New Year New You - Indulgent Pampering & Relaxation 5 days

Hotel playa de la luz, Rota, Spain

Jan 10 - 14, 2020
Group size: 1 - 4
New Year New You - Indulgent Pampering & Relaxation 5 days
Hotel playa de la luz, Rota, Spain

Jan 10 - 14, 2020
Group size: 1 - 4

About this trip

Relax – Refresh – Rejuvenate
Body & Soul

Allow the stresses in your body to melt away with massage, reiki, reflexology, luxurious facials, gentle yoga or meditation.

Massaging your feet, back, neck, shoulders or entire body, using blended aromatherapy oils and the perfect pressure to release tension, aches and pains from your muscles.

Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing therapy, is a treatment received while fully clothed.
It allows you to mentally detach from your body and your life situation, bringing a deep sense of well being and peace.

Foot Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian therapy that balances body, mind and spirit.
Massaging  the feet in a methodical and precise way to balance hormones, release  mental and physical tension, it takes the body out of ‘flight or fight  mode’. This enables deep healing to take place and returns the body to  where it should be: relaxed and calm, with all of the body’s systems  working in harmony.

Using a range of ESPA spa-level facial products from England, this luxury facial includes a lengthy scalp massage to allow the face mask time to nourish the skin. This is no ordinary facial!

Use the ocean to silence your mind

Reignite your whole being as you immerse yourself in the present moment, surrounded by  the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, connecting with nature. 

From this place of peace, stillness, and connection with the energy of nature and life itself, come the answers that lie within you. 

Awakening your soul intuition and deep knowing brings fresh ideas and solutions to your problems.

Picture this...

On a long, sandy beach in Southern Spain, a golden sun is setting over the water. Gentle waves sparkle in its last rays. 

Your bare feet sink in the soft sand. It’s paradise. 

Your body feels relaxed, supple, beautiful.

Your mind is clear and peaceful.

You are completely balanced and in the moment.

Is this all for real? Yes!

Relax or walk on the 10 mile stretch of Blue Flag beach. 

Release tension from your body  as you stretch, strengthen, and deepen into your core being during intentional yoga sessions, ideal for beginners, and for those wanting to  get back to the simple basics of relaxing yoga.

Stretch your body! Clear your mind! Balance your life!

Time for yourself

Step out of your life for a few days and leave your stresses behind: 

No phones, computer, taking care of family or pets… Just TIME for YOU!

These retreats are designed to give you lots of time to relax.


There is no set itinerary.

Once you arrive we will design your days to suit you.

You are entitled to receive one treatment or yoga class for each night you stay at the hotel.

What’s included

  • Reflexology Treatment
    With 20 years experience as a Reflexologist
  • Luxury Facial
    Using E'SPA products
  • Reiki Treatment
    From the hands of a Master
  • Welcome Gifts
    Because it's nice to receive gifts!
  • Hotel
    4-star en-suite accommodation
  • Buffet Breakfast
    Served daily from 7:30 to 10:30
  • Life Coaching
    Life Transformation Session
  • Yoga class
    Suitable for all levels: Nidra - Simple Asanas - Kirtan - Savasana
  • Guided Meditation
    Learn how to silence your mind
  • Yoga Video Link
    So you can continue your daily yoga practice at home
  • Follow Up Support
    Via Skype, WhatsApp or Phone
  • Digital Detox
  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Personal Items

Available Packages

Wait List


Join a waiting list and we'll contact you if the dates you've requested become available.
You can also use this option to contact us for specific dates not listed.

1 person in a private room - 4 nights
4 left

You will be allocated a double or twin room for your private use.

This price is for 4 nights.

You can adjust the length of stay to suit you.

Deposit: €244
2 people sharing a twin room - 4 nights
only 3 left

Price is for 2 people sharing a room.

Total price €848 for 2 people - not per person

This price is for 4 nights.

You can adjust the length of stay to suit you.

Deposit: €248

Available options

Extra night - 1 person in private room
Extra night - 2 sharing

Your Organizer

Rota Retreats
With 20 years' experience as a therapist, 50 years of life experiences, and having travelled to 46 countries, Dawn Bradley has a wealth of knowledge to share with those that want to improve their lives. Her passion is to help others live the balanced, healthy and happy life of their dreams. She may not have walked in your shoes, but she's been there, done that and got a wardrobe full of those T-Shirts!