proceed to baggage claim and then pass through the x-ray machines at customs. As you exit the airport building, take an official ORANGE airport taxi to the 'Hotel Aloft’ in Santa Ana, which is about 20 minutes from the airport and will cost you about $20. 

HOTEL ALOFT (arrival day layover in San José)

Hotel address: Forum 2 Business Park, Lindora, Radial a Santa Ana, San Jose,

Phone: (506) 2205 3535 

Check in at the hotel is normally after 2:00pm. If you have an early arrival, the hotel will try to get you into your room as early as possible or will give you a place to store your bags and to freshen up, until your room is ready. There is a pool to hang out and relax by on the rooftop, the Internet is free of charge and there are restaurants inside and in the vicinity of the hotel. For those of you who will arrive in time, Tania will meet you in the hotel lobby at 6:30 PM and you can walk together to a nearby restaurant for dinner (not included in the retreat price). 

We depart early the following morning for the mountains. Breakfast in the hotel is ready from 6:30AM onwards. Please be ready in the lobby with your luggage to board our private bus by 7:30AM. The journey takes about 3,5 – 4 hours, allowing for stops. Please have a sweatshirt in your hand luggage, as we will cross over the mountains at 10,000ft. If you have problems with car sickness, please bring travel tablets and make sure you don’t eat too much for breakfast.



San José City lies in the Torrid Zone, also known as “The Tropics” and is surrounded by a tropical rainforest. However its elevation gives it a mild climate. The temperature ranges between 63°F and 86°F = 17°C - 30°C.


We do occasionally get some cloudy afternoons and some rain showers, but overall the climate is very pleasant and the mornings are always sunny and beautiful!

The temperature can go up to 86 °F/ 30°C during the daytime and drops to 41 / 59 °F = 5°C - 15°C at night.


On the Osa Peninsula temperatures seldom drop below 73°F / 23°C at night and may exceed 91°F / 33°C during the day, combined with a very high humidity (60 - 100%) 


Please make sure you don’t travel with large suitcases. We have limited space in the private bus and the domestic airline only allows suitcases with a maximum checked weight of 30 lbs and 10 lbs carry on. Excess weight is charged at only $1 per lb overweight, but is subject to available space. 


For the mountains you should have a warm sweatshirt / jumper / fleece jacket, a thicker vest-jacket some warm socks and a cotton scarf. Also a pair of long comfortable pants and a long sleeve T-shirt is nice to wear for the cool evenings mornings before the sun comes up from behind the mountains. 

Apart from that, pack light and comfortable clothes for hot and sunny days.

For those of you who want to go surfing, bring a suitable sportive bathing suit or trunks and a rash guard shirt, it protects you from the sun (only if you have one, a normal t-shirt does the job as well).  


A pair of light training shoes is highly recommended. They are perfect for hiking in the mountains and for the river hike in the jungle. They will get wet but they’ll dry in a minute in the hot sun. Bring some ankle socks too. Flip Flops and/or trekking sandals are great for the beach and if you have water shoes you should bring them too. No high heels or fancy sandals needed.


You don’t have to be worried about cleaning your teeth with water from the tap in San Jose (unlike in Peru or Mexico for example). Both lodges make their juices and ice cubes with filtered water, and offer good filtered water from their spring or well. It makes sense to bring your own water bottle and fill it with the filtered water for your daily use.  


Phone reception in the mountain hotel is okay and there is free Wifi in the main house.

At our beach lodge you have very little phone connection. The WIFI is slow and only available very sporadically, on the whole peninsula. Please do not expect to be online much or sending or receiving files.


As we are so close to the equator, it gets dark at around 6 PM, throughout the year. A good flashlight is one of the most important items for this trip! Make sure that you have one with you including the correct batteries (you can get AAA batteries almost everywhere in Costa Rica). Most ideal would be a headlamp, in order to have both your hands free.  


We do not have a lot of mosquitos at this time of year. However, you should bring a good insect repellent with you (or you can also buy them here.) if you are susceptible to insect bites. You might also like to wear light long pants and a light long sleeve t-shirt in the evenings. Most mosquito bites happen during sunset/sunrise or in shady places in the rainforest. All beds at the hotel on the beach are equipped with good mosquito nets. 


The Osa Peninsula is Zika free! However, you should consult your doctor about your travel plans if you are pregnant.  More info: 


The sun is very intense in Costa Rica as we are very close to the equator. We recommend avoiding sunbathing from 11AM – 02 PM. Please bring a good waterproof sunscreen with 30 SPF and higher. A hat or a cap / visor is also advisable to protect you from the sun and to avoid sunstroke. Please also don’t forget your sunglasses. Also great to have is a ‘hand’ fan. 


Your cabins at both lodges have fresh sheets and towels. The mountain lodge has down comforters and warm blankets too. There are also pool towels provided by the hotels, however, they should not be removed from the property and should be used more then one time. Sarongs or Pareos are highly recommended for use at the beach and on excursions. It is the perfect item, as it keeps the sand from your skin, it dries in a minute, it’s light to carry and you can even wear it as a skirt, dress, scarf or stole. 


DO NOT EXCHANGE MONEY AT THE AIRPORT very bad rates! The currency in Costa Rica is called Colones.1000 Colones equals 1.70 USD.  1 US Dollar equals 600 ColonesUS Dollars are the best currency to travel with and are accepted almost everywhere. Best to only bring $20 notes or smaller as a lot of places won't accept larger notes. You will normally be given change in Colones. There are also ATM machines in town that give you USD or Colones. You can pay us directly for any optional tours or activities and bodywork together at the end of the week either with cash or by Paypal (+5% fee) 


At the beach, the houses are ‘open planned’ (no walls or lockable doors). However, there is a master safe in the main house, where it is advisable that you always lock away your passports, money and valuables, which you will not need during your stay. There is a security watchmen patrolling the property during yoga, dinner and throughout the night. Most opportunist theft can be avoided by not leaving things of value in sight, especially when at the beach! We also recommend not travelling with unnecessary items of value, such as jewellery, watches, excess currency and laptops / tablets.

Chirriposa and the lodges will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items. 


Don’t forget your camera… and if you have binoculars then bring them too, it’s worth it!It might also be a good idea to bring a USB stick as Tania always takes a lot of photos during the retreat, that way you can take them home with you.


We insist that you purchase a private travel insurance, that includes a good medical emergency cover. You can usually purchase travel insurance directly from your airline, travel agent or credit card company. Otherwise, look online at or There is also a travel insurance available through the Wetravel registration page, once you have checked out.

We recommend you bring the ‘usual’ medicines such as Neosporin cream, Advil, band aids, etc.You do not need any Malaria tablets or vaccinations for either of the areas we travel to in Costa Rica.  Please inform us if you have any allergic reactions to food or insect bites. If you do, please bring an antihistamine or any other medication you may need.Very useful are creams for bug bites such as:  

  • Ibuprofen Gel, for pain and swelling from insect stings, and is an excellent anti-inflammatory with quick onset. 
  • Hydrocortisone cream 1% helps both itching and swelling/redness. It actually acts as an anti-inflammatory, not just symptomatic relief like the topical anaesthetics. However, it does take longer for full effect than topical anaesthetics. 
  • Xylocaine Gel 2% for immediate relief from surface itching and pain. 

LAUNDRY:There will be laundry services available both at the beach and in the mountains for a small charge. Please note that, at the beach, there are no dryers, so you should allow for at least 24 hours to get your laundry back. 

YOGA EQUIPMENT:Both lodges provide yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters.

What’s included

  • San José
    • 4* hotel on arrival (including breakfast)
  • Group Travel
    •All domestic flights and ‘group’ travel
  • Accommodation
    • 10 nights exclusive mountain and beach accommodations
  • Food
    • All healthy 'flexitarian' meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Beverages
    • Fresh fruit juices, teas and coffee
  • Yoga
    • All yoga classes and workshops with Elizabeth
  • Excursions
    • Guided mountain and jungle hikes
  • Tips
    • Added staff gratuity
  • Taxes
    13% Costa Rican sales tax
  • Travel
    • International flights and Individual transfers
  • Food
    • Lunch and dinner in San José
  • Additional Costs
    • Optional activities, services and tours
  • Bank fees
    Bank transfer and Paypal fees
  • Insurance
    Travel and Health Insurance

Available Packages

Available until Nov 29, 2019only 2 left

double occupancy room/cabin with private bathroom in San Jose and in the mountains and single occupancy 'tiki tent' with shared bathroom at beach

Deposit: $750
7 left

double/twin occupancy room/cabin with private bathroom in San Jose, in the mountains and at beach

Deposit: $750
only 3 left

single room/cabin with private bathroom in San Jose and in the mountains and single 'tiki tent' with shared bathroom at beach

Deposit: $1000
only 1 left

single room/cabin with private bathroom in San Jose, in the mountains and at beach

Deposit: $1000

If you have booked through a separate website, such as 'Book Yoga retreats', then we ask you kindly to take 5 minutes to fill out our guest questionnaire and agree to our terms and conditions.

Many thanks.

Deposit: $750

Past Trip


Retreat Schedule
12 Day Mountain & Beach Retreat

29 Dec - Arrive San José (1 night) - ANYTIME 

30 Dec-04 Jan - Chirripo Mountains - Finca Mia (5 nights)

04-09 Jan - Osa Peninsula - Finca Exotica (5 nights)

09 Jan - Depart San José - Anytime AFTER 2:00pm

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Chirriposa Retreats
26 reviews
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Wow, wow, wow. Total magic. Tania and Angus were amazing and generous hosts and the food was really incredible. The two places that we stayed at were out of a dream. Highly recommended. Love you guys!
Everything about this trip was exactly what I needed. The organizing and care that Chirriposa Retreats provided far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to retreating with them again soon!
This was the trip of a life time. Chirriposa did an incredible job planning this retreat in partnership with Priya Hot Yoga and Yoga Brain. The location they picked (Le Pianore) was one of the most beautiful places I've been in the entire world. The food cooked by Angus and the food cooked by the staff at Le Pianore was delicious and healthy. They were so thoughtful that at every meal there were options for people with every dietary restriction imaginable. Angus even was willing to share all of this recipes with me! They were incredibly patient with all of us and chose fun and interesting excursions that were also relaxing. The yoga was of course incredible. Everyone should get to go on a retreat as lovely as this one. I know that if I ever go on another retreat I will want it planned by Angus and Tanya!!!!
This trip exceeded my expectations. The hosts were intentional and responsive. The food was incredible and the day trips a lot of fun. I would highly recommend joining both Priya Hot Yoga and Yoga Brain for upcoming retreats.
We had an authentic Italian experience. The food, atmosphere and wine was fantastic. The staff at LePianore felt like family by the end of the week. We also had a great group of people and the tour team was magnificent. Yoga twice a day was an added bonus but you didn't feel pressured to practice everyday. I would say there needs to be more time for excursions during the "travel" days. Other than that I look forward to the next adventure!
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